The Bunny

Based on a dream i had ._. it scared i wanted to make a story


2. The city

As i sat in the chair outside the little cafe, the others slowly began to leave. I diden't want to leave, i was raining, and the cafe had a little bit of light. I just watched them leave, even my friend.

------------------------------------------------10 min after---------------------------------------------

the rain stopped, but the others diden't come back, i wonder why. I rised from my seat and walked around the empty streets of the lonely city. I heard a dog bark....i looked down the dark ally behind the candy shop i wanted to enter. Just down that ally, was a husky pup. I tried to move closer to it, but it barked and backed away. I crouched and waited for it to come over, but it stayed where it was. I gave up and walked out of the ally, but the dog... surprisingly, was following me. I crouched down again and tried to pet it, but it backed away. I guess it just wanted to go with me, but dident trust me. I kept walking, the husky pup following close behind me. It barked, and i stopped up in shock, "gosh darn it puppy, you nearly gave me a heart attack" i said to myself. The dog stopped barking, and i turned around. It was scrathing on an entrance for a butcher. I sighed " are you hungry little friend?" the dog whimpered, i took it as a yes. I tried to open the door, but nothing worked. I looked around me and found a big rock, i smashed the glass door with the rock, and went in. My hoodie sleeves were a bit ripped from the glass, but it was okay, i wasent hurt. I unlocked the door from inside and opened the door for the puppy. It ran in with super Sonic speed. I closed the door and went after the husky pup, it was scrathing some doors to the kitchen. I openened up and went all pale....i felt like i had to barf...i covered my nose and mouth with my hand. In the kitchen, the floor was covered in blood, but that diden't bother me....the thing was..instead of pigs, were human bodies. They hand upside down, the stomachs cut open. It still diden't bother me with the bodies, but just the smell of was disgusting. The pup diden't mind the smell at all, it was wat to hungry to think about that. I diden't even want to think about how long the pup had been alone in that ally. I walked to the frigde and found some steak. I found a pan and some oil, i turned on the cooker and before i knew it BOOM steak. I found a big knife and cuttet the steak into half. 

As the husky pup, and myself ate, i asked " hei...what is your name little fella?" The puppy looked at me and barked. " you have no name? .....then i will call you....Mike!" The puppy barked once again and started licking my face. I laughed. Mike was such a cute puppy, and then i noticed his were blue...and the other were brown-green. I smiled, and stod up. "Okai, Mike you stay here for a little bit, i will look around" . I made sure that Mike was safe and sound, before i left. I walked around in the back of the kitchen, and looked through some cupboards. I found another big knife, and laid it in my hoodie pocket. I also found a basket, and some apples. I went back to Mike straight after.
When i came back, Mike was asleep. I packed some meat, the other knife, the oil in the basket. I then took Mike in my arms, and left the butcher....feeling watched all the way. I then heard....

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