Miracles-(A 5sos Fanfiction)

"Trying to forget someone you loved, is like trying to remember someone you never knew."


6. Recovery

  It was now nine o'clock on a Wednesday night. I was driving back to the hospital with Michael and Samantha while everyone else had gotten back to their lives with their girlfriends. My mind doesn't say this often but, Elizabeth, Camila, and Abbey were lucky to have the boys. They weren't the typical "date one drop one" boys from my point of view. Never in a million years would I think that the boys could murder someone, I could be wrong though who knows?Michael was driving as Samantha was wiped out, sleeping upon my shoulder. The night was bright having a full moon. The dazzling stars were putting on a show of their own, seeing who can burn the brightest in the sky. After a long half an hour of silence, I had tried to create a conversation with Michael.

"Hey Michael?"I called out.
"Yeah is here something wrong? Is it too cold or hot back there?" , he asks
"No no it's perfectly fine. I was just wondering, how much does Samantha mean to you?" I tried asking gently. 
"She is my world and my everything. With her messy strands of hair, busted right toe, and her dimples, they all of those things make up here and I like that. Even though she annoys the hell out of me sometimes, and we fight 50% of the time. She is the closest thing I have to family, and I don't want to loose that." he replied.
        Smiling like my mouth was stuck in one position, I looked at Michael and admired his love for his sister. I couldn't say anything or react since, I was still taking everything that he had said in. The world needed more people like him, I never would have guessed that caring people actually existed in this town. Even since Kindergarten, I have never met a kind person as Michael. I suppose it is because I have the worst of luck, I have never had one of those enthusiastic, fun, teachers. Looking back, the closest teacher I had to that was Miss. Cooper in third grade. She was a well taught teacher, and I was able to accumulate a lot of knowledge from her. Yet, half of the time she would be telling the class stories about how her ex-husband had killed her cat. No one ever knew if it was true, neither did anyone want to I dont think. Michael's car had abruptly stopped, as the hospital light reflected off of is shiny car. 

"Hey, Samantha, wake up. Winter needs to check back into the hospital," Michael whispered.

       Samantha wriggled a little until she was at least half awake. My shoulders were a little numb from sitting in one position throughout the entire ride. My right hand moved around to unbuckle the One Direction duct taped seat belt. Moving slowly, I tried to pull myself out of the car moving towards the hospital doors. I heard Michael asking Samantha to stay put as he walked me back up to my room, but I insisted that I was strong enough. One of the things I can't stand in the world is pity sometimes, I am the type of person who likes to be more independent. As I reached the automatic doors, I turned back around to have been greeted by a warm hug. Sammi's arms wrapped around me hugging me so tight, I couldn't catch my breathe. Knowing myself I couldn't resist hugging her back, she eventually had let me go as I saw a diminuitive tear shed down her left cheek.

"What's the matter? Are you hurt anywhere?" I asked her.

"No haha, no it's nothing like that. It's just...you are different from the rest of the human race. I really enjoyed your company today, and thank you for everything." she replied with a smile.

       I hugged her one last time, because she owned such a kind heart that it impelled me to hug her again. After saying our goodbye, she ran back to the car which was parked about forty feet away from the door. Michael was leaning against the back of his car, as his hands were in his pockets. He returned to his car door, and before leaving he smiled lighting up the entire city, as he waved goodbye to me. 

      Turning back towards the hospital, I walked through the entrance mobbed by a whole bunch of doctors and nurses. Questions shot out from every corner as voices shouted, "Winter! Where have you been? Who have you been with? Are you okay? Where is the rest of your clothes? Have you been able to breathe correctly?" Overwhelmed, I moved out of the crowd and thankfully officers came to calm down everyone understanding my energy level. I sat down in one of the main lobby chairs, suddenly worn out because of my tiring day. After a couple of minutes, my old nurse had helped me back up into my dull hospital room. Immediately, needles were injected in me again one after another just to see if my body injuries had gotten worse by multiple doctors. Thankfully, the needles had felt like nothing to me and had not cause any pain for me at all. Even with all the noise and ruckus, I was able to have fallen asleep leaving reality behind for a while.

+++++++++++Michael's Point Of View+++++++

"Hey what did you say to Winter as you were saying goodbye?" I asked Samantha.

Of course she always got annoyed with me being nosy about her personal life, yet I was curious and I wanted an answer.

"Why do you want to know?" her hazel eyes looked up at me.

"Because, it is my duty to know as your older brother now tell me what is going on?" I interrogated again.

"All I said was that she meant a lot to me...and...that...and she....that's all."

