Miracles-(A 5sos Fanfiction)

"Trying to forget someone you loved, is like trying to remember someone you never knew."


11. Anxiety

"Winter!Winter!Winter are you okay?Wake up! Come on!" I heard a a voice from a distance yell.

     Weakly, I opened my eyes to see a blurry image of a familiar face I believed.Judging from the messy brown hair, and the Indian tattoo. I cant tell that Calum was the one who was shaking me.My vision had finally cleared up, as i looked up to stare at the ceiling of the comfy cabin.

"Calum, what is going on?Where is Ashton and Luke?" I asked.

"Well we know where Luke is, but we were going to ask you about Ashton." Calum responded with worry.

"Winter do you remember anything?The cabin is a mess, did someone take Ashton away?" Michael leaned down and asked.

"I...I can't remember.I mean something happened, but no matter how hard I think about it I can't remember the event." I replied with pain aching from my stomach.

++++++Calum's POV+++++

"Michael I do not understand. I mean I tried tracking Ashton down,but it seems like someone has broken off his tracking bracelet. Who would do this?" I started to question.

"Wait a second,look." Michael had suddenly said.

      He pushed me aside as he focused his attention on Winter. Michael had set his hand on the left side of Winter's stomach. As he raised his hand, red blood covered his palm with a faint,recognizable, smell.Surprised, I suddenly grabbed a napkin to where Michael could wipe off the blood. With the napkin, I then experimented with it a bit, since something was not right within the blood. The DNA sequence had an extra chemical, and the red color was lighter than usual. Mikey had steadily helped Winter sit up on a chair as I figured what out what was going on.

"Michael, I think I found something.There is some Regenegge powder in her immune system.Another angel must have been here." I had said while walking over to Michael. 

I handed him the little bits of powder that I had found, he stared at it with horror. Yet, I knew he did not want to show his fear since Winter was sitting right in front of us. The last thing we wanted her to feel, was anxiety. 

"No wonder WInter can't remember what happened. The powder must of had erased the event within her memory bank. Who would do this though? The only people that has access to this powder is..."

"The ASA...Oh shit." I suddenly realized.

"Hey guys?Sorry to interrupt, but my stomach pain is getting worse. Is there anyway you guys could use one of your angel powers or something to take it away? I can't concentrate at all, it's like there is this buzzing in my ear." Winter had suddenly explained.

I looked back at Michael with a confused look. The powder shouldn't have gotten into her hearing. 

"The dart must still be in her stomach...I think I see the bottom of it." Michael had said.

"Okay Winter, I am going to turn you this way. I am going to hold you as Michael pulls out the dart alright?" I tried soothingly saying to Winter.

"Uh...Alright." She agreed hesitantly. 

     Slowly grabbing her hand, I spinned her around in the chair she was sitting upon.I looked at her face as she squinted her eyes as if she was preparing for the pain.She grabbed my hand, squeezing it with all her might. Damn she was strong, and it had started causing pain in my hands. I didn't want to tell her that though since I am a guy, and that would have been embaressing.Leaning down to the chair on the opposite side was Michael. He had taken out gloves and a napkin just in case blood were to spit out at him. 

"Alright I am going to count to three alright?" Michael had stated.

"1....2.....2 and a half.....2 and three quarters...."

"Michael just fucking pull it out already?!" I yelled with my little patience.

"3!" he finally yelled.

Right as he pulled it out, Winter screamed with pain as if she was giving birth. She continued squeezing my hands unfortunately, and to be hoenst she was cutting off the circulation in my blood with her pressure. About five minutes after, she had finally piped down to heavy breathing. Michael had taken off his gloves by now, and had taken the dart to the sink.

"Oh...oh...uh...oh my gracious it just felt like I was shot again as Michael pulled it out." Winter has finally said.

"Oh um Winter...sorry I want to help you but can you let go of my hands real quick? I feel like you are cutting off my circulation.The pain has suddenly came through you, into me." I finally admitted.

"Oh I am sorry Calum! You should have told me earlier!" Winter screamed.

She ahd finally let go, as she took in one last, huge, breathe. 

"Okay...I think the pain is simmering down.I still do not understand why angels would do this though, and what is ASA?" Winter asked.

"ASA stands for Angel Security Association. They are kinda like an army, but they are angels.With high trainded weapons, they are people you do not want to mess with. Especially since they also have more powers than the average angel like Michael and I." I explained. 

