A World Alone

Have you ever wondered what the outside world is like?. People crying, the feeling of pain, danger and evilness wondering around people like a disease. Lonely people around the world wanting and needing help. But there is no helping hand for you to reach. We're all fighting a demon inside ourselves hoping the good will win and we'd succeed in life. But some of us lose our battle and some of us die trying to survive.


1. Chapter 1



        I sat there listening to the words my mother was speaking. It was a beautiful day, for anyone to go out and walk around with their family or friends and just hang out on a Friday at the beach. My vision became blurry as I tried to look anywhere but at her. I didn't want to look at her, and never planned on to at the moment. The same talk and words were repeated, as she looked down and sighed. I could feel the pain in my chest start to appear. My mouth was dry and I felt a big knot in my throat. I took the risk and looked into my mothers' eyes. I could see the pain in her eyes, the sadness. She was ashamed, ashamed of what the world is now. A place where it is no longer called earth, but is now hell. My eyes were stinging, tears were forming. I wanted to cry but forced myself not to because I didn't want to look weak in my mothers' eyes.  I grew up taught to be a brave soldier and never weak. To fight my own battles, because failure is not an option to them. They never knew about my story, the things that had happened to me. The nights my eyes rained continuously. Faking a smile all the time because I didn't want anyone to see the pain, and know what I was going through. I was losing my battle against the demons inside of me. Soon taking over all of me.


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