It All Started With A Video Game

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9. Chapter 8

Piper's POV

"I'm surprised you two didn't recognize me," I say with a slight frown.

Everyone was giving me a look that says I was confusing the fuck out of them. I sighed and looked at everyone.

"I used to live in Sydney. I was Luke's neighbor when we were younger," I said.

"That explains the thing with Luke. What about with Liam?" Mack asks.

"Like I said I moved to Wolver Hampton. I was also Liam's best friend." I said with a slight smile.

Everyone nodded in understanding. But I knew that Mack wasn't really listening cause she was staring at the two boys that I grew up with in awe.

"Mack?" I ask as I wave my hand in front of her face.

"Yes?" she asks as she snaps out of her trance.

"Got your camera?" I ask.

"Yea. Let me grab it real quick," she says as she grabs it from her back pocket.

"Let me see it," I say as I take the camera.

"What are you doing?" Niall asks.

"Making a vlog. Is that alright with all of you?" I ask before I start filming.

I got a chours of 'yeah' and 'of course' from all of the boys. I turned on the camera and started to record.

"Hello my little love bugs!" I greet the camera.

"Hello fellow humans!" Mack also greet the camera from behind me.

"So today we are at a One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer concert! We are currently backstage! Yay!" Me and Mack squeal to the camera.

Louis and Calum decided that they were going to come up behind us and scare the crap out of us. As Louis picked up Mackenzie Calum lifted me up and made me drop the camera. Ashton picked up the camera and faced it towards him as he greeted the camera. He then filmed me and Mack being carried around the room with pouty faces.

"Looks like they aren't enjoying this," Louis says with a smirk.

"Shit," I yell as I'm tossed over Calum's shoulder.

Mack squealed as the same thing happened to her. Ashton was still filming this as he sat with the rest of the boys.

"Boys stage in 5," one of the stage hands announced to the boys of 5SOS.

Me and Mack were put back down. Ashton handed me the camera back and I started to record all of the boys for a second.

"Say hi to the camera for me please!" I asked all of them.

In unison they all raised their hands and waved at the camera yelling 'Hi' to the camera. I stopped recording and put the camera in my back pocket.

"Well, we better be getting back to our seats," I say with a small smile.

"Alright. Good seeing you," one of the boys called as we walked back to our seats.

Once we sat down the concert started. The first on stage was Ashton, then the others ran on stage. They started the concert off with She Looks So Perfect. That's everyone started to scream and start crying. If I am being completely honest I was crying as well. I swear during the concert Michael looked over at me and told the others. They kept glancing over to the area I was sitting in.

"Thank you Manchester!" Luke yelled.

Everyone in the stadium screamed. The boys all ran off stage. During intermission with the stage hands were setting up the stage for One Direction, people were leaving.

"Hey Mack?" I ask as I turn to her.

"Yeah?" She asks back.

"Lets continue the vlog," I say

I pull out her camera. I turn it back on and start recording.

"So 5 Seconds of Summer just finished their part of the concert,. That's why I have tears on my face," I say to the camera.

"We are now waiting for One Direction to start. We are so fucking antsy!" Mack cheers to the camera.

"The boys of 5SOS kept looking over at us," We heard someone behind us say.

The music for Best Song Ever started. I turned the camera to the stage to see the boys running out. They saw me and waved. I stopped recording and put the camera back in my pocket. The boys of 1D greeted the stadium and thus it erupted in screams. Man I feel bad for the fathers here. As the concert went on I was crying more. Mack was also starting to tear up. We sang along to all of the songs. They ended the concert with What Makes You Beautiful. After the song ended we started to pack up our things. But we were stopped short by some of our fans. We signed autographs and took pictures with them. After that we started to leave when someone grabbed our wrists. I turned to see Calum and Ashton standing there.

"Where are you two going?" Cal asks.

"Home. Why?" Mack answers.

"Well, we wanted to know if you wanted to hang out some more?" Ashton asks.

"Mackenzie! Piper!" I heard someone yell.

I turned to see Lynn and Lisa running over to us. Once they got over to us they looked at the two boys holding our wrists.

"We wanted to know if you were ready to go home," Lynn says slowly.

I toss her the keys to my car.

"You hurt my car I will kill you," I say.

"Then call us when you want us to pick you up," Lisa says as she drags Lynn with her.

"So about hanging out," I say as I turn to the boys.

Me, Mackenzie and the boys from 5SOS hung out for a few hours. I got some great footage for the vlog and we played Cards Against Humanity. I think its good to say that was the best. night. EVER. After we left the boys we called Lisa to come and pick us up. Once we got home I went to work on editing my vlog. Once it was done and I had all of my special touches to the video I uploaded it. I gave Mack her camera with all of the footage on it to her. She then got to work on her vlog. After she was finished we changed into our pjs and sat in the lounge.

"Pie? What time is it?" Mack asks me.

"About three in the morning. Why?" I tell her.

"Cause I'm not tired," she says.

"Same. Hey Mackenzie?" I say.

"Yes?" She answers.

"Would you like to move in with me? Since you already basically live here," I ask her.

She looks at me with disbelief written on her face.

"Really? You want me to move in?" She asks.

"Yeah. So what do you say?" I ask her.

"Hells yeah!" she cheers as she engulfs me in a hug.

"You know you'll have to help pay rent," I say to her.

"Alright," she says and runs up to my room.

I yawn and slowly dose off to sleep.


Hey guys! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Thought I would update something. This is my Christmas present to you all. Love you!

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