Miracles-(A 5sos Fanfiction)

"Trying to forget someone you loved, is like trying to remember someone you never knew."


10. Mending

    Today was December 20,2014. I cannot believe that so much time has passed since the first day I met the boys at school. Laying in bed, I tried to recap what all has happened to me ever since August. From my mom trying to kill me to last month when Luke had told me that he was an angel. My mind was still kinda wrapped around the thought of him being one, as well as Calum, Ashton, and Michael. Even though Luke finally told me the truth, I still am new to the whole idea that angels existed. It explains a lot though, I mean with their swift movement and Luke's wings. Lately, I have just been communicating with the boys through facetime or imessege. The last time I saw Luke was when I had played with him on the playground, and it's hard to believe that it's been three weeks since that happened. As for me, I have been staying in this little cabin, half an hour from Cape Avenue, rented for me by the boys. I was not the type of person to accept these types of oppurtunities, but I do not have enough to refuse the offer. Since I do not have any family or money, I kinda have to accept the support that the boys give me.For the past month I have been eating any type of food that was delivered to my door and paid for by the guys. My utilities, wifi, and cable was all available by the boys. I promised the guys though, in return for their help that I would have paid them back whenever I had the chance to.


     Even though relying on the boys was a downside, It's been kinda cool to have time to think things over. My heart kept on reminding me that I could not have relied on Calum,Ashton,Michael, and Luke for everything. They had already done so much for me, and now I have to think about the future. My future. The whole high school thing is not really working out for me as of right now. Because of my long absence from school, it looks like I will not be able to return until a solution has been discussed with my "official guardians". Too bad they are in jail, and I wanted nothing to do with them. Michael had tried convincing his dad to help do something when he came back from the school board meeting. That conversation did not help much since his dad said there was nothing he could have done. Maybe if I applied for a job at a diner or something. For sure that does not require a high school diploma. Running over thoughts that make my feet hurt, I sat near the window looking at the little, white, flurries of snow. I always loved the Winter time, not only because of my name. The season itself is just so beautiful, and I loved the oversized sweaters and drinking hot chocolate on a cool day. Suddenly interrupting my evening, I hear my phone buzz on the kitchen counter. My first instinct was to just ignore it, and continue drinking my hot coco. Then I remembered the warning Michael gave me the other day when we were facetiming, "Winter if you do not pick up your phone whenever one of the boys call you, I will personally shut off your hot water."


Setting my drink down, I went over to grab the phone just in time for the last ring.




"Winter you were about to miss my call." Ashton said in a hushed tone.


"Hi to you too Ashton."


"What are you up to?" He asked.


"Well currently I am drinking chocolate and watching the snow fall. What about you?"


"Currently, I am admiring the front cabin door. I like the Christmas lights you hung upon it."


"How could you see-"


Mid-sentence I realized that he probably was in front of the cabin. I walked to the front door, opening it to see a messy hair Ashton thing waving at me.


"Well are you going to invite me in?" He said over the phone.


"Well it isn't my cabin remember?"


"Oh right." He replied as he hung up the phone.


    I walked back in sitting myself upon the fluffy couch that was in the living room. Everytime I sat down on it, I felt as if I was sitting on a large unicorn or something. Fluffly and warm. Ashton walked in a couple minutes later carrying some grocery bags and a large box. He had a bit of trouble setting everything down gently, but he managed since he was strong. Finishing my cup of hot chocolate, I carried it over to the kitchen sink. Turning back around, I saw Ashton unpacking a whole bunch of fruit, cookie dough, and I even saw three movies.


"What is all of this Ashton?" I asked laughing at the large amount of food that was available.


"Well, I thought since I have not seen you in a month and a week. Maybe we could chill and hang out today." He replied and stopped to grin at me.


"Did Luke, Michael, and Calum go somewhere without you again?" I asked with an eyebrow raised.


"Okay, yeah. They ditched me, but that is besides the point. How have you been? I know you do not really like being stuck in this little cabin for a month, I mean who would?"


"It has been fine really. There is not many places I wanted to go outside of this cabin anyways. Although I am curious of the neighbors next door, I do not get to talk to them a lot since they are a hardworking couple." I replied.


"Oh they are really nice, whenever you get a chance say hi to them for me. Look I know i have said it a thousand times through the group chats, but the boys and I are really sorry that we have not been able to hang with you for the past month. Something kinda happened, and if you want me to tell you I would be willing to explain."


"Yeah, everytime I try to ask you guys brush off the issue. If I am going to be friends with you guys, I have to know what is happening. I hate being oblivious of what is going on." I admitted with an attitude.


