Why cant you accept i love him?

Hi I'm Megan, I have a crush on my big brothers friend. Does he like me back?


2. day 1

I have finally reached the train station in London and as I started to look for Ashton I heard my name being called from a distance. I turned around to see Ashton standing there with his arms out waiting to hug me. I accepted and went in for the hug. He took my suitcase and we walked out to the car he asked " how was the journey?" I answered "good thanks". He smiled and I could see his dimples showing. I thought to my self 'wow he's perfect'

**15 minutes later**

We arrived finally at Niall's house, I got out of the car and Ashton grabbed my suitcase I looked around and waited on Ashton he smiled and nodded towards the door. I went over to it and opened it the place was silent and there was no sign of anyone anywhere. I walked inside and Ashton showed me to my room I asked him "where are the others" he smiled and winked and said that's for me to know and u to find out. He left the room and I fell onto my bed and whispered "i think I'm in love".

After I finished unpacking I walked down the stairs and went into the living room I saw all 9 boys standing there looking at me. I ran over to Niall first and have him a hug, then Harry, then Louis, then Liam, then Zayn, then Luke, then Cal, then Mikey and finally Ashton. While I was hugging Ashton I seen at the corner of my eye Niall was pointing towards us and Mikey whispered something in his ear.

I pulled away from the hug and looked up into Ashton's deep green eyes. We stared at each other saying nothing until we were interrupted by Niall coughing. I turned and looked at Niall while he smiled and winked then Mikey said "I say we go get lunch I'm starving" Niall said "pizza anyone?" We all agreed and we followed him to the nearest pizza place.

Everybody sat down and I had to sit beside Ashton. Everybody went to order there food and they left me and Ashton alone..... He said "nice place huh?" I smiled and nodded he then said "why do the boys keep laughing at us?" I shook my head and said "no idea". We started talking and got to know each other then I got up and went to go order and I left my phone and my bag with Ashton.

(Ash's POV)

I know I have just met her but I think I am falling for her I quickly picked up her phone and added my contact in and set it back on the table before she noticed. She looked over and smiled at me it smiled back and thought to myself "wow".

Everybody came back and Cal said "ash aren't you going to get something to eat?" I shook my head and said "nah I actually feel quite sick so I'm gonna head back home". They all nodded and Megan looked up to me and smiled again I smiled and winked back she looked away and blushed she looks so cute when she blushes..

(Megan's POV)

Ashton just winked at me omg.. What if he likes me back maybe he knows I like him.. I said "I think I'm gonna head back to I'm really tired woke up early this morning and I really tired" "but you have already ordered your pizza" Niall said. "You guys can have it" I said and walked out..

I started walking back to the flat and I felt someone come behind me I turned around to see Ashton he smiled and said "I was hoping you would leave" and then he winked and said "let's go back to the house".

I nodded in agreement and we both walked back to the house in silence. "What do you wanna do" i said and Ashton said "wanna watch a movie". "Sure" I replied and we walked into the living room Ashton picked out a horror film and I said "I'm not the greatest to watch a horror film with" he smiled and said " don't worry il protect you". I smiled and blushed. When he sat down on the couch I sat on the other and he said "why aren't you sitting beside me" and he pouted I laughed and moved over next to him, he put his arm around me and I felt a weird tingle run down my body.

(Ash's POV)

I have my arm around her I don't know if I should make a move or not or if I should wait after all we just met I don't want to scare her off.

I know the scariest part of the movie is coming up and I look down to see her hiding her face in my hoodie I wrap both of my arms around her waist and pull her closer she looks up at me and smiles. I smile back and lean in for a kiss she leans in too and the next thing I know we are kissing..

(Megan's POV)

I'm kissing Ashton OMFG I slowly put my arms around his neck while he wraps his arms tighter around my waist our lips moving in sync I felt him bit my lip which made me moan a little. I could feel him smiling in the kiss then we pulled away and I look up to see Niall and the others staring at us. Niall walked over to us and looked at Ashton and said "what the fuck are you doing to my sister?" I looked up at him "Niall i kissed him" I lied. I looked at Ash and nodded for him to go along with it. Niall gave Ash a death stare "Niall mate why are you freaking out it was only one kiss" Niall then answered "I don't care she's my little sister stay away from her".

Niall walked out and I ran after him "what the fuck was that about" I said angrily "why the hell did you kiss him" he said. "You know I like him" "yeh but you didn't need to kiss him" "I don't know why you are getting angry I love him Niall" I said looking at him angrily. "Just fucking forget it" he snapped and walked out.

(Ash's POV)

Why is Niall so angry about me kissing her I didn't do it on purpose it just happened I couldn't stop my self...

I walked through to the kitchen where I saw Megan she looked confused I walked in and said "are you ok" she nodded "yeh I'm fine but nialls angry and I don't know why?" I bit my lip "me neither I don't know what I have done so wrong to make him mad".

After the conversation in the kitchen i went to my room to think things over. I couldn't think of why Niall would be angry. As I was about to get changed into my sweats I heard a knock at the door I went over to the door to answer it and saw it was Megan I let her in and she sat on my bed.

She said "sorry about Niall just ignore him he will come round" I nodded and went to join her on the bed. We spoke for ages and I found out lots of stuff likes her dad got killed in the army and her mum was never home she was always busy at work so she basically lived with her older brother Connor.

(Megan's POV)

I looked at my phone and I noticed the time it was 4:05 am I said "I best best be going to get some sleep. He nodded and we stood up and walked to his bedroom door. I said I would see him tomorrow and he smiled and kissed me on the cheek. I blushed and walked out and when I got to my room I collapsed onto my bed and fell asleep..

Hey guys I know it's not very good this is my first fan fiction. I love you guys i will update tomorrow.. Bye xx

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