He's The Only One

Ginny falls for Harry when she's just 10 years old, but how does this develop throughout Hogwarts, and beyond?

*I'm aware that Harry and Ron never returned to Hogwarts after the battle, but for the sake of this story i have twisted some areas of the story to make better reading and a better story line*


33. Celebration Time

I slipped on my dress with the help of Hermione, Fleur, Audrey, Angelina and mum, it was weird having all my brothers’ girls around me, but it meant a lot, it also meant Harry had my brothers looking after him, (worryingly) but he had people to support him, which was a nice thought.

After what felt like weeks of preparation and hours of getting myself ready, the time had come. Guests had arrived and were being seated. Dad had appeared, and after beginning to produce tears when he first saw me, he gathered himself together and took my arm, we headed to the edge of the marquee and waited do the signal to enter. I was visibly shaking I was so nervous, but excited. My emotions were all over the place.

After a thumbs up from Neville I stepped into the marquee, I laid eyes on Harry in his dress robes and smiled nervously, he didn't take his eyes off me. I couldn't help but notice that everyone was staring at me, this made me more nervous, but I knew almost everyone there, and I couldn't help but giggle at being the centre of attention. I walked nervously up the isle and dad, with a tear in his eye passed me to Harry, it seemed quite crude at the time, just being given away like that, but it was to Harry, and I couldn't have asked for more. After we said our vows and the wizard had bonded is magically, we kissed, the most passionate and happiest we had ever been. Finally, seeing each other for the first time in four days, and it felt amazing.

We got forced to go to the dance floor and have our fist 'dance' I giggled as I remembered Harry at the Yule ball in my third year, only he was dancing with me this time, not Pavarti.

Everyone was up on their feet, even McGonagall was there dancing with Charlie, which we, immaturely, laughed at and teased Charlie about, but he was the only single Weasley, and working abroad didn't really help his situation. After a good hour of fun filled dancing, food and drink, a flash of blue shot into the centre of the marquee, an otter patronus, not just any otter, but Cho's otter. "Everyone leave! Trouble is coming" and the otter faded. A panic struck marquee was suddenly surrounded in red flames, and jets of fire were shooting in and out of the tent. I turned to look for Harry, only in glances as I couldn't take my eyes off what was happening, but he was nowhere to be seen. I grabbed my wand and braced myself, ensuring that all those in danger and unable to help got away from the site to safety.

The last rational thought that went through my head was 'not again, we don't need another war' before a load of figures shot through the tent and lined all escape routes. Fighting seemed the only obvious option, I glanced either side of me, I had Ron, Bill, Kingsley and Neville with me braced to fight. I had a final glance behind me and caught a glimpse of bushy brown hair, slipping out of its sleek positioning from minuets before. Hermione was there too, this filled me with a little more confidence, as I turned to the figure in black robes ahead of me, wand drawn. I knew the face I looked straight into, and it would not be forgotten easily.

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