Miracles-(A 5sos Fanfiction)

"Trying to forget someone you loved, is like trying to remember someone you never knew."


7. Getting to Know Them

As of this point, I am trying to pull myself back from crying myself. Ashton's head rested on my shoulder as I tried comforting him in every way possible. From experience, I know that saying sorry did not help much with the pain. Yet, I said it to him anyways because I truly was sorry for him.From the way that he stared at Camila all the time, you can tell that this boy was really in love. Ashton was not the type of boy that said "I love you" all the time, he was the type of guy that showed you his love. Tonight, I really was not expecting for him to come to me when his heart was aching. Yeah, everyday ever since I have met him we have talked, but I did not think I knew him well enough to the point where I could have told him anything. His tears continued to fall onto my hospital bed, damping it within only a couple of minutes. I looked down while comforting him, and I realized I was still wearing the ring that he had worn on for me. My eyes had only given the ring a few glances since the ring was only a reminder of how much Ashton was hurting. After moments of silence, Ashton sat up looking at me with his warm loving eyes. When he looked at you, there was just some attraction that you are not able to look away from him.

"I'm really sorry to have just barged into your room like this. I probably woke you up to, Dammit Im sorry." Ashton stated.

"No, Ashton it is fine. I was not really completely asleep anyways. I know that when your heart aches so much, there just comes to a point where you just want to break down at that moment." I replied.

"Life is never fair. Love is never fair." he screamed.

"It never was in the first place." I informed him.

"Winter, can you do me a favor?" Ashton asked.

"Yes, of course anything. What is it?" I answered.

"The ring that you are wearing right now, I want you to keep it."

"Ashton, no I'm sorry I can't-"

"I want you to keep it, and hold onto it for me. My heart hurts everytime I look at it, and if love ever decides to come into my life again you can give it back to me. Until then, let's just say the ring represents my heart. I am taking a pause from the world for a moment, and you are going to keep my heart safe for a litle while. Just until I can give it away again, if that ever happens. I'm counting on you to save my heart not break it." he explained.

      As I was about to protest again, he fell asleep on my shoulder as one last tear shed down his face. Hesitantly, my shaking right hand reached out to wipe the tear away before it streamed down his face. Since he was asleep now, I started crying myself because it was just too all emotional for me. For the first time in my life, It felt like someone was interpreting my pain for me. Ashton expressed the ache of my heart in words, something that I am incapable of doing myself. Feeling the weight of the ring on my finger, I wanted to take it off and set it in the box. Something had held me back and instead, I held up my hand to my heart to kiss the ring. Ashton has done more than enough for me, I do not understand the reasons why he is doing this but still. If I could not make his life easier or better, the least I could have done was to keep his heart safe. Slowly, within deep breathes I had fallen asleep again with his hand in mine.

+++Luke Hemmings POV+++

"I am leaving this room, I can't watch this scary shit anymore. My mom is going to kill me anyways If I scream during the middle of the night." I said.

   We were halfway through the Anabelle movie, although the first ten seconds scared me enough. Michael being Michael flinched a couple of times, but he continued watching it anyways because he was a brave dumbass. Calum was pretty much yelling at the Anabelle to torture the other characters in the movie even more. Elizabeth and Abbey were pretty much just sitting there admiring the boys and laughing at them, although they did hide under the blankets a couple of times. As for me, Anabelle has officially scared the shit out of me and my middle finger salutes to her. I gave up watching the movie since most of the time I had my eyes closed. It was funnier to watch Michael jump three feet in the air every time he was scared. My feet lingered into the kitchen as my stomach kept telling me that I was starving. There was some leftover pizza in the refridgerator, and yes it was my job to have eaten it all. My mind wandered off as I sat on the counter just enjoying myself. With an instant shock to my leg, my phone rang as I was about to take another bite of my pizza. 

"Luke Robert Hemmings, I see that you are enjoying yourself." Jim had said.

    Jim was what you called the principal of the Angel Headquarters. He is the one that has control over all the cases that has been given out, and he is also the gray haired guy that teaches us the ways of being a  proper angel. With an intimidating stare that he always had, he always had everthing on track. You could say he was like the grandfather of the Angel Headquarters. Even for a 75 year old man, he could kill you instantly with the powers that he posessed as an angel. Do not let the tiny glasses and the walking cane fool you.

