Why cant you accept i love him?

Hi I'm Megan, I have a crush on my big brothers friend. Does he like me back?


4. day 3

I woke up and I felt two strong arms wrapped tightly around my waist. I turned around and I saw Ash I smiled and kissed him in the nose which caused him to wake up. "Shit sorry" I whispered. He laughed "it's ok sweetie then he hugged me tighter and kissed my forehead. age started kissing my neck which caused me to moan a little he looked at me and said "guess that's ur weak spot" I laughed and blushed.

Niall came into my room to wake me up and he saw Ash in my bed "no way no way this can't be happening" Niall said

"Niall it's not what it looks like Ash fell asleep here last night that's all" I said.

"Ash can I have a word with you.. Now" Niall said angrily.

Ash got up and walked over to him I knew Niall was whispering something but I couldn't here what he was saying.

(Ash's POV)

"Hurt her I swear to god Irwin you will never see the light of day again" Niall threatened.

"Mate I won't hurt I love her I will protect her from anything that is going to hurt I promise." Niall nodded and walked out I went back to join Megan "what did he want" she said "aww nothing don't worry" I smiled "I'm going in the shower" she said as she got up I watched her walk away and into the bathroom then she came out and I went in.

After I came out I walked into her room and saw her sitting in her phone I walked over to her quietly and put my arms around her waist causing her to jump "sorry babe" I whispered into her ear. She giggled and turned around to face me.

"I love you Ashton" she said "I love you too Megan more than anything" she wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me I hugged her back tightly then she pulled away but kept her arms around my neck.

"Why don't we go out just us too.. Like.. A date?" I asked. She nodded and said "of course where do you wanna go?" "Why don't i give you a surprise" I winked at her and she laughed.

As she got up and started walking away I grabbed her hand and pulled her back I kissed her and hugged her tightly I put my hands on her waist while she wrapped hers around my neck. I pushed her onto the bed and I crouched over her she slid her arms down my back and said "not yet" which caused me to moan. "C'mon why not" " Ash we just started dating and Niall is in the next room". "Ok" I sighed she giggled and kissed me once more then walked out of the room.

**later that day**

(Niall's POV)

I wanna do serving nice for Megan it's her birthday tomorrow and we might not see her again till later this year but I don't know what to do. I think il ask the others. "Hey guys can I talk to you all for a minute except you Megan" I said. They all came over and we started talking "why don't we take her out to a club" calum said. "Err ok but we need to keep an eye on her I don't want her to get into trouble" I said "ok" we all agreed.

(Megan's POV)

What are they talking about?? I'm getting worried. I wonder if they know it's my birthday tomorrow maybe that's what they are talking about.. Probably not..

Ash came walking back and sat next to me and pulled me onto his lap. He hugged me and said "come shopping with us?" I nodded and cuddled up to him. He picked me up and carried me around and told luke cal and Mikey that I was coming.

We left and started heading towards clothes shops. As we were walking I saw at the corner of my eye some fans pointing at us. Ash took my had and said "relax it's ok". Some fans came up to us and asked for a picture or an autograph. One of the fans said "is she your girlfriend?" Ash nodded and said "yeh she is". At that moment I started getting butterflies.. We left and went to nandos for some food as we sat there we saw there was fans standing out side waiting for us to come out.

***after nandos***

After we had finished eating Ash put his arm around me and we walked out side with cal luke and Mikey following us. Fans started screaming and shouting there names. "Ashton go see your fans" I said "ok sweetie" he nodded and walked over to some fans. A couple of young fans came over to me and said " you're Ashton's girlfriend aren't you" I nodded then they said "you're lucky" I said "I know". They hugged me and walked away and then Ashton came over to me and said "let's go" we walked away and left cal luke and Mikey to carry on getting pictures and signing stuff.

When we got back to the house we noticed nobody was in we walked up to my room and I put all my new stuff away. "I'll put mines away later" Ashton said. I nodded and joined him on my bed. "I love you" I said he said "I love you too baby". He leaned in to kiss me and I leaned in to as we were kissing I felt ash's hands make the way down my back he then place his hands on my waist and pushed me back onto the bed. I put my arms around his back then he started kissing my neck.

(Ashton's POV)

I pushed her onto the bed and I felt her arms wrap around my back. I started kissing her neck and she said " ashton I don't know if I want to do this". "You will be fine" I whispered still kissing her neck then she started playing with my hair causing me to moan. She pulled my shirt off and I did the same to her. "Ashton I don't know" she said worried "Megan baby you will be fine don't worry." I whispered. I hovered over her she looked so innocent.. I love her "you don't wanna do you?" I said. She shook her head "not yet". I nodded in agreement and kissed her once more after that kiss I heard a gasp. I thought that better not be Niall. Megan froze and I turned round to see Michael giggling at us. I got up and pushed him out of the room and I shut the door behind him. A few minutes later I heard Niall shout "WHAT?!?" I quickly got up and put my shirt on and Megan done the same. We both sat there and Niall barged into the room. "What the he-... Oh" he said confused. "Michael you said you saw them" Niall said. " I did" michael muttered confused.


(Niall's POV)

We all got bored so we had a game of truth or dares, Ashton and Megan chose to sit beside each other and I sat beside Megan making sure nothing happened.

It came to Ashton's turn and he picked dare. They all got into a huddle but Megan stayed with Ashton, I decided that I would stay with them too. I seen Calum look over and smile and then he nodded in agreement. When they all came back Calum said "I dare you to kiss Megan" i scowled at him as Ashton leant in and kissed her the kiss got deeper and deeper and before I knew it they were using there tongues!

(Megan's POV)

Ashton had been dared to kiss me what the hell? In front of Niall how can they do this? Ash leans in and kisses me and ofcourse I kiss back. Ash decided to deepen the kiss and he placed his tongue on my lip waiting for an entering. I let his tongue into my mouth and our tongues started dancing with each other. As we opened our eyes and pulled away I saw everyone staring at us with there mouths open.. "I-I didn't think you would do it" Calum stutters surprised. "Well I did" Ash said proudly as I looked over to Niall his face was red and he looked angry. Why can't he accept that I love ash?

After a looooong game of dares it was finally time to go to bed me and ash walked up the hallway and as I was about to go into my room Ash pulled me back and kissed me he opened his door and pulled me inside his room slamming the door behind us,

"Ash I don't think we should" I said "why?" He said like a child not getting what they want. "Because a- Niall is mad enough and b- I'm really tired. Ashton nodded, I kissed him one more time and left the room to go sleep in my own room.. It felt weird not being in the same bed as Ash.

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