Miracles-(A 5sos Fanfiction)

"Trying to forget someone you loved, is like trying to remember someone you never knew."


8. The Truth

      I felt as If I was on Cloud 9. Soaring through the sky, the cool, refreshing, breeze had passed through my wavy brown hair. Once again, it felt as if I was dreaming. With all the time in the world to think, I wasn't sure how many times I had dreamed and awaken within the past week. Maybe it's not the fact that I was dreaming, I am stronger than this. My body may have passed out, but I know I still can wake up and stop the dreams. Life kept on flashing before my eyes, and I did not want that to happen anymore. Especially when I needed to make sure what I saw was real, I won't be able to forget it.  What I witnessed was not just an illusion, it was something more. Black wings was not something I was use to seeing, and to be honest I was really scared. Maybe because it was beacuse it was abnormal, and what I saw was an angel. Sometimes your heart says one thing and you mind says another, but no. This time both my heart and mind witnessed what had happened, and I can tell you that it was not in fact just a trick of the light. 

     Concentrating on my deep breathes, I felt my lungs inhaling and exhaling slowling. I allowed myself to re-open my eyes to see that my body was traveling up at a high speed. Opening my mouth I let out a scream, and my eyes grew bigger since it felt as if I was flying. Immediately my eyes closed again since I couldn't stand the sight of the light blue sky getting closer and closer. Not knowing how to react I kept screaming, what was going on? Death wasn't suppose to be this scary. Shaking, I felt someone's hands wrapped around my legs and arms even more. It was true, Luke hemmings was the one who was carrying me. I felt his arms tightly holding me in with his body heat warming me up. With all the courage I had in me, I decided to talk. Not knowing what to say, I had to slowly comprehend what was happening before me.

"L-Luke if if this is you holding me please tell me what is going on I-"

"Hold on just two more seconds, we are almost there Winter don't worry." He interrupted me.

     His voice was tender and reasurring, and through his voice I could tell that he wanted me to trust him. As I shook in fear, my mouth was dry with words. After a minute later, my head had stopped spinning around. Not roaring as much, my heart rate slowly went back down. Yes, I was scared since I was both confused and stirred up in the moment. Taking the risk of what I was about to see, I squinted my right eye open realizing that a large crowd of people were silently looking down at me. Whispers had started roaming around from ear to ear, as alarming blue and red sirens soon broke up the words that were being exchanged among the public.

"What is going on here?" A police cheif interrupted.

"Sir this innocent girl was on that train now over there to your left. It was hanging off the bridge, but someone or something pulled it back and saved this young girl laying on the ground." An older lady stepped in.

"Did anyone catch a glimpse of this mysterious hero?" He asked everyone.

   Everything went quiet and no one said a thing, the only movement that had occured were eyes wandering around waiting for someone to say something. I took a big gulp down my throat, it seemed as If I was the only one who knew the hero that everyone was questioning about. As a child I was always taught in school that I needed to question that things that happened in the world, I needed to doubt things until I had evidence. This wasn't a normal situation where I needed to doubt anything, I witnessed it with my own eyes. Three words, and one person. Luke Robert Hemmings. Weakily, I sat up from what I realized was the concrete. The scene was taking on a rode, and I was laying in the middle of it all. Why has misfortunate events been only happening me out of billions of other people in the world? Looking around, I finally got to the point where I realized that I needed to find Luke. He has to explain, and if he doesn't then I need to flee somewhere else. 

"Little girl are you okay?" the police came closer. 

"I'm fine." I replied.

     In my mind, "I'm fine" was being used as an understatement. Like every teenager, "I'm fine" meant I needed a hug, I needed comfort, and I was not really okay. Once again I felt so vulnerable in the world, I felt as if I was in a game where I am the prey and the predator is out to get me. There was only two options, and that was either to kill or be killed. My arms supported my body, as I stood up and tried to search through the crowd for the one face I was looking for. 

"Okay, well are you hurt anywhere? Do you feel pain in the lower half of your body? We are here for you, and we can call an ambulance if you need one." The police had interrupted my search.

"No it's quite alright, I think I am just going to go home now. My uh parents are there to take care of me." I politely rejected the help.

