It All Started With A Video Game

Read to find out!!!!!!!!! :-)


2. Chapter 1

Piper's POV

I was sitting around my house with my step sister, Lynn, her best friend, Lisa, and my best, best, best friend Mackenzie. I was playing Subway Surfer on my IPad, when Mack sighed in frustration. I looked at her. She was sitting on my arm chair in a really fucked up way.

"Bored?" I asked.

She nodded. I thought for a minute. I put my IPad down and walked over to my games. I looked through all of the games and only found the games that me and Mack had beaten. I also sighed in frustration.

"Out of games?" Lynn asked.

"Yeah," I sighed.

"Want to go to the mall with me and Lisa?" she asked.

"Sure, Mack want to go?" I asked.

"Yeah, if it'll un-bore me," she said.

"Un-bore?" I ask with a chuckle.

"It's a word now," she said as she put her blue converse on.

I giggled as I put my black Keds on. As soon as everyone had their shoes on, I grabbed my keys and walked out to my blue 1967 Thunderbird. We all got in the car and buckled up. I started to drive off when Mackenzie- who was sitting in the passenger seat- plugged her IPhone in and started blasting 5 Seconds of Summer. I gave Lynn and Lisa apologetic look.

"Mack, Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts her cakehole," Lisa says smugly.

Me and Mack burst out in laughter. I look at Lisa through the rear view mirror, and give her a wink. She blushed. I continued to drive to the mall listening to Green Day. Once we arrive at the mall I turn to everyone else.

"Lynn, Lisa do you have your money?" I ask and they nod.

"Good, now two rules. One, don't buy to much. Two, make sure to answer your phone when I call," I say sternly.

"Alright, time to meet you back here?" Lynn asks.

"About," I look at the clock, "Five-Thirty."

They nod and get out of the car. I look at Mackenzie.

"Game Stop?" I ask.

"Hells yeah!" she cheers.

I laugh and we get out of the car. Once we're inside the mall, me and Mack rush to Game Stop. Once we reach the store, I see that there are barely any people there. I smile and walk into the store with Mackenzie trailing behind me.

"What games?" Mack asks me.

"I want Fifa, Call of Duty, Black Ops, and Grand Theft Auto 5," I say to her.

"Alright, I'm also going to grab a few games I want," she says and goes to look for games.

When I found Fifa I went to grab it, but someone else was also going to grab the same game. When my hand reached the game that person did too. I looked at them.

"Excuse me, but I touch the game first," his gravely voice says.


A/N: Cliffhanger!!! :p Luv ya!!!




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