Miracles-(A 5sos Fanfiction)

"Trying to forget someone you loved, is like trying to remember someone you never knew."


3. Fate or Luck

   Never had I felt so desperate, never have I been so vulnerable in my life. In my head I always thought that I had been a stronger person, that If I ever had to go on off and fight the world by myself that I would be able to. I guess that i was proven wrong today. I woke up to machines beeping, and to the sight of a doctor wrapping what seemed like a large bandage around my knee. 

"It's okay now Winter, you are in good hands." He had assured me.  

    My body was aching everywhere, I would have replied if I had the energy to. Today just seemed like the the most worst day in Sydney, Australia for me. I don't remember hating mother nature so much, so I don't quite understand what she has against me. The pain has lessened of course, probably because I had a whole bunch of medicine ejected through five tubes coming from my arms. Three needles on my right arm, and two from my left. Of course I still feel very weak at this point, and I would try to clear my mind of everything that has happened. Yet, because of the person I have been raised up as, I remembered that I had chores at home and my "mother" was going to kill me If she found out I was hurt. My eyes gradually opened as I turn my head to see that the sun was hidden underneath the dark blue sea. The moon was high and bright, looking down upon the waves that crashed the shore. The wounds on my head had started aching once again as I admired the beauty of nature. How long have I been in the hospital? When will I be able to leave? The doctor was at this point outside of my hospital room writting down, Im assuming, my condition on a clip board. A nurse came in a few seconds after to help me settle into a more comfortable state.

"Excuse me Miss? May I please ask what time it is?" I inquired.

"Well it is 10:34 pm my dear, you have been in here ever since 3 pm this afternoon. Im glad that you have awoken, the doctor had already assumed that you were in such a poor condition that you wouldn't have made it. Good thing you have the boys right?" she replied.

Everything had sounded great as she was explaining, but all of a sudden I was confused as to what boys she was meaning. I wasn't sure if she was mixing my story with another patient's.

"What boys Mam?" I asked.

"Why the boys who had brought you in the hospital of course. Im glad that those four lads were there to help you I believe. If not you might not have been noticed by any officers until later this evening. The roads were blocked due to 17 car accidents today killing forty people.They had ran into the hospital this afternoon with fear on each of the boy's faces. They had insisted that the doctor give you lots of medicine and fluids to make up your major loss of blood. The doctor didn't believe that you would make it after take a glance at you, but because the boys were so presistent and hopeful you are now alive." she had stated.

    As I thought more and more about it, I felt like today was maybe the day that the world might end. Many people are dying, and quite frankly Im not sure why I haven't died myself yet. I guess I could consider it a miracle, but it just all doesn't add up. Especially when the nurse had told me that four guys had saved me, I mean the men that were abusing my couldn't have changed at heart that quickly. Maybe they are outsmarting everyone, and are trying to seem innocent I realized. 

"The lads that had saved me, they weren't perhaps.....older men with beards and black leather jackets were they?" I interrogated.

     "Why no, they are older then you probably about a couple years, but they are still young. May I also add handsome to the table, they all wore ripped skinny jeans I believe. If you would like to see them I believe that they are waiting for you in the lobby. With your unconciousness, I didn't quite believe that it would have been safe for them to have entered beforehand. Though they do seem overwhelmed with concern for you, it looks like you are a well liked person my love."  the nurse had mentioned.

      My mind had twisted thinking about who the guys were, I mean I doubt it was anyone from school. No one ever saw me or even knew I existed. My pain was slowly lessening surprsingly as I processed my thoughts about everything that has happened today. The nurse had started cleaning around my room, and had changed my bed sheets and covers since it was stained with red blood. As I gently sat back down onto the soft hospital bed, something had suggested me to think that I was ready to see these random strangers who saved my life.

"Nurse before you leave, If the lads are still out there can you call them into my room please?"I politely directed.

     "Of course my dear, I'm sure they are still waiting patiently for you. Your beauty and essence can't keep them away for one minute. I tried telling each of them to go home earlier, but it seemed like they felt as if it was their duty to stay here. I will be right back darling, do you need anything else?" , the nurse had insisted.

"Im quite fine, you have done more than enough for me thank you." I replied.

"If you need anything, just click the button on the railing to your right. That will call me any time." the nurse had said while leaving the room.

