He's The Only One

Ginny falls for Harry when she's just 10 years old, but how does this develop throughout Hogwarts, and beyond?

*I'm aware that Harry and Ron never returned to Hogwarts after the battle, but for the sake of this story i have twisted some areas of the story to make better reading and a better story line*


7. A Turn for the Worse

Harry could never tell me what he and Dumbledore were up to, but tried to be understanding and let him carry on, although it did cause him a lot of stress and I didn't like it when he was stressed, it meant his scar caused him grief, which always made him short tempered and hard to be around, but I was there to comfort him through all of this, and I think he appreciated having someone other than Ron and Hermione to go to, they're great and all, but someone else is always appreciated, also the fact that I don't tend to question him, because I know that irritates him.

He had a mission for us on his night with Dumbledore, we had to find out what Malfoy was up to, He looked mean, with a harsh sharp face shape and his bleach blonde hair, his personality matched to a tee. Harry claimed that we should take his last couple of drops of Liquid luck as it may help if we get into a situation, I agreed, although not wanting to deprive him of it as it sounded like he was in more need. But I trusted him and listened to what he had to say, he had an annoying ability to normally be right about things like this. However ridiculous the idea.

The rest of the DA were there to help me once I'd wished Harry luck (weather he needed it or not) and I kissed him goodbye. I then rushed off to find my brother and Hermione, Luna, Neville and as many others as I could and lead them to the seventh floor, we waited outside where the door to the room of requirement appeared when needed and waited, out of sight behind a pillar, in the hope of seeing Malfoy, and well, catching him in the act I guess, I wasn't really quite sure what we were meant to be doing if we did find anything, but I hoped it would be obvious.

Finally after what felt like hours, Malfoy poked his head out the room and looked all around, as if to check there was no one there, he then turned and gestured to other people that the coast was clear, quite who else he would have in there I didn't know, but then I saw them, and Ron had to grab my mouth to stop me screaming.

The extra people were all dressed in black robes, with silver masks, there must have been at least 7, maybe more, and they all looked incredibly intimidating. We sat as still as we could and made as little noise as possible in our dark corner, hoping we'd blend in with the cold stone walls until we were sure they were gone, and then snuck off behind Malfoy leading the Death Eaters to the tower, quite why they were lead here we did not know, but we knew something was afoot.

By the time we found a new hiding place just back from the bottom of the stairs, Malfoy had vanished and left the rest of the death eaters stood intimidatingly at the bottom, almost as if on guard, although figures like this stood out in Hogwarts, so would not have gone unnoticed if a teacher or Flitch were to walk past, however, no one did much to our disappointment.

After about 15 minutes two of the death eaters went up the stairs also, as if to check Malfoy was doing a proper job, it was then that Hermione suggested we call the order.

We soon heard a commotion at the top of the tower, Neville, being his usual clumsy self-gasped and gave our game away, the only thing left to do was jump out and fight. Although Harry had taught us a lot during our DA meetings, duelling in the real world was quite different, luckily the order turned up to help just as we were getting into trouble. After what seemed like hours of duelling, and throwing hexes at one another, Harry appeared.

Harry was a state, and had blatantly been crying, he was trying to say something but no one could understand through his hiccups and floods of tears, the fact he had been running for a considerable amount of time, and therefore was out of breath didn't help. Finally, when I had been hugging him and rubbing his muscular back for the best part of half an hour, he said that he had just witnessed Snape murder Dumbledore with the killing curse, Harry had chased Snape out of the castle, at which the death eaters surrounding us and the order all whirred off in a jet of black smoke towards the castle gates.

Harry was under his cloak the whole time, with a body bind curse struck by Dumbledore, which seemed to lift once Dumbledore was dead. Harry had heard and seen everything, but being completely and utterly helpless. Now I could understand why he was so distraught, I didn't know what to do or how to help, so I just made my presence known, told him I was always there and that I loved him, I kissed his forehead and headed outside holding his hand for a bit of fresh air.

By now the whole school was awake and mostly heading outside to see for themselves whether the rumour was true, there was a crowd gathered by the base of the tower, I let go of Harry for a second and he was gone.

Having had a brief chat with a Katie and a couple of others I noticed harry collapsed over the body lying at the bottom of the tower, he had once again burst into tears and was sobbing uncontrollably, I watched as he lovingly stroked a piece of stray silver hair out of his face and placed it behind his ear, then I approached and suggested he leave, I saw him tuck something that looked like a large necklace in his pocket and he grabbed hold of me like a baby and I walked him into the castle, trying to comfort him. What had happened with Dumbledore was a mystery, however, right now it was the least of our worries. I think, although he didn't show it at the time, having me there with him was appreciated, having support and company meant something, even if he was unable to show it.

The next week was hard for us, Dumbledore’s funeral was arranged, and all of Hogwarts were to attend, along with many witches and wizards of whom knew Dumbledore. His grave was to be in the Hogwarts grounds.

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