Miracles-(A 5sos Fanfiction)

"Trying to forget someone you loved, is like trying to remember someone you never knew."


4. Where to Begin

It started back when I was in Kindergarten, being the girl that believed in reality over fairytales with untruthful endings, my concentration had always been attached to grades. By this point, as many other kids liked to picked their boogers or give each other cooties, I always thought to myself that I was going to make my parents proud. As I had my report card in my hello kitty backpack one day, my insides were joyful and at this point I was the happiest I could be. As I got off the school bus, and waved goodbye to my bus rider,Mr. Hags, I skipped through the front door of my home to find three strangers sitting in my livingroom wearing suits and was holding what looked like weapon bags. Across the room sat my "parents" who didn't even notice me entering. Not sure of what was going on, I ran upstairs to my room and as I opened the door a mince of pain and shot through the foot and the right side of my stomach. Shrieking and crying I slowly looked down to see a red stain spawled all over my close. Scared to death I reached my hand down, and had pulled a knife out of my right side flinching back with pain. My body dropped to the ground, and I had seen a reflection of the sun through a bulky thumbtack. As the pain from the knife soon swallowed me as a whole, I fell back and felt the carpet brushing against my hair. My squinted open as I saw my "parents" tower over me, as my energy drained I heard a my mother's saying, "You can take her and leave now." To this day, I am still hesitant to how I survived that incident. This was the official first time my mother had tried to kill me.

     Two days have passed in the hospital now, I don't really remember what had happened most of yesterday. With the huge blood loss that I had, by this point hours would go by as I try to regain my energy with sleep. If not sleeping, usually I would be thinking about where I go from here. My mom is out to get me, and I have been missing school. Most likely, I would not be able to do anything until I recover. The day was just beginning, and it was 9:45am in the morning. The sun shone through the balcony doors with green curtains on opposite ends of it.Thankfully, my pain scale had gone down from a ten to a six for me ever since 4am this morning. IV fluids had played a huge role in decreasing my pain, plus the fact that I actually have gotten decent food here such as chicken soup last night. As I could not resist moving around a little bit, my legs slowly came out from underneath the covers stepping towards the balcony doors. The nurse had taken all the needles from my arms out about fifteen minutes ago to replace the tubes with new sanitary ones. My weak arms had managed to pull the right door open, as I walked out leisurely. 

        Greeted with a cool ocean breeze from Laguna Beach, I had admired the beautiful essence of California. Suddenly unstable, I grabbed the railing leaning on it regaining my balance. Closing my eyes, I had hoped to focus on the nature sounds, the refreshing breeze, and the wonderful air that I was surrounded by. 


         It has been a day now not seeing Winter at all. Before encountering her I only cared about food, videogames, and avoiding my father as much as possible. The only thing that continuely ran through my mind was the question if she was okay or not. Trying to distract myself, I turned on the tv watching Family Guy at 8am in the morning. It's funny because I'm suppose to be at school today, but my dad had let me skip since he had heard about what happened to Winter. The night of the incident, I wonder what those cops were saying to her. I mean Ashton had tried to eavesdrop, but his ears were as good as mine. I would have asked her what happened two nights ago, but visiting hours were over by 10pm. All of a sudden interrupting my thought bubble I heard my little sister bursting through the door of my room. 

"Michael, dad called and told me to tell you that he is going to be out of town today for a school conference or convention whatever. Looks like you are watching me tonight." Samantha had said with a grin.

    My little sister was that type of person who I related to most of the time, I mean my mom was out and about somewhere probably doing drugs while my dad is trying to hold up the ends of the family. Don't get me wrong, Samantha was a girl so she had to annoy the crap out of me sometimes, but I love her as a person. She came in my room wearing a bunny onesie that I had gotten her for Christmas last year. Her hair was tied up in a messy bun, and her toothbrush was dangling from her mouth.

"Alright, well do you want to go visit someone with me today? After that maybe Abbey, you and I can watch a movie together. I don't now if Ashton, Calum, and Luke can come over but I can ask them to." I replied.