     I had laid down cautiously again, hoping the needles that were in my arms wouldn't move too much. Nothing had seemed to be interesting in the hospital room I was in. I had turned to look out my window hoping to see the moon again, yet It seemed like my reflection was stealing all the attention of my eyes. My head was battered, I had a huge bandage on my head covering wounds I felt from the back of my head to the right of my ear. My arms had needles stuck up in them, along with stains of dried blood here and there. Warm teardrops had dripped down my face as I saw my cutting scars on my bare arms as well. They were just from last week, and cutting had been the best way to feel the pain physically instead of mentally in my head. It was all just too much, during last week my "mother" had stabbed me with a pair of scissors since I only made a 90 on my ending science exam of 8th grade. 

     The scissors didn't really cut open anything, but it did leave a mark on my left leg. The "father" of the house had stolen money from the bank, because he didn't believe that being a lawyer would give him enough wealth. The worst part was that he blamed it on me though, and I ended up in jail thankfully let out within three days since the judge had pitied me. Either way jail or outside, my life is a big tragedy either way. Fairytales are never true in my case, and I had always despised Disney movies with there happily ever after endings. Because of those movies deep, deep, down inside of me, there was still that one ounce of me that was hopeful for that one day where I would be able to say "I'm happy." and really mean it. As I got lost in my reflection, suddenly a reflection of another face had entered my room. I turned around, to recognize that the nurse was right. 

        It was that guy that ran over me, Ashton I believe. He walked in first, as I recognized the other three guys. They were all the guys I had ran into today. Michael, Calum, Luke, and Ashton were their names I believe. My face was filled with confusion, but I knew it was them because they were wearing the same outifts that I remember seeing this morning. Thinking that I was dreaming, I closed my eyes and had let them open again to see the four guys standing across the room from me. For five minutes the room was silent, and it felt as if the guys were staring at me as I was staring at them. Swiftly, interrupting our stare downs Michael was the first one to kneel down next to my bed. 

"Winter, how are you feeling? Do you remember who I am?" he had asked. 

I coudn't help but laugh a little because he had looked at me as If I was about to die.

"Well I'm breathing, my eyes are open, and Im talking so I believe I am okay. How could I forget the guy that showed me into the principle's office for the first time?" I replied.

He smiled while closing his eyes in relief. His face had seemed so innocent yet fragile looking, and his eyes were somewhat filled with vulnerbility. This was the first time that I had actually looked at Michael closely, I had never noticed how he looked very lonesome in his face and eyes. I just assumed that he was one of those popular troublemakers who could have cared less about anything in the world. Not that I was throwing a pity party, but I did pity him even though I don't know him well enough. He and I were the same person I guess. We both had a connection instantly since it feels like we are living the same lives somewhat.

His eyes finally opened and stared back at me, he was smiling surprisingly and I felt uncomfortable since I didn't understand why he was. Yet, because of my pain and how tiresome I was I had just let it go without saying anything at all. After a couple of seconds he had reached for my hand, and I allowed my fingers to intertwine with his. His hands were temperate and warm, yet as I was about to ask him some things his facial expression had dropped immediately from a smile to a concerned look.

"Winter, these scars on your arms....", he started saying.

My hands naturally jerked away from his, and I hid my arms underneath the sky blue blanket that was laid upon me by the nurse. I tried turning the other way without saying anything, because I had never told anyone about my scars before. Even though it was a lot more painful to cut myself instead to have been emotionally hurt all the time, I was still embarressed and shameful of their existence from my elbow to my wrist. Michael had sat where he was, until he finally reached up to the tear that had streamed down the left side of my face. Every inch of my body had taken a deep breathe, not knowing if i was going to regret what I was about to say or if i was going to be thankful. My attention had turned back to Michael's face, as I told myself not to cry.

"Yeah, these weren't from the men that had beaten me up today. I cut, and it's not because I want attention. I do it, because it is less painful then the sad reality that I live in. Honestly, I have never had someone give me the attention that you have given me, and it's okay if you don't like me because I cut. By this point in my life, I don't really care about other people's opinion about me anymore. Yet, I beg you to please don't yell at me or tell me that cutting is wrong right now." I pleaded.

I had felt Michael's hand reach for mine again, and I felt his warm palm warm my cold one. 

"Winter, I want you to know that I think your scars are beautiful. I'm not saying that I support it, but you are a beautiful, badass, person. Even though I have only met you today, I know that you are different from many girls out there. When I had told you to call my name whenever you needed me in the office, I had meant it. I will be here for you no matter the circumstance. Now it might be different If the whole world was giving away free pizza, at that point don't rely on me to help you." he declared with a chuckle.

