Miracles-(A 5sos Fanfiction)

"Trying to forget someone you loved, is like trying to remember someone you never knew."


2. Lost

It was as if the world was vacant, It seemed like the air was there just for me. If this was the moment that I die, then I might as well go ahead and think about everything before my thoughts are sucked from my head.Not sure if that happens to people who die, but it seems like my thoughts will eventually leave to escape somewhere. I believe in a heaven, but I feel like because of the things I think In my head Hell is also an option. My insides kinda feel bad for not missing the people that had raised me, but then again their hearts were as cruel and ahrd as stone. The person I ever really liked was this girl named Becky back in sixth grade. She would always listen to my rants about school or home, and she would always be there for me. Yet, because mother nature hates me or something, she had moved back to Wales, United Kingdom since she was so smart that she skipped high school. I didn't blame her, I would have too if I was that much of a genius.

I quickly tried to distract myself before I started getting all emotional missing her. Funny how many people say that they won't make it through the first day of high school and eventually do. 0.00111 percent of people dont and I happen to fall in that category, the world is officially out to get me. Wait this is not fair at all, I am slowly dying and I don't even get to know what happened to me. A voice suddenly stirred in my head, "Winter! Winter!" Is that my own concious speaking? I didnt' know my voice had sounded so masculine to other people. "Winter!", a voice cried out so loud that it could have been heard all the way from Australia. I felt my body jerk as my eyes fluttered open, at first the setting that I was in was so shiny and white. Maybe Heaven? Has the God forgiven me? My head had forced me to pull myself up, and as I did my vision had became more clear leaving my eyes glaring at an older man across from me.

"How are you feeling?", he had asked. At this point it felt as if I just went through the process of reincarnation, dying and coming back to life. Truthfully, I did not feel so well but I lied and replied to him, "Im fine." The man wore a bleak white lab coat, he looked about 35 years old with glasses that were bigger than his face overall. There was also a mustache right below his nose, but anyone could have mistaken it for a small brown squirrel living on his face. His tag had his name bolded, Dr. Dreymac."Alright, well Miss Winter, let me catch you up on some things. You had ran into someone as you were entering third class, and apparently this gentleman was very strong or so to have pushed you down so roughly and abruptly. Then as you know comes in the dramatic scene where everyone in the classroom came over and hovered over you wondering if you are okay or so. The young man that had accidentally pushed you down almost started crying, he is such a sweet emotional boy. He wouldn't be able to hurt anyone even if he tried, I mean It's because I know him personally." the doctor had explained. His mouth had began to open again, but I interrupted knowing that I couldn't afford to miss class.

"Excuse me, I truly appreciate you explaining everything, but because of the limited of time I have I must leave. Can I please have a pass back to class?" I asked in a hurry and politely manner. He gave me a few glances and had finally said, "Well if you are in such a rush, I believe you may be excused from my office. You don't seem to have any bruises anywhere or any injuries while being examined. Allow me to go get your pass for you, I will be back in five minutes." The man had stood up slowly holding onto a cane for support. It wasn't until he walked thirty paces that I noticed his left leg was gone. Not saying that I am nice or anything, but I had the urge wanting to help him really badly. But because I know that I am also weary, I was afraid that I might just hurt him even more if I helped him. At this point, it was only the silent room and I, my hands reached up for my head rubbing it. Hoping that it would ease the pain, I continued rubbing it.

Examining the white small office I was in, I had noticed that there were several Red Cross posters and medical devices that I didn't even know was allowed in a school. Behind me there was a board filled with pictures of smiling kids and stick figure drawings witth many neon colors. The colors somehow boosted my mood for some reason because it was so bright. All of a sudden I heard heavy footsteps entering through the front door of the clinic, my head had turned to face a guy that was probably in his twenties having curly brown hair. He looked at me for a second as if he was trying to recognize me from someone else he had known long ago. My eyes slowly drifted away trying to look at something else as he was looking at me. Casually, he walked over to the chair that the doctor was sitting in and sat down still staring at me. It was still silent in the room, because it seemed like he was studying me for an exam. He wore a torn Jimmy Hendrix shirt, with tattered jeans that were ripped in certain areas. My mouth had finally gathered all the courage to say, "I'm sorry but is there anything I can help you with? I mean the doctor is at his office or something over there to your right."

