It All Started With A Video Game

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8. Chapter 7

Piper's POV

Mack started the car and drove off to the venue. I was silently praying that Mackenzie didn't hurt my baby in any way.

"Mack, if you hurt her," I start.

"I know, I know. You'll kick my ass," she says with a sigh.

We drove for another ten to fifteen minutes until we arrived.

"We're here!" Mack cheered.

We all got out of the car and headed to the stadium. Once we got through bag check we stood in line to get merch. While we waited we talked about what we thought the concert would be like. While we were talking a girl walked up to us.

"Excuse me?" the little girl asks as she tugs on mine and Mack's shirt.

"Yes?" I ask her as I turn and crouch to her level.

"Are you Piper Mae and Mackenzie Marie?" she asks.

"Yes we are. Can I ask who you are?" Mack asks as she crouched to the girls level.

"I'm Kylie. I'm a huge fan!" she says as she hugs us.

"Awe thank you for being a fan!" I say as I hug her back.

"Kylie! Come back over here!" her mother calls.

Kylie lets go and walks over to her mother. Me and Mack stand back up and turn to Lisa and Lynn. We once again talk until we were at the front of the line. We purchased out merch and went inside to find our seats.

"What row are we in?" I ask the girls.

"Um, second row for me and Lisa," Lynn says.

"Front row for us!" Mack cheers.

"Yay!" I cheer as well.

We quickly found our seats. Once I sit down I get a text from and unknown number.

Hey! So quick question. What row are you sitting in? ~Mikey

I look at the text from Michael and quickly reply.

Front row baby! Haha. Why? ~Pie

Mack looks at me. She has a look of shock on her face. I forgot to tell her that I had met the four stars of 5SOS..... Whoops?

"Pie? Who the hell is that?" Mack asks.

"Um, Michael Clifford?" I say even though it sounds like a question.

We want to have you come backstage and hang out. One sec I'll come and get you! ~Mikey

I sigh and look back up at Mack. She looked like she wanted an explanation and now.

"I met them when I went and bought Fifa at GameStop today," I quickly explain.

All of the sudden I see Michael rushing down the front row. I wave and catch his attention. He walks over to me and Mack.

"Hey there," Michael greets me.

"Hey," I greet back.

"Changed your hair I see," he says starting a conversation.

"Yup," I say back with a smirk.

Michael helps me over the bars to stand next to him. Before he could start to walk away I grab his wrist.

"Mikey? Can my friend come with?" I ask him as I give him puppy dog eyes.

"Sure," he says.

I help Mack over the bars and we follow Michael to the backstage area. Once we get back there we instantly see One Direction and the other boys from 5 Seconds Of Summer. Mack clings to my arm and squeezes really hard.

"Mack, I am pretty sure I'm going to need my arm," I say as I try to pry her off of me.

"Sorry," she says as she lets go.

We walk over to where the boys are sitting and chatting. They didn't notice me and Mack so I sit on Ashton and Harry. Harry gives me a look that asks if I'm crazy. Ashton just laughs.

"Hey there Piper," Ash greets.

"How do you know my name?" I ask.

"I watch your videos," he states matter of factly.

"Oh okay," I say.

"Ash are going to introduce your friends?" Niall asks.

"This is Piper and that's Mackenzie," Ash introduces us.

"Oh! I know you guys!" Louis yells.

"Really?" Mack asks in disbelief.

"Really," Louis conforms for Mack.

"Piper?" Luke asks.

I get off of Ash and Harry and walk over to Luke. I give him a small smile. Me and Luke used to be best friends when we were little. I give him a quick hug. When we pull out of the hug I give Luke a evil smirk. He sees the smirk and tries to run. But it was too late I already had his tall frame in a head lock and was messing up his hair.

"Piper! Why would you do that?!" Luke asks once I let him go.

"That was for not staying in contact with me!" I slightly scold the way taller boy.

"What?" Calum asks.

"Do you guys remember me telling you about a friend that moved to London?" Luke asks the boys.

They all slowly nod their heads. Liam gives me a knowing look.

"Well, Piper here happens to be that person," Luke says.

"Your the all famous Piper?" Niall, Calum, Ashton, and Michael asks in disbelief.

"I guess," I say slightly confused.

"But I didn't move to London. I moved to Wolverhampton," I say to the boys.

Liam walks over and gives me a big hug. I hug him back.

"Long time no see," Liam says.

"Long time no see. I told you that you would make it the second time," I say to him.


Probably a little confusing at the end sorry! >.< Any way!




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