"Well allow us to drive you to your home, It worries me that you want to go out and about moving again. Take it easy." 

"Once again, I am fine and I woud like to just leave peacefully on my own." I replied.

    The poor middle aged man looked at me with his eyes that had gottten bigger. By his expression, I believed he noticed the bitterness in my reply. After two minutes, he nodded and cleared a path for me to leave. My legs sprinted as far away from the scene as possible, knowing that more than 100 pairs of eyes were looking at me. With many routes ahead of me, I just ran without thinking hoping to reach a place of rest. Thankfully, I found a telephone pole right around the corner of this old bakery shop that I had passed. At first, I was going to dial to dial a friend until I realized that I didnt have any. Family members was my second thought until I realized that both of my parents were in jail. Inside or out they would not have been great help anyways. The only person I could have thought of was Samantha, she was all I had left. As much as I didn't like to admit it, I was desperate. Back when I was saying goodbye to her in front of the hospital, she hugged me tightly after she had slipped her number into my Nirvana sweatshirt. Quickly, I digged though my pockets pulling out a little slip of paper. My walet was still in the back of my pants, but my backpack was gone. I realized that some of my clothes and schoolwork was in the bag I carried onto the Cat bus. Trying to remain calm, I pushed that thought aside, and had put in four quarters into the coin accepter on top of the telephone. Pushing the numbers on the phone, I lifted the black phone to my hear hoping that the phone actually worked.

     From one ring to the next, I continuesly begged Samantha to pick up. Ten rings later I slammed the phone down, knowing that she probably was busy fighting the world of her own. All of a sudden the phone ringed aloud once more. Without a second thought, I turned around to pick up the phone immediately.

"Samantha! Is this you? Hello?" I said into the phone.

"Hey, who is this?" 

"Samantha, this is Winter I need your help." I pleaded.

"WInter why are you talking like that what is the matter? Are you alright?" Samantha asked.

     I let out a sigh, and I couldn't handle it anymore. Ever since I was born, I had always told myself to stay stong no matter what happened. Anything that could not kill me made me stronger, and I have been sticking to that for 16 years now. Instead of going to school at 5 years old, I had stood by allowing my parents to beat me down and convince me that I was nothing. My first job as a maid enforced ever since I had the ability to walk, talk, and understand a bit. Since elementary school to now high school, I was always the laughing stalk of the grade since people believed I was held back for two years. Gradually my teachers laughed at me, my peers laughed at me, and my own "family." In my heart and mind it felt as if the whole world hated me, and yet I tried getting used to all the hate. Flashbacks had started all of a sudden flowing my head, and overwhelmed with about anything that was in existant I started crying. I'm never going to be that strong person that I have always wanted to be. For the rest of my lifespan, I'm going to be what the world wants me to be. A piece of shit.

"Winter, hey calm down. Look where are you? Maybe Michael can come get you? Winter tell me." Samantha started saying in a hurry.

"No don't tell Michael I called you or anything, just um how do I get to your house from an old bakery shop named Croissants and Costs?" 

"You are actually not that far away from my friend's house okay, just keep on running straight from where you are standing right now. Her house is just up the hill and to the left. I will be waiting outside my door for you. Winter, I'm really concerned so please hurry. It's only about a mile up you can do this." Samantha encouraged.

      Wiping my tears off my face, I gently placed the phone back onto where it originally had hung. Just as I was about to step out, all of a sudden it started pouring rain. I have read before that the most mournful days, were the days that rain had poured down from the clouds above. Not allowing the storm to stop me, I did as I was instructed and I ran north of the telephone pole. This was it, that one moment in my life where I was actually able to try and run away from my problems. Raindrops had soon soaked my clothes and my hair. Feeling the weight of my clothes finally adding up, about halfway up the hill I paused and sat right across from a small hat boutique. My ugly reflection stared straight into my soul from the glass that showed off these old fashion feathered hats. After a second or two, next beside my reflection I saw Luke's face reflecting off the clear glass. Shifting my head, I turned around and to the left and right of me. No one was there at all. I looked back into the glass seeing only my reflection again, no longer seeing who I thought I had seen. 

"Luke, if you can hear me right now. Come out from wherever you are. I need to talk to you, and I only want to understand. Please hear me out, and just help me." I scremed out.