"Whatever floats your boat. Who are we visiting? Is it that girl that you saved the other day?" she asked.

"Yeah Winter, I know for a fact that the boys are going to ask me to go in 3....2...1..."

The pokemon theme song ahd started ringing from my room, my right arm reached for the Iphone that was in the drawer of my bedstand. 


"Hey Michael" Calum's voice rang.

"Sup bro." Luke's voice had said.        

"Hello?...can anyone here me...BIG LOVES HELLO?" Ashton started screaming.

"Ashton, we go through this everytime..."I sighed.

"HELLO? Stupid phone." Ashton's voice screamed again.


"Oh hey guys, what's up?" Ashton fnally said.

"Good grief you would think that by the fifth time we have gone over this that we all would have been deaf already." Luke stated

"Right Luke? Okay so Michael do you want to go visit Winter in about 13 minutes or so? I mean It might be early, but maybe we can surprise her or something." Calum explained.

"Yep, I was jsut talking about it with Samantha. Are you guys going to invite Ashanna, Emily, Elizabeth, and Kiley too?Cause Im going to try to take Samantha with me." I replied.

"Yeah I mean it might make Winter feel uncomfortable.....especially with our girlfriends but I mean I guess they do need to be introduced to Winter sooner or later." Ashton said

“Okay well then I will meet you guys at the hospital at about 10:15pm." I stated and hung up.

I noticed Samantha still waiting by my door as I hung up the phone.

"See I told you. Now go get ready please." I said.

She laughed and went back to the bathroom doing all that girly make up thing. I will never understand any of that, because I think raw beauty is prettier I dont know. I turned off the TV, and had gotten ready. By the time I was out of the shower, I came downstairs and had some TMT cereal.Samantha had her usual healthy breakfast with a muffin, cup of milk, and some strawberries on the side. 

"What do you think of Winter?" She out of the blue asked.

"She is beautiful, nice, and funny. She also has that sassy side of her, but I think she would like you a a friend." 

"Oh cool.....you know I am really shy though." Samantha stated.

"But she is too so I think you guys would get a long well." I replied.

We both got up from our breakfast tables, and I reached over the countertop to get the keys.

As I got in th car, Samantha and I usually always played rock, paper,scissors, shoot to see who gets to pick the radio station. She got me this time though so we listened to the One Direction station that was playing. I mean I like those lads they can sing pretty well, though my favorite song would be more of Rock Me, Midnight Memories, Diana, Alive, or Little Black Dress. As we drove for ten minutes the hospital was close by and I saw Camila, Ashton's girlfriend, and Elizabeth,Calum's girlfriend. We parked near the front entrance of the hospital, as Samanth plugged in her earbuds. She was more conserved when she met people, I mean she didn't really open to anyone but me.

"Hey beautiful Elizabeth, hey wonderful Camila." I said.

"Hey Michael, have you seen Ashton?" Camila asked.

"No he should be here by now, but it might take him a couple of minutes. Oh hey Calum." I greeted.

"Hey, Elizabeth you remember Michael right?" Calum murmered.

"Of course I do, hey. How are you?" she asked.

"I'm fine thanks." I replied.

Looking back I saw Ashton and Luke's Mercedes car pulling up, Samantha was listening to music and staring at something while smiling. As Luke and Ashton got out of their own cars we all gathered together into a group, just introducing eachother once more time since Camila and Elizabeth were still unfamiliar with me and Luke. I didn't participlate in much of the conversation though, and i looked back once more still seeing Samantha staring at something. 

"Hey Samantha, how are you? What are you staring at?" Ashton came over and asked.

"That girl up there, she seems really happy." Samantha replied.

My eyes slowly raced up towards the direction that she was pointing at. On top of a balcony I saw Winter smiling at the sky, as the wind whipped through her long brown hair. Calum, Luke and Ashton eventually caught on to see that Samantha and I were staring at Winter. Camila and Elizabeth had whispered to eachother in confusion of who Winter was. At this point, I just continued looking at her, admiring Winter's beautiful soul.