"Samantha, I did not understand half of that sentence that you just said. Stop mumbling and tell me." I yelled.

"I said she meant a lot to me and she helped me forget about the world for a moment. I told her thank you Michael. Now can you shut up?" she sassed back.

        That was kinda the con of her sitting in the front seat next to me, I always end up ticking her off. I don't mean too, I was just curious and I think it is my job to know what she says and does. She could have had said something mean to Winter, and I would have gotten in trouble. Because of Samantha's pissed off face, I felt bad for raising my voice at her over something stupid.

"Look, Samantha I am sorry. I just was curious okay." I apologized.

"I never understand why you always take care of a stranger and then you leave them. News flash Michael, I actually want to keep Winter as a friend in my life okay. I do not want to have to avoid her, because I ave to obey you. If you are going to care for Winter this time, do it right and don't let her go. If you do, then i will never forgive you." she explained.

         My mind was stunned by her response to everything. It was true, whenever I had recieved one of these helpful angel cases I do what needs to be done and then leave the person alone afterwards. Samantha was always introduced to all these human cases that I take on. Yeah, It's bad that I always ask her to eventually stop talking to the past people I have helped. It was for the best though, and it was apart of the angel handbook. We aren't suppose to really connect to a human so much that we eventually grow some kind of friendship. We were just suppose to help them to a certain extent. Hearing that Samantha actually really cared about Winter, was only going to make it harder for me later on when my case with Winter is done. If only I could tell Samantha and dad about my life, and give them their entire memory back. Life has gone on though, and it has been four years of moving on already. I'm not walking back down memory lane.

I pulled up into the driveway to see Ashton's, Luke's, Calum's, and my girlfriend Abbey's car. Samantha also liked Abbey, so she jumped out of her seat as soon as I had parked. I got out, and went through the front door to see popcorn bowls on the living room table and the boys, Camila, Elizabeth, and Abbey sprawled out on the carpet floor and the couch. 

"Michael!" Abbey called out.

     She raced towards me, as I opened my arms giving her a decent hug. The fragrance of a tropical perfume had swept through my nose, and I brushed her long, soft, hair that I loved. Their was not one thing I didn't like about Abbey, I mean she was intelligent, beautiful, and accepting of me. I couldn't have asked for a better love story than ours. We had met four years ago, two weeks after I had returned to Earth for another human aid case. She was in the nineth grade, and I was also since I was suppose ti be blending in with the community. Slowly approaching her, i had gradually fell in love with the littliest things like the way she talked to the way she walked. Years have passed, and now she is 18, and graduating this year from It is really nice coming down to Earth every two years, knowing that I have her in my life to walk this journey with me. The one thing I only hated, was the fact that I would always lie to her about how I had left every two years to go visit my fake family in England. The truth is, we have to return to headquarters to report how we helped a human, and we have to attend what is like a college but for angels too.

"Haha Michael, you can let me go now. We have been hugging for ten minutes already." I heard her say.

Without noticing, I quickly let go of her while kissing her lightly on the forehead. 

"How is Winter? I really wanted to see her today and meet her, but I have been working for my dad you know." She stated.

"WInter is fine, she left an expedition for the oys and me today though after she ran away from the hospital this mroning. We are going to go visit her again tomorrow though if you want to come with us. As for you, I think you deserve a break so we should do soemthing this weekened." I said.

"Maybe, I will definitely consider asking my dearly, strict, father. Now let's go watch a movie." Abbey had said while directing me back to the living room.

++++++++++Luke's Point of View++++++++

"Hey Michael, is WInter okay?" I suddely ran up to ask.

"Yeah, she is back in the hospital and probably resting again." He replied with no concern.

I sat back down on the floor, gagging at how cute Calum and Elizabeth were. I was the only guy who was single in the band, and it sucked since I felt like I was a third wheel everytime the guys had their girlfriends over. It doesn't really bother me too much though, I mean at least I didn't have to lie about leaving a girl for two years to go see some fake family in England. That was the excuse for all the guys in the circle, including Ashton. It's really hard for him I can tell, since he is one of the more genuine honest guys out of the four of us. 

"Hey Luke," Samantha greeted.

"Hi, what's up?" 

"Nothing, I just got back fron seeing Winter. You guys were right. She is one of your weirder friends of yours, I like her though."

"Really?" I asked Samantha.

"Yeah, she is really pretty too like you said. I can tell that she is also a very fragile person too though, so do not hurt her Luke." 

"What do you mean by-"

"Alright it has been decided that we are going to watch Anabelle tonight. Is everyone ready to shit their pants?" Calum interrupted.