"No, I'm not looking for the doctor. I'm just checking up on the girl I accidentally ran over." , his thick australian accent rang. "Oh, I mean If you are just looking for an excuse to get out of class you can just say that.", I replied. I couln't really process the fact that someone, a stranger may I add, has ever actually cared about me so I assumed he was just benefiting from using the excuse to check on me. "Wow, beautiful and sassy. Just to let you know, Im really here to see how you are doing. My benefit from this only includes seeing you and seeing you smile If I can make that happen." My eyes laid upon him with confusion and a little bit of happiness at the same time. "I'm not beautiful first of all, and I don't really smile often since I don't have a social life or people to make me smile. For all I know, so far you are a random guy that just knocked into me at school, and shouldn't you have already graduated I mean you look like a senior. Not that you look extremely old, you just can't randomly walk in causually and say "Hey! I am going to care about you now and try to make you happy." Great, now you got me blabbering on and on because I don't socialize a lot and this is just absurd.", I claimed.

My eyes closed as I took in a deep, heavy breathe. As I heard the doctor's crane pushing down on the floor growing closer, my eyes opened again not wanting to even look at the guy that had tried to talk to me. The old man had came over and had given me my pass as he was saying, " You may need someone to escort you back to class just because of some health safety precautions. Now I will gladly walk with you now since," "It's quite alright sir, I think I can handle it from here.", interrupted the curly haired boy. I let out a small sigh, I didnt want to walk back with him, but of course I was too tired to argue. Plus the doctor seemed very fatigued as well. "Well, how nice of you Ashton. Do tell your mother I said hi, and keep an eye on this young lady. She seems like she is in a rush, but she really needs to take a step back. Because of her eagerness to learn, I will allow her to be dismissed." Huh, so Ashton was his name. The sound of his name sounded a little bit pleasing and calming.

I stood up and followed Ashton out of the clinic doors, he momentarily had stopped right in front of me blocking my way. "Is there something wrong?", I asked with a concern look on my face. "For health precautions I am going to need to hold your hand Winter Stunner. Believe me when I say this, I will not move from this spot, and I will not let you return to class until you walk down this hallway with your hand in my hand.", he replied confidentally. His hand reached out to me, I hesitated about scolding him. Because I didnt have much energy to put up a fight though, my hand reached out for his. He grabbed it and held my hand, with a smile grimacing across his face. I couldn't help but to grin a little bit too, wondering what I have gotten myself into.Now we were walking side by side, he had insisted on carrying my backpack as well since he held such a grudge. My hands in his hands felt really awkward at first, but as we continued walking I felt as if I had given him my trust and he had given me his.

"So, Winter Stunners is the name. I would like to apologize one more time for running over you. This was not how I was expecting to meet you." Ashton had finally said.

"Oh no it's really fine, um. I get ran over all the time, and I am pretty use to it. I'm not really noticable, since Im not quite as beautiful, smart, or athletic as other girls that attends here."

"That is oddly strange enough, because I noticed you and I believe that I just ran into something one in a million. You seem quite different I mean who on Earth wants to go back to class?You also don't take other people's aid, which is a little bit strange as well considering the fact that many people now and days take advantage of it."

I didn't really know how I should have reacted, I felt myself blushing at first. Then I realised that this was reality, and he even had told me that I was strange. No person could find me that amazing or extroardinay.

"Yeah, Im pretty different I get that a lot. Maybe that is why people hate me or dislike me or don't even notcie me. Yet, I'd rather be hated for being the strange self I am than being liked for the expectations people set for me. It's not like I want to be noticed or anything anyways. Im pretty satisfied with who I am, and nothing is going to be able to change that." I had confidentally replied.

