Miracles-(A 5sos Fanfiction)

"Trying to forget someone you loved, is like trying to remember someone you never knew."


1. Abnormal


Many stories usually begin with a great introduction and end with a happily ever after. Other stories end with twists leading up to heart-wrenching, depressing, endings. Consider my life story in between the lines of terrible and amazing. I didn't really have a life before love found me. Its humorous to think that I understood what love was within only a year. I never expected that four angels would have had given me happiness that would last forever, beyond an infinity. Im not dillusional I promise, and when I say angels I mean the one with white, abstract, fragile, wings. Yet they are all disguised, so who knows they could be helping you next. Im not obsessed with all this, consider me lucky or even blessed.

Chapter One

Summer of 2014 is over, and now I encounter a new chapter in my life. I get to go to a prison called high school. A place with a supreme social hierachy, and of course I'm on the very bottom.There are the populars ruling the school, the average people, the dorks, and then there was me below the dorks. From kindergarten to eighth grade, I was only Winter Stunner. The girl known for being abnormal, short, and wore cracked glasses. I suppose I can't complain though, school is somewhat my ticket out of my house. Scratch that, the ticket out of the place I work.

This thing called a family is something I don't have. My birth "parents" are both lawyers, and we live in the mansion down Cape Avenue.Im not as lucky as you think I am though, even with having rich parents it isn't exactly want I want. Around the house I am a maid, my "parents" believe I was born to serve them. So here I am cleaning and polishing Mrs. Stunner's shoes. Because my "parents" are not decent, they did not grant me permission to call them mom or dad either. It's not like I wanted to call them that anyway, I rather die than call them that. Never have I been considered more than a maid to the people who gave birth to me. That makes it fair to think, that they have never been considered more than house owners to me. They are just people who just gives me food, and gives me a place to stay.I'm not really complaining though, I always like to think that I'm being held hostage but in reality this house is not as brutal.

My working hours as a maid from 5-8 was completed for the day, and now Im laying down on the green grass looking up at the dazzling stars as if I was mesmorized. When the moon comes up and the sun hides, I would always climb out of my window. Pretending that I was breaking out of jail, I would escape into the forest that was peaceful and serene to me. Thank goodness it was only three miles away from that heck of a house. Tomorrow is my first day of high school, and it may so be the day I die as well. Terrified, lonely, curious, I'm pretty overwhelmed with mixed emotions. As the planet continues to revolve around the sun. I'm still waiting for my little infinity that will somehow help me through high school and all my life situations. John Green taught me that some infinities were bigger than others. Either I will not recieve an infinity, or my infinity is hiding and is too microscopic to be noticed. Seems like I am waiting for a miracle that will never happen. My patience seems to be very thin, and as my thoughts drifted away my eyes slowly closed deporting me into my dreams.

This specifc time, I didn't actually dream as I slept. It just felt like time stopped for a couple of minutes, so that I could just relax.I woke up to raindrops racing down my face, I looked around and I realised I had fell asleep in the forest. It's not the first time, I just like to pretend I'm free from everything and the forest is a great escape. Crap, today was the first day of school though.Suddenly flooded with panic, I turned my phone on. Eight in the morning shined on the top part of my screen.Stumbling over rocks, I jerked upwards. I had thirty minutes to run back to the house and prepare myself for school. As always I ran past the Gas station that was two miles away from my home. Then there was a barn that my rich neighbors owned, the only animals they raised well though were their two daughters. After sprinting three miles as if I was being chased by cheetahs, I scuttled into my house hoping that Mr. and Mrs. Stunners were upstairs in their room. Empty, the living room was vacant, thank the Lord. I dashed up the curved stairs into my room when my sister had stopped me.

"You are late, and my mom wanted me to tell you that you have to clean the backyard and paint the outside walls of our house turquoise. Add some glitter to it also will you?" she sassed.

This has been a fantastic morning, can't wait to find out what comes next during my first day. Later after I changed and skipped breakfast, I jumped out of my window hoping I would make it to the bus. No one else in the iniquitous house would take me even if I offered a body. Just as I ran out of my driveway I saw the smelly, yellow, bus passing my stop. This would be the part where I ran after the bus, but my lungs screamed inside of me telling me to stop. Guess I ust have to walk, It's not like I'm in such a hurry anyway. As I was walking to school, I couldn't help as if something worse was going to happen today.