      Another period of time had left, and about another day of my life has been wasted. Done waiting for the danger to  come find me, I decided to chase after the danger myself. With enough oxygen absorbing into my lungs once again, I continued on sprinting up the hill passing by most of the little shops in the town. Rain started pouring down even more, and thunder had started clapping with the lightening that lit up the dark, dreary, evening. The road I was running up was vacant of people, and it was just as If I was the only person left in the world. Still running, I kept at it and turned left down a small neighborhood as Samantha had instructed. Switching my sight from my left to my right, I tried finding the house with a little girl in front of it. 

"Winter! Oh my god Winter!" Samantha screamed out.

      The familiar voice rang in the air, and when I turned around Samantha had ran up to me greeting me with another huge hug. I hugged her back even tighter since I really needed someone to just let me cry, and let everything out. My attention slowly looked back to see two other girls, standing behind Samantha. One girl had braided blonde hair wearing a onsie with images of food all of it. Another young girl was standing right next beside her, and she was wearing a messy bun and some black , thick, glasses.

"Oh Winter, this is Kiley and Emily. Kiley is Ashton's little sister and Emily is Calum's little sister. Babe, you are soaken wet though let's get inside." Samantha insisted.

     Following her lead, the girls had directed me up the driveway entering a two story house. I first stepped into the home and I dropped off my wet tennis shoes outside near the Welcome mat. Samantha continued holding my shoulders pushing me through, and finally setting me down near a fireplace that was in the middle of the living room. The girl, Emily I think, wrapped a towel around me as I continued shivering. My hands reached out to feel the warmth of the fire, and after a couple of minutes I finally was able to look at Samantha and start a conversation.

"It really m-means a lot, thank you for all of this." I said gratefully.

"It's fine really, what were you doing out in the rain? Why were you all alone?" she asked.

"I-I was checking out of the hospital and I wanted to return home to get my clothes and stuff. My only tranportation was a bus, and so I took the bus. But, something happened and I was dangling off the bridge. It just I don't really remember or know what exactly happened from there." I tried explaining.

"Oh crap, you were on that Cat bus? The news was cutting into a lot of the channels on TV. Are you okay now?" Emily asked.

"Well I'm alive, but I am barely breathing." I said with a laugh.

The girls eventually joined in, and after that we all sat around the fireplace hugging one another in silence.

+++++Luke's POV+++++

      I don't know what happened, and I don't know what to do anymore. When I was on my way to Michael's house again, I had known that the sensor had gone off. When Winter was signing the papers to leave the hospital, I asked the nurse to shove the penguin in her backpack so she wouldn't have forgotten about it. Thankfully the nurse did, and because of that I was able to trace exactly where Winter was. The bad side of that was that I raced to the scene to late, and as I tried moving through the crowd of people I saw her jumping off the Cat bus gracefully. Without thinking, I allowed my wings to pop out flying down as fast as I could to catch her. It was so frightening, and my heart was pounding as much as hers did when I caught her. She was weak, and her body had suddenly dropped in temperature. I wrapped my arms around her holding her tighter, but before I flew up to where the bridge was again I stopped to look down at her face. For the second time ever sine I have met her, I was able to admire her beauty. The other time I was able to do this, was only when I first had met her. Blinking a couple of times, after a second her eyes squinted open to see what was happening. That was the moment where panic had started flooding to every part inch of my body. She wasn't suppose to know that I was an angel, if I was exposed then I could have been in much trouble.  

         Within that second, I flew straight up again to where most of the city people were standing. I gently laid Winter on the concrete, and using one of the three emergency spells that I had, I made everyone forget that they had seen my wings. As soon as I finished, I fled from where all the commotion was, and I ran into my car and drove off. Now I am parked in front of my house, trying to figure out what to do about Winter. Hopefully, she did not see my wings at all. Maybe she didn't I'm not sure, if only I could use one of my spells on her and make her forget. Unfortunaly, I can't do that since angels can only use their spells on other people besides other angels and the person who they are taking care of in the mean time.  I slowly had gotten out of my car, and opened the front door to se Michael, Ashton, and Calum in my house. 

"Luke, Wtf man what did you do?" Michael blurted out.

