Miracles-(A 5sos Fanfiction)

"Trying to forget someone you loved, is like trying to remember someone you never knew."


5. A Fantasy

         Because of the wonderful breeze that had me traveling to another world, I decided to leave the hospital to go to the beach. The heart wants what the heart wants, and I felt like I was stabilized enough to just have gone. So I left the room, and had snuck out of the back entrance of the hospital. I'm surprised none of the nurses or doctors noticed me leaving, but then again this is me we are talking about so I should not really be surprised at all.Getting out of the hospital felt kinda good, with fresh air and seeing the normal human population doing whatever they wanted to. It was better than staring at the dull gray wall all day when I knew I had the chance of leaving. I had walked two miles already on the sidewalk and the beach was now only half a mile away now. I was still In my hospital gown, but I had picked up my Nirvana T-shirt that I had wore to school on Monday. The shirt was underneath my gown so I did not expose anything.

          After getting lost in the beautiful palm trees scenery, I realized that the only reason why I wanted to live in California was because it was so peaceful. Reaching the beach after 45 minutes of walking, my feet felt the warm sand from below. The beach itself was pretty empty today, maybe because it was a weekday. Not that I am selfish, but I liked how I had the whole beach to myself. I sat by the shores of the ocean, feeling the waves crash upon my legs. My mind works in many weird ways, but as I sat there I thought about what it meant to be a normal teenager. I don't think normal teenagers think about whether they will die,literally,when they get home or what great of percentage they were going to be beaten up that day. Normal people have been to movie theatres before, carnivals, and to the park. Me? the best place I have ever been to would be Chipotle. Not that I'm complaining about the food, it's just isn't as exciting to eat as to go on a ride at an amusement park or something.

        From a distance,I suddenly heard some strange animal shrieking. My first instinct was to run to save it, but then I realized that the noises came from dolphins. My eyes squinted into the distance, since my glasses were no where to be found at the hospital. Oddly enough, my vision had been ever than before. One by one, I suddenly saw one dolphin jump as if it was doing it for treats. Never had I been this close to dolphins before, they were about thirty five feet away, but still. They were so lucky, even as animals they have freedom and can swim or jump as much as they wanted. Bored of sitting down, I stood up and walked into the ocean. The ocean water had been warm, and It felt sensational since the last time I had ever been in the ocean was about five years ago. Unwwillingly, my hands slowly reached down on either side and brushed through the water back and forth.

  "The ocean is nice isn't it?",a voice from behind said.

I turned around to face a girl wearing an All Time Low sweatshirt, some nike shorts and neon yellow flip flops. Her hair was wavy and was longer than her chest. With headphones in, she looked a little younger than me probably by two years. 

"Yeah, I'm enjoying it a lot at the moment. For five years, I never had the oppurtuity to go.", I stated turning back to the ocean. 

Taking one last whiff of the ocean breeze, I came back on shore and sat where I was before. The young girl came up behind me, and had sat down on the right side of my shoulder. I sensed a little timidness inside of her, but there was that other side of me that also believed she was very loyal and confident. 

"What's your name?",I abruptly asked.

"Samantha, but you can call me Sammi. What about you?", she questioned.

"My name is Winter, nice to meet you Sammi...Are you just roaming the streets as well? I mean where is your family?", I looked around while asking.

"My mom ran away when I was two, my father he is the principle of Cape Avenue High. He had to go out of tow for some sort of conference today.", she explained.

I felt sympathetic towards her because of her mom, to be honest I didn't have the right too because I have a mom. Yet, I don't think she qualifies as an appropriate mom in this case. Without thinking, I suddenly realized that Cape Avenue High was the school that I am attending....and If her dad is the principle then I have met him before.

"Do you by any chance have any siblings?", my curiousity suddenly sparked.

"I have an older brother named Michael. That's it, probably because my mother's love for drugs was bigger than her love for me or Michael." she stated.

