He's The Only One

Ginny falls for Harry when she's just 10 years old, but how does this develop throughout Hogwarts, and beyond?

*I'm aware that Harry and Ron never returned to Hogwarts after the battle, but for the sake of this story i have twisted some areas of the story to make better reading and a better story line*


22. Hogwarts Express

The last day at home flew by, I was all packed and was just going through a final check list to ensure I had everything I needed to go back. The reality had actually hit that I was going back and my excitement was bubbling away, I was trying to hide it from Harry as I didn't want him to know that I was excited to leave him, it wasn't that I wanted to leave him obviously... But I thought he may take it the wrong way. He knows me too well anyway and noticed, which was good as it meant that I didn't have to hide it anymore.

I really was going to miss him, but I knew everyone would love to see him if he came to visit anyway, so I wasn't like I'd have to wait until Christmas, I know he won't be able to stay away.

Mum had her usual panic on the morning of September first, even though there was just three of us, with Harry tagging along to say bye too. Once at Kings Cross we made sure there were no muggles around before plummeting ourselves through the brick wall. For the first time ever we were early, so had time to say our final good byes before boarding the Scarlett beast. I hugged mum and dad before going up to Harry, he laughed at me being all soppy and saying I'd miss him. We shared a passionate kiss, he put his hands either side of my cheeks, his green eyes were sparkling, and he looked like he was hiding something from me. He whispered in my ear, "You’ll see me sooner than you know it" then gave me a cheeky wink before kissing me one final time and declaring his love for me once more. Then he pushed me onto the train and shut the door, laughing to himself. The train started moving and I waved good bye before heading to find a carriage where I could place my stuff.

Hermione soon appeared saying she needed me in the prefect’s carriage, I obeyed and followed her to a carriage at the front of the train, and it was much the same as any other compartment, just a little bigger. There were 4 prefects for each house this year, but all in their final year which was unusual. I recognised everyone but the only people I could put names to from other houses were Pansy Parkinson and Malfoy. Why anyone in their right mind would make Malfoy prefect I had no idea, but it shocked almost everyone, and not only those who were also prefects, but the whole school. Finally the talk was over and I was free to go back to the back of the train and find people to talk to. I found a quiet compartment, with just Luna and Neville sat in one corner, conversing quietly. I walked in and they welcomed me. It was weird without Harry, everyone would ask how he was, but I had to answer. This eventually got on my nerves so I just forced a sweet smile and said he was fine.

About twenty minutes away from Hogwarts when Luna and Neville had gone off to change into their uniform, I found myself alone in the compartment, people would pop in and say hello but nothing more, then Dean entered, I didn't know what he wanted as we barley spoke since we split up almost 3 years ago. A lot had changed since then. He sat next to me and we had a bit of light conversation, he then started edging closer to me, I moved away until I was squashed against the window. I told myself not to be so ridiculous and relaxed. It was then that Dean placed his hand on my thigh and leaned across and tried to kiss me. Fortunately I was quick enough to work out what was going on and pushed him off me, I was seriously angry, he knew full well Harry and I were together. I slapped him in the heat of the moment and he ran off, Luna then reappeared asking what the matter was and why Dean was running the other way holding his face. I couldn't bring myself to tell anyone, I thought it would just embarrass both of us, so I denied all knowledge and went to put my uniform on, after all, the train was beginning to slow.

I then has this massive argument going on in my head, should I tell Harry, or shouldn't I? I knew he'd be livid with Dean, but I also knew he would be upset if I didn't tell him. I decided to wait and tell him face to face at Christmas, or when I next saw him. That way I'd have time to explain how I dealt with it and he wouldn't associate it as my fault. Yes that's what I would do.

Finally we all hopped off the train and got into our carriages on the way up to the castle. It was amazing, it looked like there had never been a war. The only obvious difference was two plaques either side of the entrance. One was stating all those lost in the battle. And the other dedicated towards Harry for defeating Voldemort. Hermione, Ron and Neville were also mentioned, I thought this was a nice touch. When Neville found out he went a very similar colour to a tomato, and tried to hide. But there was no escaping this attention.

It was good to be back.

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