The Bunny

Based on a dream i had ._. it scared i wanted to make a story


1. Camping ?!

i woke up as always, getting ready for school. "UGH MONDAYS" i yelled as i kicked the door to my room. I did the daily stuff, take a shower, get dressed, brush hair, eat breakfast, brush teeth, pack my bag, and walked to school. 

As i walked inside my class, i only saw 5 other people, my one friend Julia and some guys from my class. I walked in and sat down next to Julia "Oi...Julia, where are the others?", "i dont know..." she said. Our teacher then entered "OKAY, class today we go camping" ....i was silent...i had no words.... I HATED CAMPING... and we had o go camping in a creepy forrest, with a creepy old manor. 

As we walked me and Julia chatted about random things. I told her i had a VERY bad feeling about this, she told me not to worry that could help.... We arrived at the creepy forrest and of course i ran over to the creepy abonded manor. I saw a girl i knew from youtube, she was a danish youtuber! i ran to her and asked what she was doing, "Oh? im just checking this manor out, i was just about to go in"...i told her not to go in, but she did anyways. The 4 guys, Julia and myelf, found a dirty window and looked in, we heard noises, like little footsteps. I saw the girl inside, she looked nervous around, and tried to pull the door, it was locked. But how? we diden't lock it.... she then scream and i jerked back, the others was already running, but i diden't know why, so i looked back in. There on the floor, blood all around... on the stairs..on the paintings...on the window..and on the little creepy bunny doll with a knife. "Wait what?" i asked myself....the bunny doll sat on the floor, with the bloody knife in hand, slowly turning my way. My eyes were wide open, "W-WHAT THE HELL?!" i yelled, my friend Julia already a long distance away from me, but still screaming for me to come. My eyes diden't leave the doll inside the old manor, the doll getting closer and closer to the window. It then smashed it's bloody self on the window, making me jolt away, and run for my life. 

As Julia and myself ran through the forrest, hearing the screams of our teacher, Julia was crying, while i was re-watching the scene in my head. How could a doll be so creepy...yet so cute ? As we ran i heard grass moving behind us, slow, little footsteps. Then nothing. It was stalking me, i just knew it.

We found a road with some cars, Julia jumped in the car with the 4 guys, while i took my own. Of course i knew why Julia diden't want to drive with me.... 1: none of us was old enough to drive 2: the guys drove suprisingly good 3: i drove like someone on drugs. I drove like i was in GTA, making all the jumps, making my way to the dark city, filled with corlorfull lights....Then out of nowhere, i heard a soft whispering, a soft cute voice, but it still gave me the chills. Then, i was being lifted, i looked up and saw the bunny, and it's creepy smile. It had razor sharp teeth, and....IT WAS FLYING, LIFTING ME WITH IT. "PLS, LET GO!" i yelled, it just giggled. It went back to the forrest with me. It sat me down on the grass, and placed itself infront of me. ".....dont trust anyone..." it whispered. "W-what do you mea-" i was cut of, i was back driving in the car, close to the city. I took a turn and ended up down in the city. I saw the guys and Julia waiting. I diden't go to them, they had just left me. I went a few feet away from them and sat outside a cafe.

It was night....we were all rained.... and we were hungry... what would we do now?

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