As I was telling him about me, I didn't notice that I was already standing in front of my math class. My hands naturally slipped out of Ashton's hands, it felt as If the world's weight was back on me. I was happy though, because this is reality and this was how it was suppose to be. His hands had handed me back my backpack, and even though It would make things more awkward I just paused as I was about to walk into the classroom.

"Hey Ashton?" I called quickly.

He swiftly turned around, "Yeah?" he replied.

"Thanks again for everything, even though you had ran into me Im a little happy that I got to encounter you." I stated. I turned around and reached for the door handle again, and as I opened the door. I had heard his voice scream out, "Winter Stunner, just saying this for future preferences. I really like people who are different and strange."

I smiled, and felt myself push through the door as Ashton turned and left to wherever that guy was suppose to be. As I first entered the classroom, a cool breeze had blown from the air conditioner's direction onto my face. The room had felt like Annartica, but I belive the reason why was becuse the school was trying this new thing called "Freeze up the rooms so that the students can't fall asleep". I found the teacher going on with his lesson, and he did not even take a glimpse at me. Not surprised at all. My feet had found a path that lead to the last seat of the last row in the back of the classroom. I had fently laid my things out on my desk, then to realise that we were covering factoring in math. Couldn't help but to feel a little bit of disappointed since I had already mastered this topic last year. So, I caught up with the class notes and decided that I had already known all the basic information to actually solve the some of the factoring problems. I took my phone out as I listened to this song called Good Girls by a band called Four Seasons. I then found myself drifting off onto a fan account on twitter that i dedicated to them. See, I may seem like a nerd at school but it seems like when I am on my fan accounts I literally am surrounded by my species and no one could judge me.

As I looked up, I found the whole class staring me down as well as the teacher. I took my headphones out, "Sorry, but am I suppose to be doing something?" I asked everyone. I felt really uncomfortable at this point since this was the second time that a whole classroom was staring at me today. No one moved or even said anything, not even the teacher.

"Mrs. Stunner since you think music is more important than my class how about you come up here and factor all 26 of these problems out. If you get one wrong, or do not attempt these problems you will be sent to the principle's office." The teacher had finally said.

"Well you see Mr......Whats your name sir?" I asked politely.

"It's Mr. Walters to you, and you may not continue to object or explain your worthless excuse to have not paid attention during class. Up, up, solve these problems now or the office." he replied.

I thought about it, and although the office did sound nice I knew I had chores that I had to do for my "mother". With that in mind, I stood up and sauntered over to the board like I had nothing to loose. From one question to the next, answers were popping out of my head faster than time itself. The math problems were factoring with only three terms at the most, adn the numerals were numbers that had shared an obvious Great Common Factor. Within three minutes of solving, I finished all 26 problems on the board.

"All completed.", I concluded. Mr. Walters had, If not studied, examined all my answers on the board with shock. Gently, I laid the stylo to the active board onto it's holding place. I turned around and walked back to my seat putting my headphones in, yet momentarily before I did that Mr. Walters interupted my carefree attitude.

"Mrs. Stunner, I am very indeed impressed with you. Unfortunately, do to your speed ethic I believe, you missed the last square root of the last equation. Therefore you are now dismissed from my class, farewell my dear."

My head slowly turned back to look at my last answer, and because of Karma it was true. I let out a deep sigh as everyone in the class took advantage of the time to go on their own phones. My notebooks and everything had already been packed away since I decided I was bored with the lesson. Dismaying me, the teacher glared at me as I picked up my weightless backpack to leave. Throughout the steps from my desk to the classroom door, my tennis shoes foot steps felt heavy since I have no power and had to surrender to the all and mighty Mr. Walters.

