He's The Only One

Ginny falls for Harry when she's just 10 years old, but how does this develop throughout Hogwarts, and beyond?

*I'm aware that Harry and Ron never returned to Hogwarts after the battle, but for the sake of this story i have twisted some areas of the story to make better reading and a better story line*


20. Grimmauld Place

The last two weeks of summer were gone in a blur, the only thing that had changed is that Harry moved into Grimmauld Place, the house Sirius left him when he died. He seemed to think he was getting in the way a bit at The Burrow, and having his own personal space was nice. He'd still come and stay twice a week, so everyone got to see him, I stayed at his most of the time anyway, other than Sundays because mum insists I’m home on my own at least one night week, which I guess is fair enough. 

Harry offered for me to move in with him, I was desperate to but Mum and Dad refused until I've finished school and have my own job, they don't want me taking advantage of Harry's gold that he had inherited, which again, I guess they had a point. We tried to make the most of our last two weeks together, we did something every day as I thought I wasn't going to see him otherwise until Christmas, no one else seemed overly bothered, I don't know why, I guess they just thought that me and him were closer and therefore deserved the time together, Ron and Hermione made a bit of an effort, but again, they were so indulged in each other, even though they were still going to be together that they hardly noticed they only had 4 days left of being with Harry until we left for Hogwarts.

I could hardly contain my excitement, and when we finally made it to Diagon alley to buy books and other essentials that we needed, the order had been notified and organised a surprise gathering, as none of them had actually seen Harry since the end of the war. So as soon as we walked into the Three Broomsticks for a butter beer half way through our shopping, it was a nice surprise to see a load of old friends cheering and looking happy, a sight we rarely saw when order meetings used to take place. It was also a relief to get away from all the whispering and giggling on the streets from passers-by, especially girls when they passed Harry, this really pissed me off, they all knew he was mine so quite why they insisted on giggling and calling his name I have no idea. I felt like calling out to all of them 'Congratulations you can recognise the most famous wizard of all time.' being the sarcastic bitch that I am, but Harry just told me to ignore them. I know he was right but I found it hard. So I just held on to him and showed some outward form of affection instead, like kissing him or leaning on him, pulling his arm around my waist, which we both thought was very funny, especially when we looked up to see their faces. 

The gathering was lovely, although I never really had much to do with any of them, they were all very polite and spoke to me and passed on condolences for Fred. I appreciated this very much so, and soon learned to appreciate why I was overlooked when order meetings took place, some conversation topics were still very dark and I did not understand, so how I would have understood meetings I do not know. I stayed by Harry's side and inwardly chuckled at the people praising him and congratulating him, I mean I know he defeated the Dark Lord, but I thought it was quite unnecessary. (Not that I don't appreciate what he did, I thanked him in my own cheeky little way, but it just gets a bit repetitive after a while!) Finally we said our good byes, and after a final chat with Kingsley we were off to get my final bits and bobs. Harry bought my birthday present while we were there (better two weeks late than never)! Tonight was also to be my last night at Grimmauld place before I went to Hogwarts, Harry had ordered Kreacher that very morning to 'sort out what we spoke about for tonight' I had no idea what he was on about but I’m guessing he was planning something for me, as I’m spoilt like that!

Eventually we all went home to the Burrow for supper, now relaxed as we had everything we needed for our journey to Hogwarts in 3 days’ time. Mums food was exquisite as usual and then Harry and I said our goodbyes before we made our way back to Grimmauld Place. 

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