The life of a ladybug

This is just some random story XD i was bored and made this :P


1. The life of a ladybug

have you ever wondered what kind of things a ladybug have seen? i have... what if thoose little things have been to an underground city? or used leafs as airplanes ? what if they started a farm of honeybees? well...this is the story about Larry the ladybug.

Larry had always been the quiet ladybug in his family, his little sister on the other hand, she was wid and always wanted to go on adventures. but she was to young. Larry's parents wanted Larry to leave from home and have a nice adventure, but he diden't wanna go. He was scared, scared of the other creatures in the forrest. Larry always sat in his room, thinking of the outside world, and drawing pictures of what he thought it looked like. His parents then one day kicked him out, they packed him a bag and just locked him out of the flower they lived in. he took his bag on his back and walked around. he came to the city with all the gnomes and other creatures. He bumped into an ant, and they became best friends.
Larry lived with his new bestfriend, Andy on Andys farm. They farmed honey and lived a pretty laidback life. But one day, a war broke between the insects and birds. Day after day, the birds would come and eat the insects and steal their corn. And ya...i can't say much more...Larry got he had a short life, his parents all thought it was their fault, and blamed themselves. But Larry diden't blame them, and he would do all the thngs he dreamed of as a ghost. 
-The End

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