Miracles-(A 5sos Fanfiction)

"Trying to forget someone you loved, is like trying to remember someone you never knew."


12. Inevitable

"Winter, stay down alright? It is going to be okay. Luke is an angel and he is twenty times stronger than you.Sh do not cry.He will survive I promise." Someo whispered to me.

There I was pinned to the ground with my mouth covered.I tried breathing in and out slowly to calm the warm tears that had streamed down my face.Everything was not how it was suppose to be.Why did I have to exist?Why did I always have to hurt the people I love?I have never hated myself so much in my entire lifetime.Luke...he loved me and he is getting punished because I pressured him to tell me everything.I always grey up thinking reality was unfair. Unfortunately, angels are unfair as well.It had felt as if all the pain in the world took over me and my emotions.As much as I wanted to break down, I couldn't.The boys needed me, and Luke needed me.Someo had finally let me go as I had stood up slowly from the cold tiled ground.I looked back through the window that I had seen Luke.The sight of him lying on the floor with no movement had gotten into my head.Everything that I had worked up for was built for this movement.I took out the weapon that had chosen me and I closed my eyes, focusing on the movements I was about to make.The weapon had chosen a path of its own, and it had opened up as I screamed and cracked the glass window with all the might I had in me.All eyes in the room were now shifting off Luke to the sight of me.

"Ahhh....welcome Miss. Stunner.I am glad you have joined us today for this very special evening." The man had said.

Expecting a huge mob of people who wanted to kill me, the soldier looking men all came closer to me thinking they would have had a good grip of catching me.Someo jumped through what was the broken glass window and stood back to back with me.About fifteen men had circled around Someo and I, and they looked like they were ready to put up a fight.For some reason I felt ten times stronger than my usual self, and my confidence had skyrocketed out of the room.I felt my face let off a little smirk before I had said, "Bring it on."

All at once the men had tried flipping, turning, and shooting those dart things at me. I was able to dodge most of the darts by catching them or by using the stick thing to stop them from physically hitting a bull's eye on me.One after one, my inner spy moves had kicked in as well as I flipped over some of the angel men and pushed them against these crates in the corner of the room.Someo was holding up her end pretty well as she used this shining sword that looked like a lightsaver.As Someo and I had finally fought off all the men that was near us, I was able to look at her and give off a weak smile.Like every other action movie type situation though, more men had started coming after us this time doubling the size.

"Winter!Go get Luke and leave! I can hold them off!" Someo had screamed at me.


"No you can't! I have to help you a bit at least, but alright." I agreed.

Instead of waiting a century for the older men to come running to me, I charged ahead imagining as if I was in a war. With all the anger within, I started pinning some of the men to the floor while grabbing one of the dart guns.That was pretty useful, since the gun seemed to have caused a lot of pain to the men I had shot.I finally stopped where Luke was laying to see if he was concious at all.My first instincts was to check his pulse, so I did but recieved nothing. Not a heartbeat or a pulse.If I was the same girl I was a couple months back, I would have had screamed and stood stoned. This was now a normal thing though. Getting hurt and rescuing. Unfortunately this was considered normal to me. So with all the might I had, I picked up Luke and carried him on my back out the other entrance of the room.Thankfully, most of the men had been wiped out on the floor already, but the voice of Someo grunting had still rung from my ears from the corner where we entered from. As for the man that had seemed to be the captain, he had disappeaared leaving the soldier men by themselves. When I left through the second entrance of the room, I had ran into two familiar faces who were of course not so siked to see me.

"WHAT THE HELL WINTER?WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" Michael had started screaming in my face.

"Michael not now shut the fuck up!Let's focus on Luke for a moment.We need to find a place to stop for a minute." Calum had prioritized.

"Don't look at me. I have never been to this place before." I contributed.

"Follow me." Calum had said.

He then ran with one of these razor ninja star looking things in his hands, and Michael was holding the familiar pokemon ball weapon I had tried using earlier. Both Calum and Micahel's wings or the first time was actually visible to my eyes. They were both black, and was larger than I had visioned. Calum was also wearing an all dark green suit that seemed to have had many layers to it.Michael was wearing an all black suit kinda similar to mine, except it looked a bit thicker. After running around about three curves and running up two flights of stairs, Calum lead Michael, Luke, and into an empty spaced room filled with what looked like oil barrels.Aching and exhausted, I gently placed Luke on his back, laying him on the black hardwood floor.

"Luke is not concious I mean I checked his pulse and everything and he is not stable." I had told Calum and Michael.