"Oh...I think I am starting to remember things now.There was a group of black geared men who had invaded the cabin.They asked Ashton to come with them, or else they would have taken me.What do they want with Ashton though?" Winter had finally started remembering.

"This might have to do with Luke...because he told you that we were all angels. Do you remember Ashton telling you anything about angels even further?" Michael asked.

"He....He did further explain to me why they had taken Luke.Wait what is going to happen to Ashton now?" Winter asked.

"We do not know...maby he will be interviewed by the ASA.Because he told you where Luke was though, he might be in trouble as well." I continued.


"Calm down! We will help them! You need to stay here though alright? If you came with us, you would get hurt. I mean we may no longer be responsible for you, but I am not going to let you down." I had told her.

"NO!? You cannot expect me to sit here and do nothing when I caused all of this!? What happened to your siblings? Are they okay?" Winter asked.

"Yeah Emily is fine. The ASA cannot take them or harm them.I mean they are humans. They do not know anything about angels, and I do not think the Angel headquarters are going to take that risk and expose their identity to more people." 

"Calum we need to go. We need to fly right away we do not know what is going to happen to Ashton and Luke. Winter. STAY PUT. Please. If you fucking move I am going to hurt you myself." Michael had said in an intimidating way.

"Here take this too.This will help with the pain." I handed her a pill.

I grabbed my backpack and Michael grabbed his angel belt.Locking the cabin door behind us, we both flew up and headed for the headquarters. 

+++++++++Winter's POV+++++

      Well unfortunately, Michael was just going to have to kill me. I mean what type of person was I going to be if I just sat here when these guys have done everything for me? It was my turn to help them.Not knowing where to even start, I had tried to remember what Ashton had told me.

 "If for some reason the boys and I are not here for you there is a little button in the kitchen. It is right underneath the sink, under the basket with all the cleaning shit in it." I remembered him saying.Quickly standing up, I opened up the kitchen cabinets throwing all the cleaning supplies out from down under. There was no button from what I could tell. I felt myself getting frustrated until I stumbled on a button that was in the corner of the little compartment. Not knowing what to expect, I held my breathe as i applied pressure onto the red thing. 

All of a sudden my surroundings had started changing, no longer was I sitting in the kitchen of the provided cabin. Both scared and confused, I stood staring at a blank space.It was as if I was trapped in an empty box. The darkness was quiet, yet alarming. After a few minutes, I heard footsteps from a distance. The worse part was that I did not know where it was coming from, and I was not sure who's footsteps they were.

"Who is there?" I called out.

Sweat had started streaming down my face, and fear had tooken over my entire body. 

"Who are you?" a voice answered back.

The voice was thick, and sharp. Still, by the tone of it, I knew it was another female.

"I...I am Winter...Ashton had explained to me that I needed to press this button if he wasn't here for me or Calum, Luke, and Mi-Michael." I stuttered.

    The lady had let out a soft, mean, laugh. Then within three seconds, the scene had changed as lights flashed on filling the room with light.My sight had went from pitch darkness, to a lady wearing a dark blue suit.Her hair had past her waist, and was braided into a fishtail from the side. She wore dark leather boots as well, with at least a two inch heel.As for her age, I could not really tell.My best guess would have been somewhere from 20-25 years old. 

"You must be the famous Winter I have been hearing about.The name is quite popular in the Angel world right now.Follow me." The lady had directed me.

Honestly I did not know what to expect anymore, and i did not have any weapons on me at all if this  was a trap. Still, I would be willing to take any risks to save the boys.My footstpes were heavy, as I followed the shadow that lurked behind the woman. We walked through this long hallway, until she halted in front of a door.

"My name is Someo. I am a friend of Ashton's." the lady looked to me and said.

She then placed her hand on the wall, and a light had scanned her palm. It must have been one of those hand recognized door opener in movies. I had never seen one in real life before, but it seemed pretty wicked to be honest. The double doors opened, and the lady directed me into the room. On the walls hung  fighting gear, and on the right side of the room was a large desk that she had sat in.

"Now, specific orders from Ashton was to-"

"No." I had interrupted.

"Excuse me?" the lady looked up and said.

"I am not going to listen to any of Ashton's orders so screw that. I am here, because I want to get into the Angel headquarters." I said with a straight face.

