The Bunny

Based on a dream i had ._. it scared i wanted to make a story


3. The End

I heard a scream, that scream belonged to someone i knew, it was Julia.
I ran to where i heard the scream. 
I found Julia dead, with all the others around her. They were all dead.

I diden't really mind, they were the ones who left me anyways.
And we weren't THAT close. So i kept walking.

I could still feel eyes on me, like they were staring right through me.
The stare was like daggers stabbing me in the back, so i spun around and was face to face with the stuffed rabbit.
It just floated there, right behind me, staring with it's button eyes.
It started grinning, showing it's razor sharp teeth. And it began to laugh.

The laugh sounded all demonic and childlike. It then told me "It's your fault".
It opened it's mouth to inhuman size, and then it all went black.

I saw light, and of course i walked towards it.

I then opened my eyes, it was morning.
I felt something wet and rough on my fingers, i looked down over the bed side and saw my puppy Ludvig lick my fingers.
"awww, did you come to wake me up Ludvig?". My dog replied with a bark.
I smiled and petted his head a bit, then decided it was time to get up.

The End
( yes....this happend ._. my dreams are just freaking weird man)

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