Calum gave me a worrisome look at first, but then he had pushed me aside as he stood above Luke. He had closed his eyes, and with his razor he made a small cut in his hands. At first I was going to ask him what he was doing, but then I reconsidered asking the question since I could have just watched him. He held his own blood in the palm of his hands, not allowing any drops to leak out of his right palm. After seven minutes of silence, there was a slight gesture coming from Luke as his hands started to spaz it seemed like.It felt as if I was witnessing Frankenstein coming back to life or something, so I was a bit uncomfortable at the start. Then Luke's hand had suddenly stopped, and his eyes fluttered open as if was suddenly really high or something.

"Luke?....LUKE! Oh my gosh." I came over to him and gave him a gentle hug.

"Winter? What the fuck are you doing here?You don't belong here, you are going to get hurt!"

"That was exactly what I said!" Michael stated.

"OKAY!Let me just make this clear.I will not leave you guys behind, and you are not going to leaver behind.Allow me to protect you after all have done for me.I may not have powers like an angel, but that doesn't mean I don't have the determination as one.I am not leaving until we have everyone."

All the boys looked at one another as if they were sending telepathic thoughts.I may have had come off a bit strong, but I didn't want to hear anymore,"Oh Winter can't do it.She needs to leave." Or "oh she is not strong enough."

"Okay you are in, but just to warn you not all angels are nice.Satan was once an angel too remember." Luke stated.

"I don't care.I will do anything for you guys."I replied.

"Wait shit where is Ashton?" Calum suddenly brought up.

"Luke...where is he?" I asked also.

"I dont really know actually, the last time I saw him was when Jim had brought him into this room or something.He was duct taped on the mouth, but I didn't see him after I was taken to that room Winter busted me out of.Jim had came in later on..."

"Remind me who Jim is again?Is he like the leader and manager of all the angels or something?" I asked stupidly.

"Yeah he is kinda like the presidents that you have on Earth." Luke replied.

"Well do you remember what type of room Ashton entered or was brought into?It can't be that far can it?" Calum asked.

"I think I might be able to recognize the room if I saw it I think.Let's go ahead and go."

"Are you sure you have enough energy to do this Luke?They beat you up pretty hard earlier with the darts." Michael stated.

"It's okay, I am definitely a lot weaker than I was before but i can make it." 

Luke gave off a little smile to all the boys, then he turned towards me giving me a nod.

"Okay let's do this." I said.

Luke led us out of the little closet that we were in. It seemed like no one was currently in the hallway that we were heading down, and it was dead silent.Something couldn't have been right.Yet, we were all cautious and open-minded of all the things that could have had happened.I looked left and the right of me constantly hoping that there would be a sign of Ashton.Calum and Michael were behind my making sure that no one was able to sneak up behind us.From room to room, I saw only boxes and weapons.It looked like no one was on the same floor that we were on, so Luke had led us down some white stairs a the end of the hallway we walked down.

"I think he is on the first floor." Luke had suddenly said.

"Okay, well it seems like we are only going in circles Luke.Can you pick up the pace please?"Michael suddenly said.

"Fuck you Michael I am just trying to be careful." Luke stopped to whisper.

"Well i kinda agree with Michael, I mean who knows what they have down to Ashton already?!" Calum yelled back.

"Calum shut the-"



"Pikachu find your chill.This is about Ashton not who is right...so Luke please hurry and continue the way." I said to Michael and Luke.

Luke turned aroun furiously, and led us through more pathways and hallways.Around the corner, we finally heard some voices talking about Luke.I think they were apart of the Angel Army or whatever since they all were geared and wore black.Luke decided to turn around and take another path to avoid the guys, but as we turned around my eyes had saw three men pointing guns at us.

"Drop any of your weapons immediately or else..." One of the man had said.

I looked for a signal or something of Calum,Michael, and Luke. Yet, no one moved , and so I ran as fast as I could. Of course the evil angels tried to stop me, so I had my weapon help me.From left to right I saw more and more angels from the army popping out of nowhere on either sides of me. Luke, Michael, and Calum had problems of their own as they also tried defending themselves.Just as I pushed the last angel down to the ground I ran towards back where I had came from I turn several corners and ran across many rooms to avoid any more angels.At this point, I was just too tired to fight them off.I then suddenly heard someone grunting and screaming out of nowhere. Of course it could have been anyone, but I looked I ran twoards the direction of the loud noise.It was coming from a room towards the corner of the building on the first floor.Just as I turned into the corner, I saw Ashton strapped to a chair by himself. 

"ASHTON!" I screamed.

I quickly untied his hands that were tied with a large yellow rope behind his back.I quickly jerked off the tape that had covered his mouth, and he let out a large scream.

"Oh I am so sorry did that hurt?!" i told him.

"WINTER!" He screamed once more.

"What is it Ash-"

Suddenly he picked me up and turned me around within one spin.I felt his knees grow weak, as he fell to the ground as I roll off to the side.Ashton was now lying on the ground with his eyes closed.My eyes saw the distasteful angel men again.They had held a some weapon, and mus thave had shot Ashton somewhere. I quickly got up on my feet, and I ran over to Ashton disregarding what the armed angels could have done to me. 