"Whatever Calum, we all know that you are going to be the only one actually doing that. Let's get on with it." Michael had stated.

      Samantha got up, and went over to sit beside Abbey. I predicted that she was going to try to avoid my question, she was a smart penguin. Calum and Elizabeth cuddled next to each other on the carpet, as they leaned back against the bottom of the couch. Ashton and Camila had gotten up, and I realized that he was ditching me. 

"Hey! Ashton where are you going?" I yelled out.

"Sorry guys, tonight is my anniversary with Camila. I just stopped by to see how Winter was going and stuff. I have a date I need to attend." Ashton had said while looking at Camila. 

I let out a sigh, and had allowed Ashton to go and be happy with his life. He shouldn't suffer because my life is so terrible. He had lost his dad when he was six, and that has been very hard for him ever up to now. Camila gave him a reason to live, if not the boys and me. 

"Bye Ashton see ya bro." Calum called out.

"You are going to miss some bloody amazing scenes Ashton. Have fun on your honeymoon, I mean date." Michael yelled out.

+++++++++++Ashton's Point of View++++++++

"So where are you taking me?" Camila asked.

"It's a surprise, and to make it an even better surprise, I am going to need for you too put on that blindfold  that I left under your seat." I replied. 

We were heading towards a closeby pavillion filled with lights, and a dinner preapred for two under the stars. I had been planning this for about a month now, and I was just so excited to see Camila's face light up when she see swhat was in stored for her this evening.With all that has happened today, I just needed a break with my beautiful girlfriend. She will hopefully help ease my mind off some things that has been hard for me eversince a kid. What I was even more nervous for tonight though, was the fact that I was gong to ask her to be apart of my life permenantly.I had asked the Angel headquarters a couple months ago, if I could take the risk of being in love with a human again. I mean i would loose my power as an angel, but i would give up anything if it meant being with the love of my life. 

"Ashton are we here yet?" Camila asked.

"Almost beautiful. Be a little patient will you?" I replied teasing her.

"Well you know, I do have to be back a certain time tonight. What time is it?" she asked.

"It's only nine, we have time do not worry." I replied confidently.

After twenty minutes of driving, we finally arrived at the plain open field with a small, white, pavillion in the middle of it. I rented it out for the night, and the decorating comittee had done really well with the set up. I unbuckled my seat belt, as well as Camila's and I had gotten out of the car filled with excitement. I went over to ehr side of the car to open the door, and lead her in the direction of the wonderful dinner table.

"Ashton, can I take off my blindfold now where are we going?" Camila giggled.

I continued leading her through the grass until we finally arrived in front of the pavillion. Leading her slowly up the steps, I finally sat her down in the seat across from me.

"Okay Camila, now I can help you take your blindfold off. " I stated.

My hands untied the know that was on the back of her head, as I screamed out "Surprise!" At first, I thought Camila was disappointed in what she saw, and nothing i did was right. I finalyl realized that i was wrong though, she turned around to hug me so hard as I felt her tears drop run down, touching my skin. I hugged her even closer and tighter than I had ever have. My eyes started watering, but because I knew I ahd to be the man of this relationship. Suddenly a car pulled up from out of nowhere, at first I thought it was the boys or some people who didn't know that I reserved this very spot for tonight. Out of nowhere though came out Mr. Hughes, Camila's Dad.

"Camila, we need to leave now." He yelled out suddenly.

All of a sudden I heard her cry even more and more until she finally ahd let go of me.

"Camila is in good hands Mr. Hughs I would be glad to take her home afterwards if you do not mind." I replied.

She had let go of my shirt that was now stained with tears, I looked back at her knowing that there was something she was not telling me.

"Ashton, I'm really sorry." She had said.

Out of no where she ran to her dad with tears running down like two faucets. I was so confused and stunned, but I ran after her since she could not leave tonight. I needed to confess my love to her.

"Camila, what is going on please just stay for ten more minutes." I begged.

"Camila you did not tell Ashton?" Mr. Hughs questioned.

Within that line, I felt my heart plummet to the ground.

"T-T- Tell me what Camila?" I tried asking holding back the emotions of concern.

"I am leaving for Thailand tonight, my dad recieved a job there. I....I also have to tell you that I am engaged." She stuttered.

At that moment, my knees had buckled as I fell to the grown. It wasn't real. She was lying to me, her stupid father had set her up.

"Camila, what do you mean you are engaged? So you are telling me that for the couple of years have all been a lie?Tell me you are lying Camila, punch me in the face. Take back what you said, and just punch me in the face. Just hurt me physically because that will hurt more than the words that just came out of your mouth. Please." I cried out to her.