"Honey do you know how easily the angels could kill you?They have powers that can cause you pain that would last forever.They can torture you on and on, and you would never die. Angels are not as innocent as you think.The last time a human had been exposed to the angel world, was when a man named Frulkin fell in love with a girl.During his case, he had saved this girl from a fire and had taken care of her just like the boys have done for you.He had the nerve to tell this young girl everything about him, since he believed he was in love.Was the Angel headquarters satisfied? Of course not.Our identity is kept as a secret for a reason.Back in the days, scientists had experimented on angels and had extracted our powers just for the use of the human race. Ever since then, Angels have hidden their identities. I mean yes we still have to help humans since it is our jobs, but some people are still holding a grudge for what happened in the past. Those angels are mainly apart of the Angel Council in the Angel headquarters." She had tried explaining.

"What happened to Frulkishe or whatever his name was? What happened to the girl?" I asked nervously.

"They both died. The man was killed by the angel headquarters since he had fallen in love with a human. As for the girl she had tried saving him, but she was killed as well." 

A big knot had suddenly developed in my throat, I did not know what to say.What am I doing here in the first place? It is all because of those stupid boys. Freaking Ashton, Calum, Michael, and Luke had to save me from everything.Why did Luke tell me he was angel? Why was I so curious? I hated everything so much I wish I had never even met them in the front place if I knew this was the outcome. But no, now it is too late. I have nothing to loose, and if I was going to be killed trying to save them then...I might as well take the risk. 

"Well if I am going to die, then I might as well die as a fighter. Please help me. I need to know what is going on with the boys...they are all I have left."  I said looking straight into Someo's eyes.

"Alright fine then, if you insist it so badly. You are first going to have to go through a bit of training.I kinda want to visit the Angel headquarters anyways. I haven't been there ever since I was banned.Right this way." She stood up saying again.

Someo had led me into another room that was filled with weapons.Many or them had looked so heavy, while other weapons looked like ordinary objects.

"This use to be the room where the ASA use to store their supplies." Someo started saying.

"Why do they not store it here anymore?"

"Because they uprgraded I guess you could say." she answered.

"Well what I am trying to wrap my head around is why are you here?Why are you no longer on the Angel Council?" I asked.

"You sure are curious hm.If you really are curious then long story short, I just disagreed with the whole you cannot tell any human about your identity.  I believe that some people can be trusted, the ones that you love are the ones that you can trust." 

"So you were once in love." I asked even futher.

"Yes I was.Now moving on.I have a protective suit for you here.This has three layers of bulletproof material, so mem loss darts should not hit you affect you"

"Are those the ones that erases an important event off your mind or something?" 

"Yes darling.Now put this on.There is a changing room over there." she had pointed to a single stall.

I grabbed the dark blue outifit, and had sprinted to where the stall was.The outfit seemed similar to Someo, but it may have been a little complex than hers.As i took off my sweatshirt and sweatpants, it felt as if I was about to get ready for my own death. I felt bare and incomplete. Nothing was ever going to be comfortable again.Pulling the protective outift over my body, i felt the rubber or leather feel of it touch my skin. It was not that bad, but it was a dull and tight for me. After changing, I gathered my clothes and walked out to where Someo was standing staring at the weapon wall.

"What do I do with my old clothes?" I asked sutting the silence.

"I am going to burn them so hand them to me." She grabbed them from my hands.


"Alright now. I am going to introduce you to some people. This is Felix and Chrissa. They both were thrown out of the Angel Council has well. They will be helping you with your weapons, as I get ready to come with you." She had said.

All of a sudden entering from behind Someo came two teenagers about my age.They looked like fireced warriors, with arms probably heavier than my whole body. I tried making a friendly gesture by waving, but all they ended up doing was walking away. Someo stood there laughing, as if she was amused at my gesture.

"Well go follow them Winter. Do not just stand there!" she had said.

I quickly ran after the two kids that had already walked out of the room.Gracious, we speed walked down another long hallway and halted in front of a brick wall?

"Uh guys aren't we suppose to be getting my weapons?Why are we just standing here?" I asked bluntly.

The young girl with the short hair above her shoulders then stepped forward, and made a screeching sound.I covered my ears in horror, and fear like what the heck was she doing?After she closed her mouth again. She took a step back to where the boy was standing right next beside her. The brick wall had suddenly started shaking, and behold me eyes they suddenly opened into a room full of unknown faces.If you are always worried about not fitting in at school, you should not be because this was a lot worse.Felix had continued walking into the room as Chrissa turned back to look at me.