"ASHTON! Ashton wake up! Please...WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM?!" I turned around and yelled with desperation.

I quickly held him up to my shoulders.Tears started bursting out of my eyes because of how hopeless,desperate, and exhausted I was.All my efforts of trying to keep Ashton safe had failed, and all I had left of him was the memory of his smile at the cabin I had stayed in for about four to six months. Out of nowhere I suddenly saw the man that was my living nightmare and caused all of this in the first place.

"Aw, what is this?Some sympathetic moment?It is finally nice to meet your aquaintance for the second time today Winter." A man wearing a gray suit had said, with a smirk across his face. 

"You must be Jim..." I replied.

"Oh how on Earth do you know? Am I that popular?" he replied back sarcastically.

"What do you want with these boys?What do you want with me?" I asked.

"Oh well my buisness is actually done here, and no more harm will come to you if you leave immediately as long as with these disgraceful guys." He said.

Out of the dark Calum, Michael, and  Luke appeared with their hands tied behind their backs as well.Followed by them were more buff, rude, angel soldiers.

"Stop playing mind games with me and just tell me what you want." I said bitterly.

"You pour soul, you do not even realize that i am letting you go.I do not want anything to deal with you and these boys anymore. NOW LEAVE THIS HEADQUARTER....or else....your little new angel protectors here will get hurt even more." Jim had replied. 

I just went along with what he had said, even if it was a trap.Carrying Ashton on my back, I walked over to where Calum, Michael, and Luke were being untied.

"What the hell happened to Ashton!?" Michael had suddenly shouted in my face. 

"Michael the answer is right iin front of you.Who do you think did this to him?" 


"MICHAEL! LET'S JUST LEAVE! GOD DAMMIT STOP TRYING AND LET'S LEAVE!" Luke shouted at Michael as he was about to attack Jim. 

I swear.I proabbly hated Jim more than anyone in that room I was standing in. Michael finally turned around, and had taken Ashton off my back onto his.Calum helped him, as Luke helped me walk out.Michael had led us to the top on the roof or so.

"Winter Ashton is going to be o-"

"Not now Luke...please." I said with a pair of tears burning on my cheek.

"Looks like we are ready to take off. I will carry Ashton. Luke you can hold onto Winter." Michael suddenly announced.

"Why do I have to hold onto Luke?" I asked not complaining but curious.

"We have to fly down back to Earth from here....remember?" Calum stated.

"Well how about I do that teleporting thingy I did earlier?...and CRAP SOMEO IS STILL IN THERE!" I said as I was about to run towards the door back into the building.

"Winter! She is already gone...she left after her fight." Luke called out to me.

I sighed in relief turning back to where the boys stood.

"Let's just get back down to planet Earth.For once, that planet I live on doesn't sound so bad." I looked into Luke's eyes and said.

He hugged me tight, and had picked me up.I closed my eyes not wanting to fear him jumping off the top of the building. The gravity under my feet had disappeared as Luke lifted off behin Calum, Michael, and Ashton.

++++++++++++Ashton's Point of View++++++++

I felt my eyes open, and I heard the steady beat of my heart.Looking around I recognized where I was in.

"Ashton!Man!" Michael had came over to hug me.

I gave a weak smile as I hugged him back.He then let go as Calum came over to me, and had given me only a shake of the hand gesture.That was before he started crying, and he pulled me into a hug as well.

"The hell I thought you were going to die Ashton." He said in between his cries.

"I am alright, do not worry Cal."

He then finally let go after ten minutes, and Luke had came over to say hi to me next.

"How are you feeling?" he asked.

"I can't really feel any body parts of mine, but my brain seems to be working since I am talking to you." 

"Haha right." he responded with a smile. 

He then moved out of the way as another shadow had hid behind him. It was a girl I finally realized.

"Ashton!" she exclaimed and came over to hug me.

I pushed her off to the side and pinned her to the wall.I pulled out the knife that was in my pocket, and held it before her neck.

"Who the fuck....are you?Why did you hug me?" I said aggresively.

"Ashton what the hell let her go!" Calum came over and pushed me.

"Calum stop what the heck?!You do not even know her get out of the way!" 

He continued pushing me, and Luke came over and attempted to grab the knife out of my hand. 

"GUYS!STOP!Do you not see what I am doing!? I am protecting your asses."

"WINTER!She can't breathe Ashton!What the...let her go!" Michael had said.

I finally allowed my arm to move down from her neck.The girl started breathing heavily as she stared up at me with tearful eyes.

"Ashton....you do not remember her? It is Winter." Luke came over to say in my face.

"No.I do not know who she is.How do you know her?"I said back.

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