Ashton looked up at me, and suddenly I saw something in his facial expression that made me suddenly worried for the boys.


"Look I will explain everything I promise. First, we are going to cook lunch though. After that we are going to make cookies, put up the Christmas tree, and then watch Camp Rock and Forest Gump." Ashton explained.


"Oh wow, so you have this all planned out."


"You bet. Now go and relax, I will make lunch for us. Today you will be eating the finest steak and mashed potatos made by Chef Ashton." He said while stroking his imaginary mustache.


"Haha okay well I can help. I have already been feeling useless since I have been doing nothing but eat, sleep, and sitting around this empty cabin. Maybe I can help make the corn you have here as well, or I can go ahead and make the cookies!"


"NO! You absolutely CAN NOT bake the cookies yet until we finish eating lunch. I have everything under control so you can just go enjoy yourself, until I finish cooking THE masterpiece." He emphasized on the word "the".


     I was going to argue, but I actually wanted to see if he was a good cook or not. Surprisingly, he convinced me that everything was under control. Walking over to the Christmas tree box that was placed in the corner, I realized that there were also boxes of Christmas lights and ornaments next to the dining room table. Some of the ornaments looked really ornate and fancy. Then there was a box of ornaments decorated with Spongebob and Patrick's faces on it. I looked down on it, and chuckled. My eyes then moved onto the Christmas tree, and I admired the tall 6ft tree. Even though I am 16, I am as short as an elf. Standing next to the guys made me feel short enough, and now there was this beautiful, tall, Christmas tree to lower my self esteem as well.


+++Ashton's Point Of View+++


    Today, it was my mission to tell Winter what was going on in the Angel world. I still can not believe that dim wit Luke exposed our secret to her. Yeah, she has been the closest person that we have interacted with as a group, but I was afraid that she might soon be too scared of us. That is the last thing I want her to feel. She has taken the whole idea of being an angel pretty well though. I expected her to have run away again or something, but no she is treating the secret as if it was an everyday thing. Putting all the Angel buisness aside though, I am glad that I get to spend a day with her. That allows me to get to know her a little bit more on a level different from the other boys. As I was cooking the steak, I turned to see Winter checking out the Christmas tree that I had bought at Walmart today. She looked really happy in her black leggings and my extra large, gray, sweater I let her borrow. Out of the wind, the smell of smoke had drifted into my nose.


"Ashton! The steak is burning!" Winter suddenly screamed as she ran towards me.


I turned back around realizing that I had forgotten to watch over the steak. The poor piece of meat was now covered in a black color, and smoke quickly filled the kitchen. Winter was trying to fan the smoke away, as I was trying to turn the stove off. With more problems to add to the plate, the smoke alarm had suddenly went off and Winter jumped at the screeching sound it made.


"Winter try fanning the smoke some more! I think I can turn the stove off!" I screamed.


"You think?!" she replied.


   With panic I turned back around, and looked at all the buttons that were in front of me. I tried pressing a whole bunch of different ones, until I read a knob that read "off". Not knowing whether to pull or push on the button, I tried doing both. Finally I felt the temperature of the stove falling, and I looked back to see Winter still fanning the air. The kitchen window was open and everything, yet the smoke still dispersed in the kitchen while the alarm screeched in both of our ears.


"ASHTON! TURN AROUND THE STEAK IS ON FIRE!" Winter suddenly yelled even more.


Dammit! I thought I turned the stove off! I turned back around and not knowing what to do with the steak. I tried rolling the piece of meat on the ground.


"Ashton what the hell?!" Winter criticized again.


"WINTER! I was taught to stop, drop, and roll whenever there was a fire! SO I am rolling the meat now!"


The fire finally dimmed down, and so did the smoke. Winter managed to have broken the smoke detector somehow by throwing canned foods at it. The both of us finally looked at each other panting heavily.


"Ashton give me the piece of steak." Winter had her hand out.


"No it's fine I can fix it-"


"Ashton no." Winter demanded for it.


Slowly, I picked it up. Pretending to give it to her, I finally took the piece of meat and threw it out the window.


"ASHTON!" Winter screamed as she fell to the floor.


    At first I thought she was crying, so I fell to the floor sitting right next to her. Then I realized she was laughing her ass off. Since laughing is contagious, I started laughing my head off too. I had to be cautious though, because knowing women I knew they could have changed moods within seconds. Our laughing session could end up with her pinning me to the wall holding a sharp knife.


