It All Started With A Video Game

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7. Chapter 6

Piper's POV

Are you going to our concert in a few hours? ~Cal

Yeah. See you there? ~Pie

After I replied I went to start playing some music. I went to put on some One Direction when the doorbell rang. I raced downstairs and answered the door. When I answered the door Mack was standing there in a black 5SOS tank top, jean shorts, and black Vans. She had her blonde hair covered with a beanie that says 'selfie'. She was also wearing black sunglasses on her face.

I smiled and let her in. She went over to the lounge and sat down.

"Mack?" I called out to her.

"Yeah?" she asked.

"Should I dye my hair again?" I asked.

"Hold on. Come here," she said.

I walked into the lounge. She looked at my hair. She thought for a minute.

"What color were you thinking?" she asked.

I shrugged and pulled out my phone and pulled up pictures of the colors I was thinking of changing my hair color to. I handed her the phone. She took the phone and looked at all the pictures.

"I think that we should dye your hair blonde first," She said.

"Ok," I said.

"Then we will decide," she stated.

"Ok. Come and help me," I said to her.

"Alright. Can I borrow a old worn out shirt?" she asked.

"Yea," I said as I walked into my room and grabbed two old shirts.

After me and Mack changed we headed to my bathroom and started mixing the bleach. Mack put on rubber gloves and started to lather my hair with the bleach. After my hair was covered me and Mack went to watch the telly in my room for a while. After half and hour I went to take a shower to wash the bleach out of my hair. After I got out I changed back into the old shirt. I was to lazy to put any pants on so I left them off. I also plugged my phone in to charge.

"Mack! Can you come and dry my hair?" I asked/shouted to her.

"Sure!" she called back.

She walks into the bathroom and looks at me for a moment. She then laughs and pulls out my hair dryer.

"Nice lace panties," she comments.

"Thanks," I said back with a sarcastic tone.

She dried my hair then pulled out all of the colors that I had under my sink. I looked at them and thought for a moment. After a while I sighed and called Lynn into the bathroom.

"Help," I said to her.

"Hombre with a dark blue to a light blue," Lynn said.

"Thank you!" I said to her and put the other colors away.

Lynn left and Mack started to do my hair again. After she finished doing my hair she threw away the gloves. We once again waited maybe an hour until the hair dye settles. After I once again showered and washed out the dye I got out and put on my under garments and called Mack into the bathroom to dry and curl my hair. When she walked in she looked at my lace bra and panties she sighed and shook her head. She dried and curled my hair and it looked great.

"Thank you for your help!" I said as I hugged Mack.

"Welcome! Now go and get dressed we leave in half an hour," she said.

I walked into my room and grabbed my outfit for the concert. I pulled on a bright yellow bralette, a sleeveless 5 Seconds Of Summer shirt. I also pulled on a pair of really short jean shorts. I put on a pair of black Vans. I put on a small amount of makeup. I also added some bright red lip stick.

I look at Mack when she walked in and do a quick spin.

"How do I look?" I asked.

"Needs a flower crown," she said as she placed a black flower crown on my head.

"How 'bout now?" I asked.

"Perfect," she said.

"Great," I said as I walked out of my room and headed to the lounge.

When I reached the lounge 5 Seconds Of Summer was blasting through speakers. I laughed and started to dance around the lounge. After a few minutes I heard lots of laughing from behind me. I turned to see Lynn, Lisa and Mack laughing.

"Are you guys going to join me?" I asked.

"No, cause we need to leave soon," Mack speaks for all of them.

I turned off the music and went to go and grab my phone off the charger. I then grabbed my keys and headed to the door.

"Mack do you want to drive?" I asked her.

She gasped. Mack, Lynn and Lisa gave me weird looks.

"You are going to let me drive?" she asked.

"Yeah," I said to her.

She took the keys and ran out to the car. Me and the others followed after her. Mack got in the drivers seat while I got in the passenger seat. Lynn and Lisa got in the back. I turned and looked at them. Lynn was wearing a light pink long sleeve crop top shirt, a white flowing skirt. She had on a pair of white flats with bows on the toes. She had a pink flower crown on her head. She was also carrying her light pick clutch bag.

Lisa was wearing a black short sleeve crop top with a pair of jean overall shorts. She had on floral print combat boots, and had a hot pink purse over her shoulder.

"Ready?" Mack asked.

I turned back around and grinned at her.

"Lets do this thing!" I yelled.

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