1. Emma

I know a girl, a girl named Emma,she is 10 years old, she always sits in her room, all alone. She dosent have friends, she always sit and look out her window, daydreaming. Nobody wanted to talk to her, not even her parents. She was all alone. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Her parents allways went to work before Emma came home...her siblings always played without her. She always come home with bruises and marks. But nobody cared. Emma daydreamed again, in her world where she was the princess, and ruled it all. Flying rabbits as guards, cats as servants, green lamas as horses. And alot more. The little castle with the most beautiful flower garden, and lobster gardners, was always bright and the sun always shined. Everyone was happy in her world, and everything was perfect. Sometimes Emma would sleep in her beautiful flower garden outside her castle, the birds chirping around her. Looking all relaxed. But when she broke out of her daydreaming, she had those dull looking eyes... staring into another world. Emma was a special girl, she always sat alone at lunch, always staring out the window. In class she would to, she always were... And when she was gone in the little world of hers she would sometime laugh, smile. Even though it was rare, i enjoyed her smile. Everything went so wrong in her childhood, even though...maybe i could have stopped it all. Im standing here infront of a gravestone. looking down..the grave was old and stod alone, no flowers on it...or any gravestones nearby. I held a pistol in my hand, slowly lifting it to my head. Regret...regret was all i could feel, i could have stopped it....'im sorry......my dear little sister' i whispered and was about to pull the trigger. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i knew a girl.... a girl named Emma....she was 10 years old...she always sat in her room...all alone...she dident have friends..she always looked out the window...daydreaming..hoping to get away from the real world....and she did....she jumped from her window...she died that day..and nobody cared... she was alone...i couldent bear it... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'Im coming....Emma' ...*BANG*

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