It All Started With A Video Game

Read to find out!!!!!!!!! :-)


3. Chapter 2

Piper's POV

"Excuse me, but I grabbed this game first," a deep, sexy voice says behind me.

I turned to look at the man. When I saw his brilliant eyes, I stopped short.

"Um, no I'm pretty sure I grabbed this game first," I said as coolly as possible without stuttering.

He gave me a look that said that he's not to sure 'bout that. I just shook my head and let go of the game.

"Go ahead and take the game then," I said and walked away.

I went to find Mackenzie looking at the Sims games. I quickly grab the Sims 3 and 4. I also go and grab the other games that I wanted. I wait for Mack at the register. When she arrived I paid for the games, and got a phone number from the cashier. As we were walking out of the store Mack turned to me.

"Dude, why are girls always hitting on you?" she asked with a chuckle.

"I honestly have no idea," I said. "They just do."

She shook her head and laughed. We walked around for a while, until I saw Hot Topic. I pulled Mackenzie in there with me.

"Ugh, why are we going in here?" she groaned.

"Supernatural merch is sold here," I say and she quickly brightens up.

We walked inside and quickly found all of the Supernatural stuff they sold. I grabbed a shirt that has Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki on it. Jensen had squirrel ears and Jared had moose antlers. I also grabbed some sweats that had Supernatural written on the hip. Mack grabbed a necklace with Misha Collins on it. She also grabbed a shirt with Jensen and Jared, but the were in the Impala. We paid for our things and left the store.

"Piper, it's five," Mack said to me.

"Let's head back to the car then," I said as I lead the way out to my car.

Once we arrived at the car I see Lynn, and Lisa talking excitedly. When we walk over they looked at us with enthusiasm. They gave us wide smiles.

"Ready?" I ask. They nodded their heads.

"What's gotten you two so excited?" Mack asked.

"We won four tickets to a concert!" Lisa cheered.

"Who is it?" Mack asked.

"We entered just for you two," Lynn started.

"We know that both of your birthdays are near," Lisa explained.

"So we entered a contest to win One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer tickets!" Lynn cheered.

Me and Mackenzie engulfed the girls in a huge hug. After me and Mackenzie calmed down we got back in the car and headed home. When we arrived at the house, Mackenzie looked through the games to see all of the games we wanted except one.

"Pie? Where's Fifa?" Mack asked.

"Oh, this one guy grabbed it and it was the last one," I said casually.

"Piper, You usually don't give up games easily. Especially the last one," Mack said giving me a confused, yet concerned look.

"He was super hot. Okay?" I said blushing.

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