++++++++++ASHTON"S POINT OF VIEW++++++++

      Wow she was gorgeous, I looked up to find me staring at one of the most beautiful girls in the world. I had never seen her smile before. I did see her smile the night we had visited her, but I could tell that they were all fake smiles. Camila's hand reached for mine as she stared up smiling as well. She was the type of girlfriend who never got jealous, and she was incredible at understanding and being sympathetic. I kissed her on her head, as she leaned on my shoulder. 

"You are right Ashton, she is as beautiful as you described her. Her glasses make her look even cuter." Camila had started off.

"I know right? She was getting beaten up by the other guys for no reason. I am still curious about the cops too Camila. Maybe you can talk her into telling you, if she isn't willing to tell me." I stated.

My hands wrapped around a little tighter around her hands as I pulled her in to embrace her. Her arms were around my waist, and at that moment all I could think about was how lucky I was to be holding the world in my arms. She was the closest thing I have  to family, my parents had been killed in a car accident  when I was ten. Their bodies had somehow disappeared though, and after ten years I am still finding it with no hope.

"I sure will, I'm not sure if she would want to talk to me as much as you. This all might seem too awkward especially beacuse she doesn't even know me. I will try for you though." Camila replied. 

We both let go of each other as I walked over to Michael while holding her hand. 

"Ready to go in?" 

"Sure Ashton, come on Samantha I want to introduce you to someone." Michael had said.

Luke was already way ahead of us since he was really anxious to seeing Winter, Calum and Elizabeth walked behind Camila and I having a conversation of their own. Walking through the hospital doors, a smell of cinammon had drifted into the group's noses. Michael looked back at me with a face of when like a child had just found out that he was going to get his favorite toy for Christmas. I heard Calum laughing behind me, as I laughed too hinting Michael to just move on and not think about it. At this point we had already lost Luke, he probably already raced up the stairs as Michael, Calum, and I were waiting for the elevator to open.

"Ashton what are we doing after visiting Winter? I got to get home since I have an exam tomorrow. It was hard enough to convince my parents to let me skip school today just for you." Camila stated.

"Don't worry this shouldn't take that long, plus I have something planned for us afterwards just the two of us." I replied. 

Camila gave me a quick kiss on the lips, as if she was saving the rest for later. As the elevator came down and we entered it as a group. I started thinking about how Camila and I had been dating for three years now. Today was our anniversary, and I kept thinking about how grateful I was to have such a perfect human being in my life. From the first day that I had laid eyes on her, I remember how I saw her beautiful hazel eyes and how they warmed me. Her smile could not keep the boys away at all, and she is as smart as any animal out there. To me she was a good girl that was a bad girl that hadn't been caught though. Her parents think that she is a goodie two shoes when in reality she has snuck out three times now. She is a perfect combination of risky and loving. I love her. Can't wait to see her surprised face, when she sees the date of her dreams. The day I loose her is the day I loose myself.

++++++++++++CALUM'S POINT OF VIEW++++++

     As my arms wrapped around Elizabeth, I felt lost in the world. She has to tolerate a lot with me in my opinion. I mean I don't think I can ever be Ashton, Michael, or Luke at all. I didn't really have much experience with love since this is only my first girlfriend. It felt strange to be visiting Winter with Elizabeth in my arms, I don't consider liking Winter but I hope Elizabeth doesn't get jealous of all. Knowing the type of person she is, I doubt that she will though. 

"Hey Calum, do you think I should wait outside of the room when we go visit her? Im not so sure If i want to meet her and if she wants to meet me." Elizabeth stated.

"Of course she wants to meet you....well actually I dont know because she is actually really kinda quiet but still. Why don't you want to meet her?" I asked a little worried.

"I don't know....do you happen to like her more than me? She is so pretty compared to me. Compared to her I feel like nothing." Elizabeth leaned down and said.

I grabbed her by her waist and kissed her on her lips. Her arms reached out for my waist as our kiss grew more passionate. She stopped momentarily, and leaned back.