Right before I closed the wooden, windex odored,door I glanced in one last time just to glare back to the annoying teacher. My head turned to leave the room filled with despair, I honeslty didn't even know where the crap the office was. All I could think of though was going home late if I did recieve detention, I mean that would mean that I would be behind on my chores. Then it would mean no dinner for me, It really feels like Karama is getting all it's revenge on me on the same day. I looked around trying to find someone for assistance, but most people were in class besides the ones that were making out behind the gym locker rooms. Without noticing the sound of footsteps behind me a boy with green hair looking about 18, his shirt had unicrons on it and had "I'm Punk Rock" written across the entire shirt.

"Hey, I'm Michael and I'm pretty badass.", the boy said while jumping in front of me.

"Hi.....I'm Winter and I'm looking for the principle office." I replied.

"Funny you don't look like a bad girl."

"That's because good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught. Im usually in disguise especially around school." , I had stated.

"Wow looks like we got a badass in here, and what did this good girl do to get in trouble exactly?", he questioned.

I hesitated, because it seemed like I had met enough weird strangers today. He looked like one of those popular guy, but a little bit more grungy looking. My instincts would not have been surprised If he had told me that he had gotten suspended before. Yet, I had nothing to loose to be honest I mean my life is already as terrible as it gets.

"I got in trouble for listening to music. I know, I'm such a criminal." I saracastically said.

"That's pretty stupid, don't worry I feel like a reject around this school as well so I don't really see why I should even try. I get in trouble just for ditching. Luckily, I'm on my way to the principle's office right now, don't worry I will save you lost girl.", Michael had said.

He directed me to follow him as he had his hands in his ripped jeans pockets. Walking down what seemed like an endless hallway, It really felt like a century had gone by already. Sadly it wasn't even lunch yet, and all I could think about was detention and eating a hamburger with fries.

"So....Winter right? Tell me a little bit about yourself. I mean as of right now I have the impression that you are shy but dangerous at times. You go through a lot of things in your life, I can tell by your facial expressions. By the way you dress it seems like you aren't the ordinary girl as well." , Michael concluded.

"I'm not sure if that is suppose to be a compliment or an insult but thanks? Most of what you said is true. I'm actually pretty ordinary, Im not spectacular or anything."

"Well ordinary people do not get caught for listening to music, ordinary people would get away with it so I guess that means you are extroardinary?"

"If only, looks like we have arrived in the office of shame. Funny though because I don't feel guilty or ashamed for anything that I did."

"Well Mrs. Stunner that's how every juvenile delinquent feels, It's an honor to escort you to the office. It's basically like I just escorted you to my home at school.", he explained while holding the door.

"The honor is all mine, for meeting such a mysterious, punk-rock, guy." , I said with a smile.

Walking into the office, it definitely did make me feel as If I was guilty for a murder or something. The walls was a prison gray color, nothing was hanging on the walls but signs saying no solicating signs. In the middle of the room was a large, wide, turquoise colored counter where one young lady was smacking her gum. She was in her twenties about, and obviously she looked carefree considering she had her legs on the countertop and a People's magazine covering her face. Michael came into the office behind me sitting in one of the four chairs for vistors waiting. I walked up knowing that Michael was watching my every move.

"Excuse Miss, I was sent here by Mr. Walters? I'm new to this school, and is there anyway I could go ahead and get scolded by the principle please?"I tried asking politely.

"I can tell why you are here, your ego speaks louder than your words honey you should pipe down a bit. I will go get Mr. Clifford for you, It shouldnt be hard to call him since you are clearly a disaster child. Please have a seat." the lady had said.

As I turned around to go grab a seat next to Michael my mind was still confused on what she meant when she said "You have a loud ego". I didn't think I was coming off as rude to be honest.

"Her name is Betty and she is only snarky because she doesn't seem to have a great social life, my dad hired her this morning just because our other office lady is in labor." Michael had explained.

"Oh.....wait...did you just said that your dad hired her? Is he apart of the school board?"

"No...he is the head of it haha."

I turned to Michael looking at him in surprise, I mean not to be rude or anything but I didn't really expect his dad to be that prestigious. He seemed very different, I wouldn't quite call Michael diplomatic. It seemed like he was more of crazy and interesting.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" He questioned.