"I was enjoying myself Jim, until you came in and rained on my sunny days of pizza." I grumbled back.

"Ah well, that is my job you know. To rain on your parades to make sure you are doing what you are suppost to be doing. How is Winter?"He questioned.

"She is fine now. If you do not know she is in the hospital resting. As for her mother attempting murder on her daughter, I believe she is going to go to court tomorrow. She has been in jail for the past 24 hours. Winter's sisters are going to live with their Aunt Jennie. From my research Aunt Jennie seems like the total opposite of Winter's mom. She is defintely more innocent and genuine, so Winter's sisters should be fine. As for Mr. Winter, he was put into jail this morning for robbing 10,000 dollars from the bank."

"Right, it sounds like everything is under control for now. Find out more about how you can protect Winter. It seems as if there is another predator out there that wants her killed. I am glad that her parents are locked away, just until they learn their lesson. Keep the other boys straight as well, make sure to put your priorities straight before your love life. Oh and one last thing...you might want to check on Ashton. Something tells me that he is not quite stable right now. I will check again soon just for an update here and there. Only four more months until you guys have to return back to the Angel Headquarters. Time is ticking." Jim stated as he ended the call.

        Life seemed to have stopped for a moment, he was right. It really did feel as if everything was under control for now. On the other hand, I was confused what he meant by "Something tells me that Ashton is not okay." When are we all ever okay? As angels we are suppose to protect the people we are assigned then leave them. That is one thing that I hate doing. Goodbyes are never easy for me, I mean especially when I never get to express to the other person all that I want to say. Anyways, leaving my rant there I tried ringing Ashton a couple of times. He isn't really the guy that picks up his phone, but then I remember that he was with Camila tonight. Those two are adorable, Camila was a good source of happiness for Ashton. Leaving Ashton alone, I returned back to the living room to find the movie over. I guess it did take me an hour to eat. Elizabeth was sleeping on the couch next to Calum. Michael and Abbey were both asleep on the blankets set out on the floor. Samantha still seemed to have been awake though, she sat in the corner watching Family Guy on her phone. Looks like I am flying solo now, seeing as if Calum is a little busy I grabbed my things to head over to his own house.

 "Hey Samantha?", I asked.


"Im going to go check on Emily, and since Calum is passed out do you want to go sleepover with her? Calum forgot he had a younger sister again. I think he is still getting used to being the older brother."I stated.

"But he still forgets that he has a younger sister....after her 13 years of her existance?" 

"Well yes and no, I bet he is just tired tonight. We have been on a wild goose chase this week between you and Winter. Come on, let's go." I insisted.

"Wait what about Kiley? Isn't she at home by herself too?" 

"Oh yeah, call her to see if you she wants to sleepover with Emily as well. Ashton is out with Camila so he wont be much of a brother to Kiley tonight." I said.

"Well okay then. Let's go." Samantha said.

        After leaving Michael's house, I went to go pick up Kiley. Sometimes I felt as if I was the babysitter for the guys, but I seem to be the only one that doesnt have much struggle in life so I guess it was fair. I knew Smamantha the most but I always had to straighten myself out.Kiley was Ashton's sister, Emily was Calum's sister, and Samantha was Michael's sister. I am an only child thank gracious. Having a spare key to Calum's house, I opened the door with no trouble. Entering through the front door, I was always greeted with the smell of chocolate chip cookies. The smell led me into the kitchen where I found Emily eating the cookies on the counter.

"I hope you do not mind, but I brought over some company since Calum has crashed over at Michael's house." I said to Emily.

"Hey Kiley! Hey Samantha! Are you guys sleeping over tonight?" 

"Yep we are, look like all of our brothers are booked. That is not necessarily a bad thing though, because that means watching stupid youtube videos all night." Kiley responded. 

"Yes! Thats great because the school has been shut down for the rest of the week. Apparently, someone broke into the school and stole a whole bunch of desks. Which I don't understand because why desks?" 