It seemed like my heart was trying to send something to my brain, but it can't communicate. Maybe I slept too much or read too many fanfictions, I dont really know. I shook off the thought as I walked into the school. Apparently school was going to start late today because my bus had crashed. Now that I think about it, I must be very fortunate that I was not on that bus. Girls were hugging and squeling about how they missed each other. Guys were just hand shaking and of course finding the hottest girl in the school. This all happened as I was pulling out a map of the school, I tried to wriggle through crowds hoping I was at least in the right wing. My mind was focusing on where I was and finding my first period classroom, until I had collided into something and fell backwards. My eyes looked up, attempting to see what it was, but my vision was blurry. Glasses, I didn't feel it's weight on my nose so I had my hands scurried around hoping to find it. I had finally found it, and I reached for it. I pulled it back, realising it was only some guy's fancy shoe.

Squinting my eyes I saw someone on the ground, and I crawled over hoping I didn't harm him in anyway.

"I'm so sorry, are you okay? I was trying to find my glasses, and somehow my mind had thought your shoes looked like lenses. I mean my glasses are the same colors of your shoes so Im not completely blind."

I stopped realising I was doing that thing that I did when Im nervous or whenever I freaked out. The person sat up and had held his hand out, was this some kind of joke? I mean who knows where that hand has been, what if he was a germ specialist? I kept staring and contemplating about what my response would be.

"What?Do you not recognize your glasses?" he asked.

Okay it was a guy, oh gosh I have never been this close to the opposite species before other than Mr. Stunners. Shaking, my hands were reaching out hoping to snap the glasses back quickly. Unexpectedly, the guy pulled me in closer towards him though. My mouth let out a little squeal, because I thought he was one of those bullies. My assumption had been incorrect apparently. My face had just been aligned with his, we both stared into each other's eyes as if we were both hypnotized. At first his eyes were a beautiful, light, green but then it had alternated to a magnificent, sky-blue, color. I flinched back, now falling backwards until the stranger had caught me with his muscular arms. Time seemed to have stopped around us as I stared up at his innocent face with shock. His skin was flawless, and somehow he had stolen all the breath out of me. His eyes, they were nothing like I have seen before though. The change in color was also inhuman, that I couldn't help but to feel a little scared.

"You must be Winter Stunner, I'm sorry if I startled you. My intention was only to admire your beauty a little bit longer, before handing you back your glasses." The guy had said. His voice had an accent to it. I'm pretty sure it wasn't British, possibly Australian.

Stupid hormones, as he told me his intention I couldn't help much that I felt my mouth slowly curve into a smile. I looked around expecting someone to be staring, but it was all vacant. I quickly stood up, thinking of how late for class I was. Slowly, I shifted my attention from him to the school around me.

"Um...It's fine really. Could I possibly have my glasses back? I can't really see anything, and I need to go back to class." I quickly said.

The flawless boy stood up, and seemed to have smiled for what I saw. He took two steps towards me, and now he currently stands looking down at my face. Feeling bashful, my face slowly turned to the side. His hand came up to turn my head towards his face again. Looking straight at him, his right palm had gently brushed my hair behind back, tucking it behind my left ear. Pulling out my brown, cracked, glasses he gently wore them on my face.My blurry vision of the boy had suddenly transformed, I saw him perfectly now. He was tall, six foot at the least, and he had dirty blonde hair. I'm guessing he was sixteen, and was those kind of secretly nice bad boys.The moment of silence was interrupted as he reached down for my books. He held my books while giving me directions.

"Mr. Doctrin's class is down this hallway to the right.It's hard to miss when he has a large, alligator, stuffed animal right outside his door. " He had said.

I allowed myself to chuckle as I grabbed my books from the guy's hand.

"Thank you, I must go now. Uh...have a great day!" I shouted as I sprinted down the hallway.

I didn't even bother to look back, the guy was probably thinking of how weird of a person I was scampering away. My mind was too focused on everything, I didn't even get to ask for his name. I'm probably not going to encounter him anymore anyways, so I suppose it is okay. My feet had stopped in front of the door of what I thought was a joke. There was a giant alligator duct taped to the door, around it the words, "Science class doesn't have to be boring." Slowly opening the door, I walked into a class of eyes darting exactly at me.

"You must be Winter Stunner, I am Mr. Doctrin." the teacher had introduced.

"Yes, my name is Winter Stunner. Nice to meet you. Are there assigned seats? or can I sit anywhere?" I asked hoping to be on his good side.

"I actually reserved a special seat for you, in the principle's office. I do not tolerate tardiness, especially when you are twenty minutes late to my class. No excuses will be excepted in my classroom, off you go now." he replied sternly adding emphasis on the word now.

