He's The Only One

Ginny falls for Harry when she's just 10 years old, but how does this develop throughout Hogwarts, and beyond?

*I'm aware that Harry and Ron never returned to Hogwarts after the battle, but for the sake of this story i have twisted some areas of the story to make better reading and a better story line*


27. Apparation Lessons

Before we knew it New Year was over and we were heading back to Hogwarts for another term.

I managed to convince Harry to get the train back, as there were some last minute apparation classes, and as my test was only two weeks away I thought this was needed, I may even surprise him by appearing in his compartment. I left him once on the train in the company of Luna and Neville, laughing at all the people googling over through the glass just to get a glimpse of their saviour. Even some Slytherins were hoping to get a peek, and a forever hopeful autograph or hand shake. Of course Harry was always nice to them and even carried a self-inking quill in his robes to sign various people’s possessions, it did get a bit tiresome after a while though! Fortunately I wasn't having to put up with all this today, I was else were. The apparation was coming along, Harry had helped me a bit over the holidays, getting me to apparate into different rooms, and different places in the rooms, I only splinched once... And all I left behind was a finger nail, I think it's because I was laughing at Harry when I apparated, so I didn't have 100% concentration. However I was the best in the train class, which filled me with confidence and I felt ready to take the test. Of course Rob failed first time so it's not too much pressure, but because I'm so young for my year everyone else did their tests when I was still 16, so I couldn't. Now was my time to prove myself.

Finally the class was over so I got changed and headed to where I left Harry, only to be surprised that he had moved. I looked all around the train and couldn't find him anywhere. I assumed he was pranking someone in his Invisibility cloak, and that he'd turn up soon. It wasn't until the train started slowing and he still hasn't reappeared that I got worried. I found Luna and asked where he went, Luna said he went off to the loo and never came back, they assumed someone had side tracked him and he got caught up talking, but to still not be back by now was concerning, I didn't even have Hermione to ask what to do! Of course there were no professors on the train to go to, I had one last suspicion. I walked over to the Slytherin's area, and looked around. I couldn't see him straight off, so waited as I knew there would be an auror at Hogsmeade station. I felt bad as if he had gone it was all my fault, heat be able to defeat Voldemort, but maybe there was someone more powerful, or a group of people against him? My mind went into overdrive. I was, once again overthinking and suspecting the worse, and well, almost impossible. Then I realised, whilst apparation practise was in, apparation out of the train was possible, the spell had been lifted for 2 hours. Maybe he'd made an escape to get away from the irritating children. This settled my mind a bit and when the train finally stopped I hopped off the train expecting to see him around somewhere. But I couldn't.

My mind was suddenly filled with fear again, Just where exactly was he? How was I supposed to tell everyone, "urrr I'm really sorry but Harry's just vanished, no extra DADA classes until he comes back" no I can't just do that. I got my wand out and sent a patronus to find him, and tell him to come to Hogwarts castle.

This was my last option. It surprised me greatly when the patronus went straight towards the castle however, this meant Harry was there... It must do! Mind at rest a little, I climbed aboard a carriage pulled by the Threstals and made my way back up to the castle. I was in such a fluster I didn't realise who's carriage I climbed into, I jumped when I heard a small voice ask 'you're Harry Potters girl aren't you?' I looked up at a small girl, must have been a second or third year, I thought back to me at that age, I'm sure I was bigger and more mature. Maybe not. I simply nodded and smiled. She pressed the subject, 'why aren't you with him now, he was on the train, I saw him' I laughed at her perseverance and told her that he had emergency business to attend to. She wasn't convinced, as this was closely followed by a 'why do you look so nervous Mrs Potter' I corrected her to Miss Weasley, we aren't married. And I told a small lie, saying it was my apparation exam I was worried about. She sighed, still not convinced but got the message to change the subject. She turned out to be a fellow Gryffindor, how I hadn't noticed her before I didn't know, I guess she was one of those quite girls who just blend into the back ground. Rachel Abbott was her name, a relative of Hannah, although, must be one of the only siblings to be split into different houses. This interested me greatly, but I just let her talk at me, mostly about her crush on my boyfriend, but how I shouldn't worry, she wasn't going to steal him from me. This made me giggle, and I promised to get her his autograph, and keep an eye out for her in future as she seemed lonely. Finally we were at the castle. I had my fingers crossed that Harry would be there.


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