The Girl Outside

I got an idea when i was bored in class, and here it is...nothing more nothing less.


1. The Girl Outside

hi, i'm Sam. I dont have much time to write this, im scared and alone. My parents are out of town and i can't call them nor the police, the phone net has been cut. Im writing this to warn you all, for...her. It all started when i came home after a long day of school, the finals coming up soon. I entered my home calling out for my parents, no one was home, only me. I smiled to myself knowing i had the house for myself. I threw my bag in the hallway and locked the frontdoor , then made my way to the kitchen. My parents had left me a note
' Son we will be home tomorrow noon, your dad and i, had some things to attend to, love mom. P.S there is food in the fridge'
I walked over to the fridge to get the food..pasta. It diden't matter much, i was hungry, so anything would have done it.
As i turned on the TV, our cat came walking into the room, and layed down with me. After around 10 minutes, i walked to the kitchen with my plate. I wanted to call some friends over, but the phone diden't work, and i coulden't find my own mobile. So after 5 minutes of seeking i gave up.
It started to get creepy short after, i heard a knock on the door, so of course i walked over and opened it...nothing. I closed it and locked it, short after i heard a 'tap tap' on the window.'w-what the heck?' i said to myself. My cat had also ran away to somewhere more comfy, i decided to ignore the  taps on the window, and sat on the sofa once again. After a short while i heard the ' tap tap' again. It was a little louder, and i heard a girl giggel. I walked over to the window to close the curtains, but as soon as i was over at the window. A shadow jumped up, it scared me greatly, i stumbled backwards and ended up falling over my own feet. I then heard a soft laugh, it was cute, yet creepy at the same time. Weird thinking like that in a situation like this right?. I closed the curtains and walked to my room, i needed something to get my mind of things. And then as i closed my door, the cat meowed. Maybe it wanted to go outside, so i opened the door, only to find my frontdoor unlocked. The weird thing was, i locked it. I then heard a soft voice calling out, ' where are you~?' i locked my door, and tried to contact my friends over the laptop. None of them was on Skype, 'w-why now!?'

I heard the girls footsteps coming up the stairs, and thats where we are now. Her outside my room, tapping on my door, and me writing for my life. I can hear her stabbing my door now, she is trying to break it down.


I want to run, but i'm stuck in my room. 

She has made a hole in my door now, she has brown hair with green eyes, a black hoodie with , pink and purple stripes, and cat ears on the top of the hoodie. Shes unlocking the door, my time is over, i have nothing to protect myself with, i know i won't make it, so everyone! BEWARE OF THIS GIR................feeeeeemæmegn awdcvvvvvvbfwuiu7654wscvbntqase3w----

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