My mouth had let out a sigh, I turned around leaving the door when a voice had stopped me from going.

"Wait, Mr. Doctrin my friend was showing her around the school. She had no clue where she was going because of the crowd of people in the hallway." a voice that had an Australian accent explained.

My first idea was that the guy I had ran into was in the exact same class as I was right now. As I turned around though, i realised it was someone else. He had brown hair swished to one side, and he looked 18 a little old for a freshman. I looked back at the teacher, he had made some kind of weird face debating whether he shoudl send me off or keep me.

"I see, well the Miss Stunner, now that you have been introduced to the school I shouldnt be expecting anymore tardiness?" he asked.

"No sir, no more tardiness." I replied with confidence.

"Sit then, there is an empty seat right next to the Calum."

I looked over to where he was telling me to sit, it was right next to the guy that had saved me from detention. Gripping my books tighter in my arms, I walked toawrds the back of the room and around to get to my seat. Setting my books down, I opened them hoping i wouldnt be noticed for the rest of the class. Sadly, I had jinxed myself and of course the teacher had to serve some sort of punishment.

"Alright then, Miss Stunner sincce you came in late. Do you have an opinion on killing animals for hair products that society has now?" he asked.

My mind was racing at first, because I was more of those quiet girls, who listens to the teacher lecture. I was not a fan of answering questions, and sharing my opinion to the people who does not care.

"I think that its a sin, I mean why kill innocent animals for things that are useless. Those products would have to be advertised to be noticed anyway, If it wasnt then half of society wouldnt know or even use the products. Mother nature would be really ashamed, those animals that are killed have done nothing to harm the community. Think of how much joy those creatures could bring to a person. What can hair products give us? Soft hair? Why have soft hair, when you can have a longer lasting period of happiness?" I expressed.

I was about to open my mouth again , but I closed it after seeing that everyone was staring at me. Not the good kind of staring, but the type of staring where you are trying to send a messege to another person saying shut up. As I turned to face the teacher again, the Calum guy had started clapping loudly. The confusion was real for a moment, but then I saw everyone else following his lead. Eventually the whole classroom roared with claps all around. Mr. Doctrin was even clapping, he held a tissue in his hand so I assumed he was crying also. Not knowing what to do, I just smiled and flipped open my notebook.

"Very impressive Winter, you've expressed your point well.Now everyone please turn your attention up here as we start studying the pyramid of life." Mr. Doctrin had said.

Looking sideways, I mouthed thank you to the guy named Calum. He had saved me in two awkward situations already. It was nice to know that there was a genuine guy in the class. The rest of the period was just a boring lecture about the food chain. I dozed off, pretending to be interested when all I was doing was doodling on my paper. My hand was drawing one thing, but my mind was thinking something else. I was still curious of the mysterious guy that I had bumped into this morning. How did he know that I was in this class? Did my schedule drop? What if he was one of those stalker guys? Oh gosh no. Currently, I am still revocering from the shock. His eyes had changed so naturally, it was too real to think that it was just my imagination.

"Bringggggggggggggg!" The bell rang.

It was time for second period, I closed my notebook and grabbed my books. Something had fell out of my notebook though, and so I reached down to grab it. As I got up, I shrieked because the the teacher had creeped up on me.

"Miss Stunner, you better be thankful towards that Calum. If it weren't for him. You would have been long gone. Are we clear?"

"Crystal." I replied.

The door had attracted me to it, as I scurried out of the classroom. Curious of what I had dropped, I slowly opened it.

See you around Winter Stunner. By the way, if you are going to write someone's name all over a notebook, you should hide it better.

Much Love, Calum

What? Writting someone's name?.....I suddenly grabbed my notebook that was on the bottom of my books. I felt a breeze as I was flipping through all the pages. My eyes widened as I stopped at a page that had "Calum" all over it leaving not a single white spot left on the page. This is impossible considering my ninja turtle notebook was in front of me the entire time, and I was taking notes only. My hands were only taking notes, I swear. This is insane, no I'm just really tired. I'm not going crazy I promise.

I put the thought aside as I walked onto math class. The subject that makes actually sense to me. This would be the class many people tease me for, but It's not my fault that I understand numbers more than I do words. As I walked into a classroom that had a cinnamon aroma, I felt a physical being pushing me down to the ground. My vision blurred, and suddenly I had blacked out. My mind was clear and I was actually carefree for once. My lungs had finally found a place, where they could breathe completely without shortening of breath. Am I dreaming? Or am I slowly dying.

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