It All Started With A Video Game

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10. Chapter 9

Piper's POV

The next day me and Mackenzie went to her apartment to pack her stuff to move in with me. We packed all of her clothes, dishes, shoes, knickknacks and everything else she owned. After we packed our cars with her stuff we drove to my house. When we arrived I carried the stuff in my car into her room. She soon followed with her stuff. She looked around the room and put her thinking face on.

"Can I paint the room?" she asks me.

"Sure, I need to re-paint my room too," I say.

"Alright! Lets go to the store!" she says as she pulls me out of the house.

We get in her car and she drives us to a store to buy some paint and some furniture for her room. Once we got there we went to pick out some paint. I looked at all of the paints and thought for a minute. She grabbed a tan paint. Some fairy lights. I grabbed some red, black and white paint. Some silver wall tape. We then went and got a bed for Mackenzie. We also grabbed some sheets for our beds. After we had all of our stuff we went and paid for our stuff.

"I like your color choices," Mack compliments.

"Thanks," I say to her.

We head back to the house. Mackenzie went to work on painting her room while I worked on moving my stuff into the lounge. When I started to move my bed Mackenzie came into my room.

"Would you like some help?" she asks.

"Please?" I ask.

She comes over and helps me move my bed to the lounge. After that we were out of breath. We laid down on my mattress.

"Want to take a break for dinner?" Mackenzie asks.

"Sure," I say.

I get up and order us some Chinese food. After I order it I run up to my room and change into some old sweats and a trashed tank top. I then get to work on painting my room. Half an hour later the door bell rang.

"I'll get it!" Mack yells.

I put my paint brush down and headed down stairs. I walk into the kitchen to see Mackenzie sitting on the counter eating her food. I hop onto the counter next to her and start eating my food as well. After I finished I went back to my room and finished painting. When I finish I go over to Mackenzie's room I see her past out on the floor of her room. I chuckle and find a blanket to put on her. After I did that I went to the lounge and passed out on my mattress.

The next day I woke up to Lynn and Lisa walking into my house. I slowly sat up and looked at them. I also saw that Shane- Lisa's boyfriend- was here too.

"Hey guys," I say to them.

"Piper? What is all of your stuff doing out here?" Shane asks.

"Re-doing my bedroom. What are you guys doing here?" I ask them.

"We wanted to know if we could hang out here today," Lisa says.

"Sure," I say.

After I put the silver tape on my walls I had Shane help me move all of my stuff back to my room. After that was all situated I hung up some pictures and I put my guitar in the corner of my room. I also added a red, white and black rug. I put my new sheets on my bed.

(This is what it looks like):

I took one last look at my room and nodded in satisfaction. I set up my tripod and set my camera up on it. I then got dressed into my Calum inspired outfit. It consists of a grey NASA shirt, black skinny jeans, a black beanie. Some black bracelets rings, light make-up, dark red lipstick. I also had on black high tops and black hipster shades. I also fish tail braided my hair.

After I was ready I went to Mackenzie's room. When I opened her door I saw a wonderful room.  It had an American flag, the Union Jack and had pictures surrounding the Union Jack. She also had a Union Jack bed spread. She had put the fairy lights up on the ceiling.

I looked at Mack to see she was wearing her Ashton inspired out fit. It consisted of a band shirt, a jean jacket, black skinny jeans, and combat boots. She had mascara on, bracelets, a white watch. She also had a black bandana in her hair. Her hair was put up in a high pony tail.

She was talking to her camera.

"What you doing?" I ask quietly from the door.

She turns to me.

"Making a video. Want to join?" she asks.

"Sure," I say as I sit next to her on the bed in front of the camera.

"Hello everyone," I say to the camera with a wave.

"So as I was saying. I just moved in with my best friend, Piper!" Mack cheers. "So. So far we have redone two rooms and done our first video together! We are going to be making a video on Piper's channel explaining all of the shit that has happened recently. But you know this has been the best few days ever!"

"We are also going to be making a video with. Wait for it. Me singing!" I say to the camera.

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