He's The Only One

Ginny falls for Harry when she's just 10 years old, but how does this develop throughout Hogwarts, and beyond?

*I'm aware that Harry and Ron never returned to Hogwarts after the battle, but for the sake of this story i have twisted some areas of the story to make better reading and a better story line*


26. Christmas.

Harry was going home for Christmas, Mum and Dad didn't want us home as they were going away. (Now they have no children at home they can afford a holiday every now and then, just the two of them) Ron was staying at Hogwarts anyway as Hermione was staying, but I didn't really want to stay with just those two, I still can't get my head around them being together, it's cute and all, but it just doesn't seem right - to me anyway. Harry finds it hilarious but slightly awkward at times, especially as they're together a lot as the trio... Harry always looks like he's the third wheel, much to my amusement. But I guess Ron feels the same about me and Harry, although he knew it was always going to happen, no one (other than Harry) suspected that they'd get together, everyone viewed it as a sibling like relationship, and I think they all thought Hermione would go for Harry rather than Ron, but she's never seen Harry as more than a friend, I think he's always been too much of a rule breaker and too mischievous for Hermione's liking, so she ended up with Ron... Obviously not a sibling like relationship! Another reason being that Dean was staying for Christmas, it had always been awkward, and now even more so since the incident on the train, even with Harry here he's tried it on again, and now I can't even look at him, I'm scared to stay on my own with him in case I'm tricked into something... Not that I don't trust myself I just hate the current situation with it! Why can't he just find someone else! I have plenty of friends I could set him up with, but I have Harry, I don't want Dean!

Anyway, I've managed to convince mum to let me stay at Harry's, well it was more like not giving her a choice, I just 'forgot' to put my name on the Christmas list for who stays during the holidays, and there's no way she's allow me at home on my own. It was weird, we almost felt like a proper family having Christmas in our own house (Harry's house really but I like to think of it as ours) I got all excited and asked if Ron and Hermione wanted to come for the day, They'd spoken to Hagrid and he allowed it (of course! He's never been able to say no to that lot) so it was getting very exciting, we still had Kreacher, who saw Harry as the best master he's ever had, so dinner wasn't a problem. Not that I can't cook, mums taught me well and I like to think of myself a reasonable chef, but if Kreacher can do it, it saves a lot of hassle and effort!

All that was left were presents for everyone. I had trouble deciding what to get Harry, and he claimed he didn't want anything! However well I knew him I had no idea what he needed or wanted, so I thought I'd leave it for a bit and have a think. I had already got him a load of joke things from Georges shop, and his favourite sweets, so I just needed a main present! I knew exactly what to get Hermione, and Ron was easy- a massive box of chocolate frogs, and a Chudley Cannons poster. I'd also got everyone else something small, including Hagrid and McGonagall, (these were from both Harry and me though so it wasn't just my choice!) although, of course I had to buy them and wrap them as he's a typical man and wouldn't know where to start, he also doesn't really have time, what with a proper job as well as teaching and being a student, I have no idea how he does it! The holidays were upon us soon enough, and I had permission to apparate from Hogsmeade with Harry, (who has actually passed his test now, Now I'm 17 I can apparate once I've passed the test - it's booked for January, so I'm practicing as much as possible!) This meant we didn't have to get the Hogwarts Express home and battle with the hordes of people wanting Harry's autograph or to shake his hand.

Finally we were back at Grimmauld place, Harry and I got a bit carried away decorating the house, there wasn't one room that was minimal on the decorations, although you could tell which rooms I decorated in comparison to the ones Harry did, (mine were a lot more tasteful) we had a red and gold theme around the house, Kreacher even got to decorate the kitchen, as he spends most his time in there! We thought he'd like it how he wanted. Little did he know Harry and I had even bought him a present this year. Mistletoe seemed to have sprouted all around the house too, if Harry thought this was his idea of getting a quick bit of action every now and then he was mistaken. However funny it was!

Finally it was Christmas Eve, after a last minute trip to Diagon Alley to get any last minute things we forgot, and to meet up with a few friends for a pre-christmas drink. We then had lunch with the Gryffindor quidditch team before heading home. It was nice to meet up with people, and nice to meet the team for lunch, it’s my plan to make sure everyone gets on better, and hopefully play together better too! Finally the day came to an end and we headed home. We both had a fire whiskey before heading upstairs.

We woke up to Ron and Hermione leaping on us both, I rolled over and embraced Harry before realising we weren't alone, to which I quickly let go and pulled the covers up hoping they hadn't seen anything they shouldn't. Harry just grunted and pulled me in closer, before falling back asleep. We were preoccupied so didn't get much sleep last night. Ron had already been here for an hour but we 'looked too cute to wake up' much to our embarrassment, it wasn't until Hermione turned up that they decided to wake us. (She'd been on a detour to see her parents)

The day was lovely, we had a good laugh and everyone got spoiled. The trio bought me a new broom between them, the Firebolt extra, I couldn't believe it! They really are the best! Harry spoiled me with a few extra bits too, they all loved their presents. And Kreacher was ecstatic with his! Lunch was fab and we all had a few butter beers, resulting in us all being merry and a rather rowdy afternoon and evening. Finally Ron and Hermione had to go, Hagrid said they had to be home by 8, to ensure they were safe and could celebrate Hogwarts style too, however the state they were in when they left I'm surprised that they even made it back!

Harry couldn't be happier that they had gone, he pinned me up against the wall and kissed me passionately, I kissed him back, his hands ran through my hair and I slid my hands down his pants, he whipped me off my feet and ran upstairs before dumping me on the bed, he kept on top of me, and before we knew it, Christmas was over. Even without family, it was the best Christmas of my life.

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