"Ashton, I did love you once. I can't continue anymore.Goodbye Ashton. If you ever try to contact me or find me, then I swear to God I will hate you so much, and I will eventually want to kill you." She cried out.


Through the tears, I suddenly hear a door close. Camila had left like that, and she ahd left my life just like that. Here comes the flashback where I cried alone at night, to the point I couldn't breathe at all. My father was killed by an accident, and had destroyed my heart like that. Now this, she was the hope at the end of the tunnel I had been wandering through my entire life. Now the tunnel is closed again, and it was all just a lie. Dammit, I wish that I could wake up with Amnesia now. I rather have her kill me than to tell me that our love was fake. How could she?

I collapsed on the ground cursing to the world, and felt my clothes slowly stained with my tears all over. Picking up my phone I tried calling one fo the guys, none of them had picked up probably because of the damn movie. Trying to compose myself I got in my car, and drove to the only place that I think I could have had thought of. The only person who might consider hearing me out. It was 10:34pm at night, and I knew visiting hours were over but I am in so much pain. It is really terrible knowing the fact that human have the abilities to heal physica wounds, but not wounds of the heart. I parked in front of the hospital racing through the front doors. I ran up to the front desk with tears running down out of my eyes, making me look like a complete mess.

"Excuse me I need a pass to visit a friend of mine please. Her name is Winter, and I just need to see her now." I explained to the person.

"I am able to give you a pass, but depending on her condition you might now be able to see her tonight without her nurse's consent. Here you are." The front desk lady had given me.

I grabbed the bracelet out of her hands and raced up the stairs, trying to wear myself out hoping my lungs would hurt mroe than my heart did. Finally reaching the floor that Winter had been on, I had caught up with her nurse right as she had left Winter's room. 

"Excuse me nurse, with your consent please allow me to visit her tonight and to enter." I pleaded.

"Im sorry boy, but she is asleep. It's best to leave her alone."

"No please Mam I will promise to be quiet just let me enter the room please."

"I said no now-"

"Mam I can't breathe, and i will not continue breathing if you don't allow me to enter. Actually kill me now, please infect a whole bunch of needles into me, and drain out all my blood because life isn't what i thought it would be." I cried, suddenly bowing down to her.

Not ashamed of anyone or anything, i cried and cried hoping that my exhaustion level would go down to zero. There was just no point in living as of now.

"Get up boy, go see her." she had finally agreed.

    I got up from the floor quickly, and thanked her a couple of times before entering. My hands were up to my face, and I had tried breathing in the good and letting out the bad. Steadily, I took small footsteps up to her bed. It was true, she was really asleep and she looked very peaceful. Without a doubt, I pulled up a chair right next to her bed. My arms were in a praying position as I closed my eyes, and cried everything out as I could.

"Winter, I-I- know you c-can't probably hear me. I'm sorr-r-y if I am stuttering its just life is so hard right now. Camila, she....she was my world. She was my life. She was my everything. Every tear i shed is for her, everything that I do was for her, and she was one of the two reasons that I lived for. She is so damn beautiful, sincere, and amazing. How could she have just dropped me, as If i was as light as a feather to her. My heart had longed for her, my sould would have died for her, my eyes cried for her, my empty arms were always open for HER. Within two seconds, she just left me just like my dad, all over again. the world really hates me, and Im ready to give in Winter. I'm sorry that I can no longer be here for you. Within the years I-I- I have tried to help other people, but how can i do that If i can not even help myself. This might all sound so weird to you, you probably never had heard or seen a guy cry this much before. What do you do when, the one who broke yoour heart could be the only one to fix it?" I cried out to what seemed like myself.

My eyes stormed down another load of tears, until I slowly reached down to my pocket. The square-shaped ring box burned my eyes, as the sight of it was just too painful. I reached inside my left pocket for it, and pulled it out holding it with my hands that were shaking out of pain. Finally with enough courage, I opened up the box. The shining diamond was still in it's rightful place, reaching for it my hands were finally capable to take it out. I threw the box down, and cursed at the stupid world that had hated me eversince I was little. Wanting to say goodbye to everything, I sat back down and reached for Winter's right hand. She was a girl who fought so much I know, and I admired her courage so much if only I could be like her. I slipped the ring onto her ring finger, and I kissed her hand for the last time. Knowing that my life was going to end here, I cried louder one last time. Suddenly I felt Winter's right hand hold my hand tighter, as I felt her left hand brush through my hair. She allowed me to cry in silence not saying one thing, because the deepest feeelings are shown through silence.



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