It All Started With A Video Game

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15. Chapter 14

Piper's POV

A/N: italics are translations.

I'm rocking out in my room to my playlist on shuffle. I am singing some Green Day to myself into my mirror. I heard my door open a little but I continue what ever the hell I'm doing. After an hour of rocking out I turn off my music and turn towards my door. I see Mack recording me outside my door. I look right into the camera and curtsy. I laugh as Mack opens the door and stops recording.

"Enjoy the show?" I ask her.

"Yes, yes I did," she says giggling.

I just let her laugh it out as I head to the kitchen. I open the fridge to see what I could make for dinner. After I finally just chose to make Fettuccine Alfredo. After half an hour the food was done and Mack was in the kitchen grabbing a plate of food. She takes a bite and grins.

"This is delicious!" she says, with a mouth full.

I smile and eat my food.

When we finished eating we went to our rooms and changed into our pjs. I change into my Doctor Who pjs which consists of a black shirt with a TARDIS on it, and black shorts.

I walk into the lounge and see Mack wearing her 5 Seconds of Summer pjs. It consists of a black tank top with the bands symbol on it and plaid pants.

I walked over to the couch she was sitting on and sat next to her.

"Want me to braid your hair?" I ask her.

She nods. She turns so I can braid it. I loosely braid her hair. After I finish I turn on the TV and silently watch it. I slowly doze off to sleep.

The next morning I wake up to my phone ringing. I check it to see that I was put in a group chat with Dan and Phil. I read over the older messages then as it got to the more recent ones I go up to my room.

I change into a white 5 Seconds of Summer shirt, ripped black skinny jeans, black high tops, and a black beanie.

I walk over to Mack's room and jump on her bed. She jolts awake.

"Get dressed Dan and Phil invited us to hang out with them, Pj, and Chris," I say and walk out.

I go into the bathroom and put on some light make-up. I take off my beanie and fish tail braid my hair. I leave the beanie on the bathroom counter. I walk out to the lounge and see Mack wearing a grey galaxy type crop top, a white high waisted skirt, and black heels. She has on a black bracelet and a flower print clutch.

I smile and grab my keys. We walk out to my car. We hop in and I start the car. I pull out of the drive way and start heading to the Malt shop that we are meeting the boys at.

When we got there I shut the car off and climb out of the car. We walk into the shop and instantly spot Dan.

"Oh my god! Is that Pyperisamazing and Macklion!?" I hear someone yell.

I freeze in my spot. Mack does too. We slowly turn to see a group of boys and girls coming towards up. I plaster on a smile and sign autographs and take pictures with them.

"Are you two meeting someone here?" one girl asks.

"Yes we are," I say kindly.

"Can we know who?" one boy asks.

"That is confidential sorry," I say.

"Well can I get a picture with you kissing my cheek?" another boy asks.

"Sure," I say.

I stand next to him and go to kiss his cheek but he turns at the last second and he kissed me. I stood there in shock as the picture was snapped. The guy kept kissing me after a while. So finally Dan came over and tore him off of me.

I kinda just stand there with a shocked expression. Mack comes over and rubs my back. She tries to comfort me.

"Che il compagno cazzo ?!" I yell at the boy who kissed me in Italian. What the fuck mate?!

"Piper calmati! Il vostro parlare in italiano di nuovo," Mack says back in Italian. Piper calm down! Your speaking in Italian again.

"Davvero? scusate," I say. Really? Sorry.

I clear my throat and smile at Dan.

"So did you get me the usual?" I ask ignoring the group of fans.

"Uh..... Oh! Yeah! Oh course I did," he says and leads us to the booth the others were sitting at.

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