I stared back into her eyes. "No one can compare to you okay, when I say that she is beautiful I mean it. I also mean it when I say that I love no one but you too." I replied.

Elizabeth smiled at me as the elevator opened up to the 15th floor. Ashton and Camila had left the first ahead of us, as Michael and Samantha followed behind them. Samantha was a really quite person, opposite of her brother Michael of course. I don't know why, but I feel like my sister Emily could be friends with her. They both have gone through some tough times, and I'm not the best brother in the world. I can't necessarily be there for Emily all of the time and neither can my parents. To be honest, I don't know where my parents are or what happened to them. Ever since ten it was just my sister Emily and I. Before that I remembered one man who would always feed us, and let us sleep in his cardboard box. Yet, he just disappeared somehow. I hope Elizabeth isn't that way as well.

    I found the rest of the boys at school after I was noticed by the principle on the street.(Michael's dad) He offered to give me an education since he felt bad for me and that was how I met Michael. I met Luke and Ashton at school one day in music class when we were assigned a group project. Oh how I remember seventh grade when Michael had pushed Luke down the GreenDay Middle School, as I videotaped the whole thing and as Ashton laughed so hard that he couldn't breathe. Those were the good old days. 

As we walked down the halls of the hospital, a nurse had stopped in front of my tracks. "Hello there....I'm sorry but do you have a visitors pass?" she asked.

I showed her the green wristband that Luke had handed me earlier before he dashed off. 

"Oh alright thanks, you guys are a beautiful couple." The nurse had stared at Elizabeth.

"Thank you, I think so too." I replied while smiling at my beautiful girlfriend.

++++++++++++LUKE'S POINT OF VIEW++++

        The minute that I had gotten into the hospital, my heart was already excited to see Winter. Looking up at the balcony, her face was so elegant and her smile had definitely stunned me for a couple of minutes. She made my job of protecting her a lot easier most definitely. I have only known her for a day, but I can already tell that her and I were going to be best friends. I mean don't get me wrong I also love Ashanna, my other best friend. Something was just different with Winter though. I had to make sure that she was okay that was all. I raced through the hallway, holding my writband up showing that I did have a visitor's pass if anyone was wondering. I stopped in front of her room door just to catch my breathe, I then knocked on it gently. There was no answer, and so I knocked again even louder. There was once again no answer. 

        My expression slowly dropped, and I just opened the door anyways to find the room empty. I brushed off the thought of thinking about the possible bad things that could have happened. I slowly walked out of the room, and to the nurse's desk that was only 15 feet away. 

"Excuse me mam, do you happen to know where patient Winter Stunner is?" I asked smiling.

With relief the nurse told me, "Let me check, I think she just might be on her therapy hour."

Knowing the little patience I had, I tried to occupy myself by tapping my foot persistently on the floor. The nurses had looked on Winter's schedule noticing that something was wrong.

"Why no she should be in her room." The nurse had said. 

The doctors and nurses had all of a sudden raced to room 506, which was the room Winter was assigned. I followed them in disbelief as my heart dropped taking many breathes.

"WINTER?", I screamed out in the room.

"WINTER? ARE YOU IN HERE?", I checked the bathroom.

Walking out to the balcony I looked down and around seeing no signs of her.

There was absolute silence and no response. Ashton, Calum, and Michael had eventually showed up entering the room.

"Luke what's going on? Did Winter get checked out of the hospital?", Ashton asked with a smile.

"No, she is gone." I stated

The nurse had eventaully dialed the phone immediately, and as she did over the intercom I hear the words, "MISSING PATIENT WINTER STUNNER, LOCK DOWN THE HOSPITAL"

Michael, Calum, and Ashton had suddenly ran out of the room leaving everyone else behind.

"Nurse what is going to happen to her? Will she be okay?", I asked.

"Her blood is not stable and her energy is weak, if she does not report back here within an hour. Her life could possibly be taken."

My eyes grew larger as I ran out of the room, I could feel the pain race down from my heart to the rest of my body. Not knowing where I was going to go first, I knew that if Winter died I would have too.



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