"Haha really cool! Well lets go upstairs, I have some more chocolate cookies stored upstairs." Emily said.

"Alright well you guys have fun, Im going to hang for a couple more minutes. Then I will be gone. Are your parents home Emily?" I asked.

"No, they have gone to visit some friends of theirs in Minnesota. I don't think they will be back until next week." 

"Oh alright then cool." I said back.

"By the way Luke, thanks for bringing the other girls over I kinda wanted their company." 

      As I was about to respond again, Emily ran up to hug me. Eventually Kiley and Samantha joined in too. Honestly, they were really innocent and genuine girls. It was kinda nice to see them here and there, because just hanging around with the guys all the time got tiring. About twenty minutes later, I grabbed some cookies and left the girls to themselves. For angels, we had this power which could sense when someone was in trouble. This was only if you were wearing these special sensor stones. Ashton, Calum, and Michael had put the stones into the bracelets that all the girls wear all the time. They kinda made it their friendship bracelets so it worked out pretty well. With nowhere else to wander off to, I decided to return to my own house for once. Having no biological parents or siblings, the Angel Headquarters gave paid off a house for me to live in. It is not a big fancy mansion, its just an ordinary two story house with six rooms. Living by myself, I dont really know why I need six rooms but the guys do stay over sometimes so it makes sense I guess. Trudging up to my room, I lay on my bed staring up at the ceiling. For some reason, no matter how many times I try to distract myself. I always end up thinking of Winter again. There wasn't really interesting enought to make me have affections about her, but for some reason I started thinking about her constantly. No, Luke stop talking about her. With all the exhaustion building up, my eyes grew heavy and closed on its own.

+++WInter's POV++++

    As the sunlight shined through the balcony doors, my eyes slowly opened to see that Ashton was still laying on my shoulder. After a couple of hours of laying in one postion, my whole netire body was numb all over. Moving a little, I looked down and noticed that all the needles and oxygen tubes were taken out of me. I had forgotten that I was able to leave the hospital today. Slowly moving my arm, I had tried to get up without waking up Ashton.

"Winter, I am awake so you can stop attempting to be terribly sneaky now." Ashton said.

I scrunched up my face with embaressment because I actually thought I was doing a great job with being sneaky. 

"Well then. Do you mind sitting up for a minute, my shoulder is actually really numb." I tried sounding polite.

"Oh yeah sure, Im sorry." He apologized.

"Its okay haha, the numbness just kicked in thats all." I replied.

"Yeah, well anyways you get to leave today thats good news. Maybe we can-"

"Sup Ashton, what are you doing here so early man?" Luke interrupted.

"Oh.....uh I was just going to help Winter out of the hospital since she gets to leave today." Ashton replied.

"Oh cool, Michael and Calum are here too. We can all help her leave." Luke suggested.

"You guys act like I can't walk or talk. Im fine, and I dont need any of you guys here to help me. I mean I am grateful, but I am also an independent woman." I implied.

"Yeah, well it's kinda our job to look over you." Michael walked in and said.

"And who exactly told you that?" 

"No one, we just want to help you that's all. You would be making our lives a lot easier if you would just go along with it."  Michael said.

"Well, can I just please have a break to myself today. I kinda want to be by myself. Having four guys following me around will definitely be something I need to get used too." 

Calum walked in holding a big box that had "Free Fries written on it."

"Calum what the heck?" Ashton questioned with giggling follow aftwerwards.

"Jim sent out a guy to deliver this to my front steps today. I thought, why not share it with the rest of the Breakfast Club?" 

"Yes! I have missed fried food so much, especially french fries oh man!" I exclaimed.

     My feet immediately charged to the box, pulling out two little small plates of fries. I sat back down on my bed just shoving one in after another. All I have eaten these past few days, were plain, dry, turkey sandwhiches. The bread was always stale though, and the turkey tasted like something else. My taste buds enjoyed the taste of sodium and potatoes once again. The room being really awkwardly quiet, I looked up to find all of the guys staring at me with a mixed facial expression. Feeling the heat of my face, I knew that I was turning red with embaressment. 