"I love screaming." she had said. 

"Oh...I like screaming too...only when I am excited though." I replied back to her. 

She then grabbed my hand, and then started running. Slowly trudging behind her I looked around at the room full of people throwing knives,making axe looking things,  and some was just oddly eating. Finally after running out of breathe, Chrissa and I stopped in front of this wall of weapons that was smaller than the one that was in Someo's office or whatever.Felix was already standing, on an X spot with a couple of weapons in his hands.

"Uh....am I suppose to do something?" I asked looking at Chrissa.

"Yeah okay so, Felix is going to hand you a weapon and you are going to stand on that X right there. We are going to see which weapon chooses you." Chrissa explained.

"Wait, but I thought I was suppose to be choosing the weapons. Not the other way around?" I said with confusion.

"Here is your first weapon, not get on the red X." Felix handed me a small looking pokemon ball thing.

I grabbed it and slowly walked to where the X was painted on the ground.Looking down at the weapon, I had expected it to glow or do something, but no.I was just holding it.

"How do you know if-" 

As I looked up from the contraption all of a sudden my eyes were staring at a rock looking monster. Within two seconds it disappeared again, so I was staring at Felix.


"Shut up. Here is your second weapon stand still." he advised.

I looked down at the second thing that was handed to me.Nothing had happened to this one either, but I was afraid to look up again. Then all of a sudden, it felt as if a high was shot through my veins, the item opened into a long stick. I sensed four darts heading right to my head, so I whipped them all out so that the darts had changed direction.Somehow another dart was coming from the opposite side of where I was facing, so I jumped up and caught the dart landing on my feet again.My heart had finally settled down as I stared up to see Felix and Chrissa smiling at me.

"What on Earth just happened?!" I asked Chrissa.

"The weapon chose you.Oddly, you are one of those with a lot of hand eye coordination." 

I looked down at the thing again to see that the stick turned back into a small metal bracelet looking thing. 

"That is now yours.Now all you have to do is learn how to use this." the young blonde boy had said.

I realized Felix did not look like a Felix for some reason. He was a blondie, he had blue eyes, and he was pretty tall. He could have been mistaken for a real life Ken from Barbie. He handed me a crystal it looked like.

"What does this do?" I asked.

"This crystal has two powers. One protects you from Angel magic. The second power it has is a weapon. It turns into a sword once you play nice with it." the boy explained.

"Oh...what do you mean play nice with it?" 

"The crystal has to trust you in order for it to activate.It will only activate after you form a bond with it."Chrissa chimed in.

"Are we done here?" Someo entered.

"Yes we have her weapons ready including her crystal." Chrissa and Felix said in unison.

"Alright well then Winter...it is time for us to teleport to the Angel headquarters." Someo had said.

Within one click of a sound, Someo held my hand as her eyes were closed. Everything was shifting around us and it eventually made me dizzy so i closed my eyes as well.Right as I felt my body weight again i opened my eyes to see Luke tied down in a chair. Through the glass, clear, window there were also some other men surrounding Luke with guns pointed straight at him.


"Shut up Winter! We are going to get caught if they hear us!" Someo covered my mouth and whispered to me.

My eyes had started filling up with hatred and worry.I looked straight at Luke, as i listened to the conversation that was going on, on the other side of the glass window.

"I am going to ask you again Luke Hemmings. Just answer me. That is all you have to do alright? Why did you tell Winter that you were an angel?" an older man had started strictly saying.

"I just wanted to. That is my final answer." Luke had replied with a fierceful face.

"I have known you ever since you were four.You have never been so disobedient before.What is making you like this now?" 

"Just leave Winter alone or I swear-"


At the moment I had wanted to run in there, and kick that man in the mouth. Yet, Someo thought she knew what she was doing so she tied my hands behind my waist. 

"You want to know why i told her?How about this...I LOVE HER AND I TRUST HER!" Luke suddenly yelled at the top of his lungs.

Suddenly the man had made a weird signal with his hands, and thirty of the men had shot out darts at Luke at the same time. The painful sound of Luke's scream pierced my ears, as I was pin to the floor by Someo. My eyes was stung with tears, as I had never hated my life this much before. 


So I have decided that I will update the chapters now only if there are at least five people that comment update after each chapter!That is just to let me know if people are actually reading my story or not haha.Hope you enjoy x




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