All the intensity in my body was all of a sudden gone, I chuckled a little bit along with him as he had said that. Never in a million years would I have thought to hear someone say that to me. Who could love a girl would scars? Who could love a girl with mistakes writen all over her? For some reason, I had believed his every word as he assured me that he would have been by my side anytime I was falling to pieces. Suddenly everything had now made sense to me, the men stopping and the ending fighting sounds I had heard. Michael and the rest of the boys were the ones that had stopped the other men from beating me, they were the ones who had tooken me to the hospital. As all of this had crossed my mind, I still never understood why they all had done this for me though. My only acknowledgement of them was only from earlier today, I mean they were all older than me, and to this very day they have all only spoken to me once.

"Michael, when I called out your name today as I was being beaten up. How did you hear me? Why did you help me?" I had asked.

His head had turned back to the guys still awaiting silently from the back of the room. Their faces suddenly gaved me mixed signals until Michael turned back around facing me.

"This might soound weird, but the lads and I were following you home since we were curious of your background until we realized that you were being chased and we lost you. At that last point, I finally found where you were and had made it just in time I think. If i didn't help then I would have regretted it for the rest of my life knowing that I couldn't help one bit with saving a person that I think I adored." he had replied.

After he had explained that, I fake smiled just because I knew that this was just all too good to believe.

"Alright Michael I think you have hogged her enough, I believe it's my turn." Calum had teased Michael.

Switching places Calum came over and stood over me, at first he looked at me looking lost, then he took something from behind his back. It was the sheet of paper that had written his name all over earlier today. My face suddenly fell with embarressment. 

"Calum, I....I don't know what secret magic trick you did. I know for a fact that I didn't write any of that you  despicable moron." I said all of a sudden bursting out laughing.

These are the type of situations that I hate to be in, I mean I was trying to come off as serious not as a joke. Well, I guess I couldn't help it. Calum had started smiling and laughing as well, he had folded the piece of paper and placed it in my left hand. 

"You know you are really funny Winter, if you like me why don't you just say so?" Calum had teased.

I let out a chuckle in disbelief, he was definitely confident in himself from what I know of.

"In your dreams Calum, is that the only reason that you came over here to talk to me?" I teased back.

"Of course not, and you know you could be a little more polite towards a person that had helped saved your life today. My knuckles are still currently bleeding." he had stated.

With all seriousness I had suddenly became more concerned, I sat upright and had grabbed his hands. They were all swollen and with the lighting on the left side of his face I had saw a large bruise. 

"Calum, you know don't risk your own life just to save mine. I mean I owe you guys so much, my mind is still wrapped up on how ridiculous you guys are to have done that for me. I mean I haven't done anything spectacular for you guys yet." I explained.

My head was about to drop down, until Calum had lifted my chin up to where his face and my face were aligned diagonally. 

"Winter, I don't know why, but I have been called to help you no matter what happens. Talking to you right now and to have a met you this person is enough of a reason to save you. Besides now I can also brag around school about how much of a hero I am." he gloated.

My eyes rolled not surprised at all with his comment. Calum was a teaser, but he did save me and so I can't blame him for that. 

"Well thank you for helping me my hero." I had said to him.

"Your welcome, my lady." He had replied.

Before leaving my side he had reached for my left hand and had kissed it gently as I felt his soft lips brush against my hand. It was a little but awkward for me since I had never felt affection or love in anyway before. This whole caring and sharing thing is all new to me sadly. 

The guy with the blue eyes had came up behind Calum afterwards laying his chin upon Calum's right shoulder. The both stared down as me, and I tried looking around making the tension less awkward between the three of us. 

"May I have my moment with her now Calum?" Luke had asked.

"Sure, but don't get too carried away with the moment. Remember you are in love with me." Calum teased him.

Luke pushed Calum aside, and was now grabbing something from underneath my bed. He pulled out a large, plushed, penguin that he had started hugging with.

"That's a nice penguin you got there." I had started off

"Im glad you think that because it's yours." He had handed it to me.

"Oh no Luke, I can't accept this. I mean It's really nice and all but I owe you enough." I replied.

"No really take it." He continued giving it to me.

I shook my head and kept refusing until he finally came over to the left side of my bed. He set the penguin down next beside me, and had gently lifted my arm so that I was holding the penguin.

"Whatever you do to this penguin, you do to me so don't hurt it Stunner." He had stated.

My eyes looked down as my hands rubbed the penguin feeling the great fur that it was composed of.