"Wow, you eat really fast." Michael said amazed.

"I have never seen a girl eat like that before." Ashton said.

"Are you okay?" Luke asked with worry

"You took two, you were only suppose to take one!" Calum exclaimed

With my bashful face, I tried smiling in a cute way failing at my attempt. I just knew that I looked ridiculous after two minutes of smiling in a stupid way.

"Im sorry guys...I am just really missing the food out there in the world. Anyways, you guys should probably leave haha. Thanks for the fries Calum, I will be checking out soon anyways." I said.

"But Winter-"

"No Calum, she is right. Let's just leave her to rest for today." Ashton interrupted Calum.

 All the boys had started exiting the room when I realized that I forgot to ask them something.Hey

"Hey, wait. Who is Jim Calum?" I asked out loud. 

"Oh...uh he is just a really good friend of mine. He is kinda like a second father to me." Calum answered.

"Oh alright then, tell him thanks for the fries." I called out.

+++Calum's POV++++

      As I closed the door to Winter's hospital room door, I let out a sigh of both disgust and exhaustion. It was only 10am, and the boys decided to visit Winter early this morning. As for the sigh of disgust, I just hated how I lied to Winter. Sometimes I beat myself down for lying too much, but then again It's all apart of the job. No one can know that the boys and I are angels. Walking down the hallway with silence, I looked over to the side to see the nurse that had stopped me earlier this week. For some reason, I felt as if I knew her. I wasn't sure if she was a long lost family member, but everytime I enter the hospital my stomach would be tied in knots as I see her walking around. Taking care of Winter, I didn't have time to worry about her though. So I never really bothered to go up to her and ask questions.

"Calum did Jim call you this morning?" Luke asked.

"Yeah he did. Nothing big though, he just called for another small update. He also delivered the fries since he knew that Winter would appreciate them." I explained.

"Oh okay. Say what is the date today?" Luke inquired again.

"August 28 why?" I asked.

"Looks like Luke is counting down the days until we leave Winter." Michael said.

     After Michael had stated that, the sentence kinda just hung in the air. I mean Winter was a great girl, she was cool. This is definitely one of the most special cases I have ever been apart of as an angel. Other humans that I have helped before were older than us. The ages ranged from 21-25 years old. The guys and I have helped both genders in certain cases, but nothing as big as Winter before. She dealt with abuse, and the world hating her. Being around her, I felt bad that we couldn't have helped her from the start. Sometimes, I do not really realize how fortunate I am to have a family that actually loves me. I have both a father and a mother. Plus a little sister that I can have a hate-love relationship with. Michael, Luke, and Ashton does not have what I have. Because of that, I want to be their family and a person that the boys can rely on. Adding one more person to the list, I wanted to be that person for Winter as well.

"But guys, we still have three months so lets not spend time mourning about how we are going to leave her, lets just creat more memories with her. I mean she is the youngest girl we have ever helped before, and I don't know for sure if she is going to be the easiest person to say goodbye to either." Ashton said.

"That's true. Wait, but then why are we leaving her right now? We should go back in there and watch her, what if she does something again?" Michael questioned.

"Don't worry Michael, remember that stuffed penguin I gave her? Well it has one of the sensor stones in it. If something bad does happen to her I would know." Luke pointed out.

"Smart, I also gave her a ring with one of the sensor stones in it." Ashton told us.

"Wait...why did you give her a ring? Was that a wedding ring she was wearing?" I asked.

"Yeah, but we are not getting married bro, chill. It's just a ring that I want her to hold onto until I can be open with society again.Until, love can find me again." Ashton said.

"Dude...so does that mean Camila..."

"She left already, she had fled. Apparently, she was already engaged." Ashton interrupted Luke's question.

"Oh shit man I am so sorry. Ashton, you have to know though that this isn't really like Camila. It must have been a set up by her dad, like an arranged engagement." Michael responded.

"Yeah I know it is. Oh well, I kinda don't want to talk about it though. We have to get home to finish these fries and chill for a while." Ashton noted.

Feeling bad for Ashton, I decided that I wasn't going to eat my fries. I would give my portion to him, because he is definitely experiencing  a heartache on the big screen.