"So I think Steak is off the menu." I said easily.


She turned to her right, facing me as she replied, "Yeah, how about we...I mean I cook something else."


I stood up, picking up the canned food that was not busted open after falling. Winter got up momentarily afterwards reaching for the French Fries that needed to be fried.


"Okay, Ashton can you cook the fries at least?" She asked me.


"Can I cook the fries? Psh I can cook them like no other. Crispy and delicious."


"Alright then, how about you get to it. I will cook the mashed potatos through the microwave and heat up the corn. Oh I have to make the gravy as well." She replied.


"It seems like you know what you are doing. Sure let's do it."


    Winter had one side of the kitchen while I was in charge of the stove. Honestly, I did not think she would allow me to do anything at all after the steak situation, but she was willing to give me a second chance. I slowly poured the oil into another pan that was available in the cabinet above the stove. Cautiously, I then turned the stove on again but at a moderate temperature. Just as I was about to place the fries in, I remembered that the oil spurrs everywhere when you throw them in the pan. Fuck, the oil hurts a lot, so I quickly came up with a solution. On the count of three I threw the all the fries in the pan, and I ran behind the refridgerator.


"Ashton? Ashton where are you?" Winter called out.


She slowly came over to where I was hovering and looked down with a confused face.


"What.are.you.doing?" She said while laughing.


"I hate it when the oil spits out on my skin."I admitted.


"That is why you place them carefully and add the lid to the pan as it fries you dumbass."


Her hand reached down, and I noticed she had still worn the ring I gave her that night I came to see her in the hospital.


"Oh my ring. Sorry I should have taken it off before I started cooking. I mean your ring-ring." She stuttered as she leisurely took it off.


I stook up abruptly grabbing her right wrist.


"No! Do not take it off, it is fine. I am actually glad you have it on."


    I smiled at her for a moment, then walked back over to see that the fries were ready. Now aware of the "off" button. I was able to swiftly turn the stove off, as I pulled out two plates and divided the amount of fries equally. Proud of actually not causing another kitchen disaster, I confidently placed the plates onto the dining room table. I sat down on one of end of the table, and Winter came moments later dividing the mashed potatos and mac and cheese as well onto her plate and mine.


"Okay, well lunch is made...or dinner." Winter said while looking at her phone.


+++Winter's Point Of View+++


   By the time of the steak accident, to cleaning it up, to cooking what we have sufficed now, it was already 6:30pm. Today had been very eventful even though all I have been doing is fanning and cooking. My energy has been drained for the entire week about, and at this point food sounded good whether it was good or bad. Ashton and I had decided to eat on the living room couch, while watching the movie Elf first. During one point of the movie when Buddy the Elf was singing or something, Ashton laughed so hard that mac and cheese came out of his nose. Of course I was disgusted! Then I thought it was actually pretty cool and laughed it off. He didn't seem hurt from it, so we just continued eating. After we finished watching the movie, we both just kinda sat there and stared up at the ceiling.


"Ashton, what is it like being an angel?" I asked him.


He took a breathe as if he wanted to avoid the question.


"It's alright I guess. I mean we have wings and can fly wherever and whenever so that is cool. Helping other people with their lives is also very cool to me. That is pretty much it as an angel. Sometimes its lonely depending on whether you have someone there for you or not. In my case I have the lads and my younger sister. I use to have Camlia, but you know." Ashton said with a little bit of disappointment at the end.


"Hey, it is going to be alright. You can add me to that list of people who is there for you. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon." I tried cheering him up.


"Thanks Winter. How about we go put up the Christmas tree?"


"Sure but that is planned after we cook the cookies Mr. Irwin." I said while winking at him.


   We both stand up and places our plates in the silver kitchen sink, I grabbed the cookie doughs from the counter and took out the thing smaller pan that was perfect for the cookies. Opening the box, the indivisual cookie dough looked so cute. One by one Ashton and I took turns placing them onto the nonstick aluminum foil that covered the oven pan. At one point Ashton and I accidentally touched hands, and the worse part was that I made the situation worst by saying sorry thirty times. After everything was ready and set, Ashton went over to the tree box and opened it with his bare arms. I admit it was impressive, although I believed that I could have had done the same thing.


"I know what you are thinking you know." Ashton suddenly said.


"What am I thinking then Mr. Know it All?"


"You think you are as strong as me." He said as he pulled the tree up from the box.


I felt my cheeks turn bright red as I tried to cover up my embaressment.


"How did you know I was thinking that? Is that another one of your angel powers you have not told me about?" I questioned in disbelief.