"I just thought...."

"You just thought that since I am wearing ripped jeans and that I am a delinquent that the rest of my family is as well." he interrupted.

"Well if you put it that way it sounds negative, I mean I haven't met your dad yet. I might not even get to, but I can tell that you guys might have some differences. You are unique in your own way so those differences aren't bad." I tried amending with him.

"It's fine haha you don't have to lie. I know I am all bad and tough. Don't go all sensitive on me now just because you know that my dad is the principle." 

"Son, what are you doing here. I actually shouldn't be asking that question, the real question is how many classes have you skipped today?" 

A scrawny man wearing a grey suit had appeared from across the room, he looked like he was about 38 years old. He was a brunette, but certain parts of his hair was already ageing to be white as snow. By the way that he ahd looked at Michael I assumed that he was that kid's dad. I felt a little pity though, since Mr. Clifford's face was filled with hatred for the boy, It didn't quote come off as anger to me.

"Just third period, I had to help this girl here since she is a newbie and has no clue where the office was. I wouldn't be making assuptions yet father." He had said. 

These are the types of sitautions that I felt uncomfortable being in. Not because I didn't know the history between this father and son relationship, it was just because I felt pity for both of them. They continued glaring each other down, so I felt like it was my turn to try to break the tension point. 

"Um sir,I believe that this is the time for you to be scolding at me not at your son." 

The principle's eyes had suddenly fell from Michael to me, he had studied me for a couple of seconds before directing me to follow him.

"Well, thanks for showing me the way to the office. If i had known that you were going to get in trouble with your father I wouldn't have burdened you." I turned to Michael and said.

"It's not your fault, and I am glad that I had taken you here. You are one cool chick Winter, I guess I will see you around. If you are ever in trouble again, try saying my name once. Before you know it, I will be right by your side." 

His farewell left me a little curious of what he meant at all. Yet, it was great to have someone like him show me around. I was hoping that I did meet him again one day.

I turned around and had saw the principle standing outside of a room, holding onto the silver doorknob. My brain had told me to hurry up, and so I sprinted over to where he was. 

"I'm sorry for your wait sir." I apologized.

Nothing came out of the gentleman's mouth, and he glanced at me before he unlocked the door had addressed "Mr. Clifford" on the wooden door. As I walked in I suddenly was surrounded by the sweet aroma of cinnamon. There was no sign of food in the room, but there was one long wooden desk with four buisness chairs perfectly aligned on each side. At the two endds of the table were two other chairs made for the msot elite people on the school board I suppose. Other than that there was only a fake bamboo tree in the right corner of the room and a quote painted on the wall saying, "It is up to you wheather fear is real or not."

"Please have a seat here Miss." Mr. Clifford had instructed.

I sat down to the chair on his right since he had sat at the top end of the long table.

"My name is Winter, I don't really like people calling me Miss since Im not that big of importance." I started off.

"Well then Winter, why do you think that about yourself?"

"It is because I dont contribute much to the world. I have never done a charity, I do not fight in wars, I do not help the world economically. Everything has been telling me that I exist, just because." I had explained.

"Being of importane does not require those things, It requires love over everything else in the world. Yet, because of the time span I have with you let's move along. I heard that you got in trouble for sassing Mr. Walters?" 

"I wasn't technically sassing him, see I was listening to msuic since I believe that I had known the materal that he was teaching already. I ahd confidence that I would be able to recieve and A if he had given me a test right there right then. He was just angered, because I didn't give him much attention. I was surprised he even noticed considering he was recieving a lot of attention from other students."

"Well teachers are teachers and they are just doing their jobs. I don't blame you I suppose, yet what would have happened if you missed something that you didn't know before? No one can know everything about the world. Do understand where I am coming from Winter?" Mr Clifford had interpreted.

"I suppose, what is my punishment then? I don't want to come off rude, but I kinda just want to hurry up the process since I have other buisness to attend to."