"You know you are one of the most beautiful girls I have ever met before." He started flirting. 

"That's not true Luke, and we both know it. There are such things as models and celebrities, so they beat me by billion. Even bums on the street or an alpaca, they are even more beautiful then me." I started going off.

"Winter, you need more confidence in yourself. Read my lips when I say this, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Don't ever put yourself down again, and if you do I will get Ashton back there to punch me in the face." 

"Oh Luke, I make no promises but as of right now I guess I will just say thank you for the compliment." I replied.

"Hey man, I didn't agree to any of this so your threat is no longer valid." Ashton had yelled out.

The whole room started laughing as Luke walked back to the back fo the room and whispered something into Ashton's ear. I wasn't sure if they were saying something about me, but I just shrugged it off. I found it odd how each of them were taking turns to see me up close, it was kidna nice though since I got a little taste of how different their personalites were. Ashton came up next, and he had started walking up until he slipped on a napkin. He stood up laughing as If it had did it on purpose. I couldn't help laughing myself since his laugh was so unique in its own way. I found it a little bit attractive surprsingly. From prior knowledge I remembered him as being kind and a little geeky for some reason. 

"Nice to meet you again Miss Winter. It looks like today isn't your best day huh?" He suggested.

"Yeah, and the worst part of all of this is that I actually need to get home, but I doubt that the doctor would release me." 

"Well why is that?" Ashton had inquired.

"It's because I have chores to do, let's say if I don't do them then I might get in trouble. By trouble I don't mean no tv for a week." I had stated.

"That is the most ludicrous reason I have ever heard. Chores? Really? I mean what's the worst that your mother could do if you don't do them?" Ashton had asked.

All of a suden two policemen had entered the room, one was carrying a donut in his right hand. The other cop was a little older about in his forty's and was holding a notepad as well as a pen.

"Gentlemen may we please talk to Miss Stunner please, alone." The older cop had asked.

The boys had looked at eachother with concerned faces, but they Michael had finally started pushing Luke and Calum out of the room. Ashton was still standing right next to me watching as the other boys walk out of the room. 

"I will be outside by the door okay? If you need anything just yell out my name." Ashton and reassured me.

I nodded and had said,  "I will be okay thanks." 

He left the room looking back at me smiling, but then sneered at the cops who was too busy eating and writting. The door had closed shut behind Ashton, as I saw all the boys disappearing through the door window.

"Miss Stunner, Im Officer Mkaylin and we are here to investigate what has happened today." the police with the donut had said.

"Can you please explain to us from your point of view, the situation that you were in?" the other younger officer has asked.

"Of course, um I was let off of school early today missing last period around 1:50 pm. Its a long story, but I had gotten in trouble at school for listening to music during math class. Anyways, I was walking home from school when I had all of a sudden heard footsteps behind me. I turned around to see these four older gentlemen running towards me with bats and maybe dart guns in their hands. I couldn't really get a great glimpse of them since my first instinct had told me to turn around and run. I had sprinted down Hevena Street and crossing into Ladernale Rd. None of the cars that had passed me noticed anything unusal I supoose. I wish society would stop assuming that everything was okay, but after that I had tripped voer something and I fell i think. I don't quite remember. The men had caught up to me, and with their weapons had started beating me up until four guys had stopped them. That's why I am here now I suppose." I had explained.

The officers took a couple of minutes to write down my testimony of the story.

"The four guys that had saved you, would they be the guys that were in the room before we came in?" the officer had asked.

"Yes, I believe it was them. I mean I didn't witness seeing them or anything. I had already passed out byt the time they had stopped the older men." I explained.

"I see..." The officer had said unconvincingly. 

"Miss Stunner describe your relationship with your family."

"Well....my parents are lawyers and they are great parents. Even though they make mistakes I love them. I also love my two younger siblings as well. We are on big happy family." I had lied.

My mouth had dried up saying all of that considering the fact that If I had told the truth, I would have to go through so much more pain with my "family" later on. The officers looked at me shaking his head in disagreement. I had started breaking out sweating, wondering why they were shaking their heads.

"One last question, is your mother named Teresa Stunner?" the officer had questioned.

"Why yes." I replied.

"Miss Stunner I believe that you have just lied to me about your relationship with your family. Those four older men were hired by Teresa Stunner to have beaten you down because of some hatred towards you." The younger officer had said.

At this point, my insides had broken down furthermore but yet I wasn't surprised at all that my own mother had tried to kill me. This wasn't the first time.

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