"I didn't do anything, why are you guys here?" I asked.

"Jim delivered a messege to the three of us saying that you were causing ruckus exposing your wings in public and in front of Winter?" Michael asked.

All eyes were on me, and I really wasn't prepared to talk about it now or ever.

"Look I screwed up man, WInter was in trouble and she was jumping off a bridge. Did Jim mention that to you? I had to do something I couldn't have just stood there!" I yelled.

"Look, just take a deep breathe. Alright, so we know Winter was in trouble it's okay. How come my sensor didn't go off? Why didn't you tell the rest of us?" Ashton asked.

"Oh...I think Winter's ring fell off of her hand when she was falling? I didn't see the ring on her finger when I caught her, and I was a little busy running to the scene Ashton." I explained.

"Oh, okay well now we just have to hope that she didn't see the wings. DId you use one of the emergency spells on the crowd of people?" Calum inquired.

"Yeah, it was the Forget Me Not Spell. People forgot i had wings, but the spell wasn't strong enough to make them forget that someone saved Winter." I answered.

"Of course it wasn't strong enough, there was many people there. Anyways, Jim is pretty pissed of because your behaivor was monitored the entire time by the Angel Council. Luke, you gotta be more carfeul you can't just let our identity slip out that easily." Ashton stated.

"Guys let's just go check on our sisters first, then we will decide what happens and shit." Michael said angrily.

"Everyone is at your house Calum so it looks like we are heading over there."

"Wait so where is Winter now exactly?" Ashton questioned.

"Last time I tried to channeling her through the heart, she was near the um old bakery shop." I said.

"Channeling what? How did you do that?" Calum asked.

"I dont know I just thought of her, and I saw her sitting across and old bakery shop. She-she looked helpless and was only wanting my help." 

"Well why didnt you decide to I dont know, check on her? Dammit Luke, what the hell?" Michael said while storming out of the front door.

"Do you know where the ring is though?" Ashton asked.

"No I don't sorry man. She might still have it." 

"If she did, I would have been the one to save her not you." Ashton replied distastefully.

     Calum and Ashton followed after Michael, and each of us drove off to Calum's house. As I was driving, I replayed that moment through my mind again. That moment when I was thinking about Winter when I drove away from the scene, I was able to see where she was. Sitting by herself isolated from everyone else, her drenched hair and clothes reflected from the shop window. It was like I was there with her, but I was invisible. I stood right behind her for a moment, but then I was too tired that I couldnt deliver her a messege of me saying Im sorry. Even though, after a moment I could no longer see where she was, sadly I was still able to hear her call my name. Her voice rings through my ears, and the words "just help me" added a dent into my heart. Even after hearing her cry out for help, I wasn't able to and for that I am a bastard. I didn't deserve to even be an angel. As I passed by the old bakery, I noticed that she no longer sitting where she had been before. I stopped my car momentarily, closing my eyes hoping to be able to channel her once more. Nothing, it was just pitch black. 


       Suddenly awake again, I gave up and drove into Calum's driveway. I had gotten out of my car as Calum entered through the front door first. As I was walking in, Michael pushed past me with annoyance.  I guess I didn't blame him, I really did screw up big time. Walking through the front door, I felt something weird in my body. Ashton had shut the front door, and as soon as he did the girls in the living room ran up  to hug each one of their brothers. Since I didnt have a younger sister, I stood there awkwardly at first until I saw Winter walking from the livingroom. As an angel, it really was stupid that I couldn't read people's mind. That moment that she had seen me, I was prepared for what she had to say. She stopped right in front of me, and looked at me with her large, hazel, eyes. The grenade was about to explode, and I just had to be ready for whatever she had to say to me.

+++++WInter's POV++++

       I was now standing in front of the person who had lied to me about who he really was. Who knows, the rest of the boys could have been the same people or species as Luke. Not knowing why, I was actually scared, and I tried to swallow the emotions that were building up inside of me. He didn't help me when I was vulnerable, and he said he would have. I asked for help, but he gave me no answer. With all the reasons I had to hate him, I walked up to him and hugged him ever so much wondering why I still loved the person that I was so afraid of. Unexpectedly, his arms raised to hold me too. It was then that I felt as if my innocence touched his evil heart.


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