"I'm hoping your buisness doesn't cause you to land in my office again. This won't affect your permanrnt record, since today is the first day and you are a newcomer. I will ask you to leave for the rest of the day. You will have to make up your last period after school tomorrow for an hour and a half. You will also need to pick up any missing assignments from Mr. Walters tomorrow. If it isn't much to ask for either, please apologize to him as well." he finally decided.

"Alright then, it was nice to meet you. I guess I will just leave now." I said while standing up.

"Wait a minute Winter, I don't mean to intrude into your personal life. But I do need to ask, what relation you have to my son? He usually does not talk to people other than his other three guy friends. You must eman something to him." the principle had said.

"Oh no, I mean I only had met him thirty minutes ago. I have never met him before, I think you should pay a little bit morre attention to him. I don't belive that I am the first girl that he as ever talken to." I replied respectfully.

"It's crazy considering I try to make things work with him, yet it never turns out right. Thank you then, If you see him again please do keep an eye on him." 

"Sure thing." I had promised.

My knees pushed me out of the chair as I left the room, leaving the principle sitting on his chair alone. 

Within the ten minutes that I had talked to Mr. Clifford, I felt like he had a sense of loneliness in his his. I saw that in Michael's eyes too. Out of all the people on Earth, I would not be able ot understand what had happened. To me it seemed like I was always yearning for a bond between a parent that will actually love me, but after seeing the father-son relationship today I'm not really sure.

It took me fifteen minutes to have finally found the entrance I had taken this morning. Since I can't just ask a bus to take me home, so my only option was to walk home. At least this early dismissal for me will help me catch up on Cruelle De Vil's chores for me. As I walked on the sidewalk I couldnt help think about the things that had happened to me today. I already got in trouble, I was injured, and these four guys had approached me today. Only meeting the guys was a positive thing, the rest had negatively impacted me. The guys seemed so irratible but comforting at the same time. I can't really explain it. 

Suddenly I ahd a feeling that I was being followed, I turned around and stopped momentarily. No one was there behind me. I feel like Im just being paranoid because of the four idiots I met today. I continued walking, resisting the the erge to look behind me. Abruptly, I had finally heard running footsteps behind me. Without thinking, I turned back seeing a group of disgusied guys running towards me holding baseball bats and knives. 

That was enough encouragement for me to run, at this very moment I hated myself the most since my lungs aren't the greatest lungs. I had asthma and I wasnt completely sure If that had changed. I raced and sprinted as much as I could. Cars continued to race by me on the streets not even notciing that i was being chased. I turned around three corners passing a library, grocery store, and a dumpster. At this point my backpack was holding me back from running at the highest speed that I could have paced. My feet had stopped as I dropped my bags down on the middle of the sidewalk. 

These older looking men was still chasing after me, and they were all of a sudden catching up to me. Tears started rolling down my face and panic flooded to every cell in my body. Where was the police? I mean, they could be of great assistane as of right now. My body could have not fought anymore, my foot was sore and my body was ready to give in. I kept pushing myself to go, telling myself there is hope. Just as I encouraged myself I tripped over my untied shoelaces and my face had hit the concrete leaving me in the msot pain that I had ever felt. My arms grew weary, and all I could have done was laid there.

"Looks like we have finally gotten our most prized possession. Beat her up boys." the youngest men of the group had cried out. 

As I saw the bat above my head I felt my arms shielding my face. Pain had finally shot into me, and It felt as If I had thirty knives plunged into my head. One of the other men had started cutting me and kicking me until finally it was too hard to breathe. My voice cried out hoping someone would her me, my eyes were now too much in pain that it didn't have the ability to open. With what felt like my last breathe, I cried out Michael. Seconds later, I finally heard some fighting going on, and it felt as if the men around me had stopped beating me. I felt blood streaming down all sides of my head, and I had recognized that one side of my ear was streaming out blood like a river. My head grew weary and I could no longer hold on as I heard a voice crying out  "WINTER!" for the last time.

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