+++Winter's POV++++

"Miss Winter, I believe today is your checkout day. Your blood was drawn and tested when you were asleep, and the results came back with great news. You may want to take it slow for the rest of the week, but it looks like you are going to be okay. Just sign these papers for me, and I will be right back with a Doctor's note for school." the nurse had stated.

"Thank you!" I called out.

     Reaching down for the papers, the wedding ring that was on my hand was glistening. It just felt completly wrong wearing it, only because I was not married yet. I kept reminding myself that I owed Ashton though, so I didn't allow the ring to distract me for more than two minutes. I signed all my needed papers that were placed upon my bed for the nurse, and I gathered my washed clothes from the day I was beaten up. The clothes I was wearing were still from yesterday, and I realized I needed to shower as soon as I got home. Wait, what is home now? My sisters are at my aunts, my parents are both arrested, and where do I go from here? Knowing that my parents are a threat, I can't continue staying at that horror house. Just as I was getting excited to leave, i realize that I have no where else to go now.

"No Winter, you cannot shut down. You are better than this." I said to myself.

"Alright sweet pea did you sign all the papers I gave you?" the nurse asled as she entered the room

"Oh uh yeah I did." I replied.

"Well here is your Dcotor's note, and if any pain returns to you during this week or month. Come back to the hospital okay? Here are some antibiotics for the pain as well.Wow, I love that lovely ring you are wearing! Where did you get that from?"The nurse said while admiring my ring.

"Oh a friend of mine gave it to me, just temporarily though." I stated.

"Oh honey, a ring that fits you so well is never going to be just temporary for you. Stay safe darling." The nurse exited.

   I picked up my stuff, and started walking around the room again just to test my legs. They were completely fine and painless. Since, i was okay I glanced around the hospital room one last time before I left. Walking past the hospital parking lot, I found a bus station near a road names Rani Creek. It looked like it was just me waiting for it, and after ten minutes of standing. I decided to sit and admire the city cars driving by. For the most part of my life, I always get carried away witht he obstacles that hold me back. I never get to admire much of how nature iis so beautiful, and how our society is perfectly screwed up. In other words, I sometimes forget how to be a normal teenager. After sitting and doing philosophical thinking, the cat bus had arrived. Steadily, I had gotten on the bus handing the young american bus driver ten dollars. From what I saw, there was only about ten other people on the bus not counting me sitting towards the back. Being the noob I was, I sat in the front seat hoping to relax for the entire ride. As my body fell asleep, so did my thoughts.

"EVERYONE WAKE UP!" Someone screamed.

"Not now Principal, not now please."  I begged still half asleep/

"Little girl wake up! We need to leave the bus now!" The bus driver screamed.

    My eyes suddenly flashed open, as my lungs slowly began to loose oxygen. The air had started turning black, as I saw a large fire slowly working its way up to burn whatever was in it's way. Grabbing my stuff I had immediately gotten up, and had tried to look for an exit. It seemed as if the bus driver was standing outside of the bus, screaming my name. My hearing grew weak though, as te sound of flames grew near me. I tried looking for the emergency exits, but all of them were blocked with large colors of yellow and red flames. My heart raced towards the door of the bus, but as the jammed door was pushing through the other side I noticed that the doors only led to the ocean that stared at me from the bottom of the bridge. The bus had started tilting back and forth, and within that moment I was fully aware of how the bus was balancing off a broken bridge. My heart filled with panic as the fire came closer and closer by every minute, all I could have heard was the loud roaring of my heart. Closing my eyes I took the risk and I used all my will power to push through the jammed bus door once more falling helplessly from the world that was around me. Expecting to hit the ocean water below painfully, I closed my eyes allowing my heart to drop gracefully. Just my back brushed against the waves I felt someone's arms holding me up. Weak and scared out of my mind, I expected my eyes to open a little and see what afterlife is like. No, it wasn't that though. With the little strength that I had, I squinted my eyes open to see Luke Hemmings with black wings staring at me with his unforgettable blue eyes. Because I used all the strength I ever had, I closed my eyes with great fatigue knowing what I saw could not have been real. 





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