"No, although by the little smirks that you were making at me kinda gave away a huge hint."


"I hate you." I replied with an eye roll.


"I hate you more. Now come over here and help me carry this Christmas tree to the living room." Ashton insisted.


   I balanced myself on the floor again, after I was leaning on the wall in the kitchen. Walking over to him, I picked up the top of the tree as he picked up the base of it. Ashton led the way, marching to the right corner of the living room from where I was standing from. It took us about twenty minutes putting together the tree stand, but it was only because the whole instructions manual was in Japanese or something. Then we were finally able to put up the tree to where it was standing without falling. I ran over to the dining room and grabbed the ornaments boxes. Ashton called putting up the Spongebob ornaments, and I was stuck with the thirty Patricks.


"You know I have never done this before." I said as I hung up an ornament.


"Done what? Put up a Christmas tree?" Ashton asked.


I nodded ever so slightly.


"You are doing a good job so far I think, I mean I would not know since this is my first time too." Ashton confessed.


"Are you sure we are doing this right? Um...I do not think all the ornaments should be at the top. Aren't they suppose to be scattered among the tree?" I asked looking at the green thing.


"Oh well, we are doing it our way." Ashton said not caring much at all.


"There. I am finished. Are you done?" I asked Ashton.


"Yep. All my Spongebobs are hanging from the tree haha. If anyone asks, I did not buy those ornaments you did."


I looked over to him smiling.




"Nothing." I said.


"No seriously, you were looking at me all weird."


"Thank you for a fun day." I finally said.


"The pleasure is all mine. I had a lot of fun myself, and I have not had this much fun since we went to the beach back a couple of months ago."


"That only seems like-"


"yesterday." I interrupted him.


   "Winter I have to be honest with you now. I have to tell you what has happened to Calum, Michael, Luke, and I within the past month. The truth is, eversince Luke has told you about the lads and I being an angel, we kinda got in trouble. Not one human is suppose to know our identity, and the Angel Headquarters are not very pleased of what Luke did. For right now I am going to need you to stay here in this house and not go anywhere. If for some reason the boys and I are not here for you there is a little button in the kitchen. It is right underneath the sink, under the basket with all the cleaning shit in it."


"Wait, but why are they not pleased? I can keep the secret. Is there anyway I can talk to these people? Are you going to get hurt?" I asked now with worry in my voice.


"I'm not sure talking to them will help with anything. They do not usually associate with humans. Do not be fooled with the word "angel". We are nice, but once laws are broken or rules then that wall crumbles down for a bit."


"Well what is going to happen now?" my curiousity aroused.


"The lads and I have been trying to make up for it by going to the board meetings and stuff. Some possible scenario is that they kill Luke, assign us a different case, or seperate the boys and I." Ashton said as he looked over to me.


I suddenly felt warm tears stream down my face. Why did I always have to either feel pain or cause pain to other people? How stupid of me to actually think that life was getting better.


"Ashton I am so sorry. I do not want any of that to happen to you. I-"


"Listen to me. You are beautiful and strong. Do not let anyone or anything convince you otherwise. You do not give yourself enough credit for anything. No matter what happens, you are an amazing person. Nothing will ever change that." Ashton interrupted.


I started crying even harder, and the worst part was that Ashton was sitting right next to me. Even though it has been only been four almost five months knowing him, I could not let anything bad happen to him. He protected me and it was my turn to protect him.


"No. I refuse to let any of this happen to you. Let me-" I tried insisting.


"There is nothing you can do Winter. Please promise me that you will not hurt yourself. Stay strong throughout everything, because I need you. I will be with you to the very end and I lo-"


All of a sudden black suited men busted down the front door. All armed, they pointed their guns towards Ashton and me.


"Ashton irwin, we are going to need you to come with us." one of the men said.


"Wait no, you can not just bust through the front door and-"


"Yes we can Winter. Ashton Fletcher Irwin if you refuse to leave than we were ordered to bring the girl. Just come forward peacefully and the girl will experience no pain."


"No! Ashton!" I screamed.


Right in front of my eyes he stood up swiftly. Before he left, he leaned down and his lips gently kissed my forehead. He whispered the words stay strong.


The armed men pushed Ashton towards the other men carrying him out of the room.


"No! Take me instead! Do not hurt him!" I screamed.


I stood up and ran to the kitchen to grab a knife. As I was about to throw it, one of the men fired at me only a few seconds before I was about to throw it. My heart pumbled to the floor right after, as I heard the painful ring of Ashton's voice screaming out,"NO!".

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