It All Started With A Video Game

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5. Chapter 4

Piper's POV

When I woke up the next morning Lynn and Lisa were jumping around like idiots. I slowly sat up and rubbed the sleep from my eyes. I grabbed my phone to check the time to see that it half past ten.

"Morning Piper!" Lynn cheered.

"Morning. What's got you two happy?" I mumble to them.

"There's a Comic Con today!" Lisa almost yells.

"Really?!" I ask -now fully awake- in disbelief.

"Yes!" Lynn cheers.

"Kenzie!" I yell up the stairs.

I waited for a few minutes for her to answer. After a while I just walked up the stairs and into my room. Once I was in my room I saw Mackenzie sprawled all over my bed. I thought for a minute, then I yelled:

"Hot Topic is having a sale on Supernatural phone cases!"

That didn't seem to faze her. So instead I just jumped onto the bed and flung her off the edge. She groaned and slowly stood up rubbing her eyes.

"What the Hell was that for?" she asks.

"Two things. One, Hell is actually a peaceful place once you are used to it. Two, there's a Comic Con today!" I say sassily to her.

She chuckles for a moment. Then the news sinks in. She looks at me with excited green eyes.

"Are we going?" she asks hopefully.

"Hells yeah!" I say to her.

"I'll get my Dean outfit." She says as she grabs her shoes.

"And I'll get my Castiel outfit." I say as I grab my outfit.

I walked down stairs to the lounge where Lynn and Lisa were sitting on the sofa.

"Are you two dressing up?" I ask.

"Nope," Lynn says.

"What? Why?" I ask.

"We don't have any cosplay," Lisa says.

"You guys are so lucky I love you," I say as I walk upstairs.

I pull out my Doctor Who outfits that I got a few years back. I called the girls into my room and had them choose which one they wanted.

"Ninth, Tenth, or Eleventh Doctor?" I ask.

Lisa squeals and grabs the Tenth Doctor out fit. Lynn goes into my closet and grabs a Sherlock, and a John Watson outfit. I chuckle at her outfits.

"Which one?" she asks.

"Sherlock," I say.

They quickly run out of the room to get dressed. I pull on my white button-up blouse, black high waisted shorts and blue tie. I head into the bathroom and curl my hair. I walked back into my room and I pull on my thigh high black socks. I put on my angel winged earrings and my angel wing necklace. After I did my make up and put on my contacts that made my eyes blue, I pulled on my grey flats. I walked over to my closet and grabbed my trench coat.

When I finished I walked out into the lounge to see Lisa wearing her Tenth Doctor outfit. She was wearing my white button up blouse, blue jeans and her red tie. She had her hair tied into a tight high ponytail with a small bundle of red flowers. She had a dark blue suit jacket on and her own trench coat. She had her TARDIS socks on and red converse. She had on a pair of fake glasses, she was also holding her sonic screwdriver.

Lynn was wearing the Sherlock outfit I had leant to her. She also had on a white blouse but it had a little bow on the collar. A high waisted black skirt, a form fitting black wrap jacket. She also had on a blue scarf. She had a little cat necklace and a magnifying glass necklace. She was wearing her grey high heels that matched my grey flats I was wearing. She had her hair curled and in a high ponytail.

I gave them a huge smile. I pulled out my camera and turned it on.

"Do a pose together!" I say.

They stand next to each other and I take a quick picture.

"Now do a weird pose together," I say.

Lynn wraps an arm around Lisa's shoulder while Lisa's leg was up against Lynn's chest. Lynn held Lisa's leg in place. I snapped a picture quickly. I looked at the picture and laughed. Just then the doorbell rang. i went and answered it. It was Mackenzie.

"Hello Dean!" I say in a Castiel voice.

She laughs and walks inside. She was wearing a grey tank top under her jean jacket. She had on her skinny jeans with her high heel boots. She had on a fake Anti possession symbol tattoo. She had a silver ring on her middle finger, Dean's amulet around her neck and a bracelet with a pentagram on it. I couldn't see it but I knew she had a fake gun tucked into the back of her pants. She had her hair done in a half up half down thing.

When Lynn saw us she pulled out her camera and made me and Mack do the same pose's that I made her and Lisa do. Instead of just putting my leg to Mack's chest I jumped onto her back and kissed her cheek. She made a disgusted face as the picture was snapped. I jumped off her back and laughed.

"Ready?" I ask everyone after my laughing fit.

I got a chorus of 'yeah's. I grabbed my keys to my 67 Thunderbird. Once we were in the car I started it and drove to Comic Con.

Once we got there we paid for admission and walked inside. I looked around and saw people wearing so many different things. Me and Mackenzie walked over to all of the Supernatural stuff. After a while this girl dressed as Sam came over to me and Mack.

"Dean? Cas?" She asks.

"Sammy?" Mack asks.

"Hello Sam," I say in a monotone voice.

She smile and sticks her hand out to us.

"I'm Kailey," she says.

I shake her hand. So does Mack.

"I'm Piper," I say.

"And I'm Mackenzie," Mack says.

"So is there any Destiel going on between you two?" Kailey asks.

"No, I am as straight as paper," Mack says.

"I thought I meant more to you than that," I fake being hurt.

Mack giggles and gives me a massive huge.

"I'm sorry Cas! I didn't mean it," she says.

"I forgive you Dean," I say with a pouty face.

"You two are funny," Kailey laughs.

"Thanks," I say to her.

"I swear I've seen you some where before," Kailey says.

"Well, do you watch YouTube?" Mack asks.

"Yeah, why?" Kailey asks.

"Well, we have YouTube channels," I say.

"And we are pretty big," Mack adds.

I saw the realization hit Kailey like a bus. She grins at us then attacks us in a bear hug.

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