     At this point, I was really sorry for her. My eyes started tearing up, but I looked out into the ocean to distract my emotions. So I was sitting next to Michael's sister, she was so beautiful and I didn't realize the resemblance until the moment she had told me. Somehow within the last couple minutes that we had been bonding, I respected every part of her a lot. Samantha was in the same kind of position that I was in. Life has broken us both down, to the point where we are desperate for anything to come save us.

"Stop feeling smpathetic towards me, I don't really need it. Now tell me a little bit about yourself. Where is your family at? Why are you on the beach by yourself on a Wednesday afternoon?", she looked up at me.

"Well, I don't technically have a family. I mean by DNA yeah I have a mom and a dad. But, they have kinda caused the most trouble in my life trying to be my murderers. I have three younger sisters also, but they are well taught by my parents and act exactly like them so. In a summary, it's just me, myself, and I. Oh and I have been stuck in the hospital for the past two days so I left for a bit" ,I concluded. 

      As I was saying this, I came to realize that I was as vulnerable as any prey out there. Fighting alone, and I am still alive after killing obstacles are thrown at me from one end to another. No, I can't think this way though, Im strong and independent. I don't need people to be there for me, because I am still holding on and it has only been me my entire life.

"I would say I am sorry, but from experience like you. I know those three words won't change anything. Word of advice, even if you like being alone. Sometimes you need someone to protect you and watch over you. Living in a world by yourself might be good, but having an extra person might not be as bad as you think." Samantha stated.

     My head turned to her, and I looked at how she was so composed. For a girl that was about 14, I think many people would underestimate her perspective of the world. She was kinda inspiring, and heroic in a way to me. I wonder if she had any friends, or if she had any cousins. At first I would have asked, but I thought that it would kinda be intruding her privacy, I dont know. As I sat there getting to know her, I also got a little bit more of an understanding of who Michael was. He never had revealed much about his background besides his dad. Having a younger sister in his life must of been comforting, since they could jump over hurdles together, not alone.

"So where is your brother then?", I inquired.

"He is looking for you." , she replied.

I couldn't help but to laugh at first. To be honest, I thought she was only kidding and would say that she was. She then looked up to me with confusion, at this point I realized that I was only embaressing myself.  

"Oh you are serious?", I asked.

"Dead serious. Why are you laughing?"

"Because no one really cares about me or even thinks about me for a split second.", I replied.

"Well you kinda have a search party for you as of right now. So I think that you just stated an inaccurate statement." Samantha said.

+++++++++Michael's Point of View++++++++

    Dammit Winter why do you always end up in trouble? How hard is it for a girl to just stay still, especially when they are ill. Running out fo the hospital, I thought about where I was going to look first. I got into my Bently, and drove off into the highway looking for any signs of Winter. Trying to protect her is like trying to protect a mouse that has been set free. The radio started playing Somwhere in Neverland by All Time Low, and i was happy that it did since music calms my nerves. Driving four miles away from the hospital I then realized that something was missing in my car. My first intincts told me that I was missing my phone, but I had felt it in my pocket. Shit, I forgot Samantha. Im literally the worst brother ever, I stopped at the nearest gas station to turn back around to the hospital.

      This was the first time that Samantha did not cross my mind with all seriousness. My concentration has all been on WInter since this has been my hardest case as an angel ever. I remembered as if it was yesterday, the day I had died from a car crash because of my mom's drunk driving. Even if I was only two, I didn't expect to have gone to a place greater than Earth after I died. I have been growing up within the angel headquarters ever since two, and I have been trained by Mr. James John to save the humans that need help on Earth. I always thought that everyone had one guardian angel watching them, but apparently you could have more than one angel watching over one human. That was how I met Calum, Luke, and Ashton. Their stories are not mine to tell, but all four of us had been there for each other ever since we were all being trained. 

        As for my mother, I don't know where she is. She survived the car crash, but when I had became an angel our DNA blood was no longer connected. No one in the headquarters had traced her down yet, but maybe I can, once my case is done with Winter Stunner. As angels, we save humans by becoming a human in disguise as well. So no wings, no powers, and no halo. Saying this, it does make our jobs harder as angels but It does make the job more fun. With a couple of thousand other cases before, I had never had a big enough challenge as Winter. Compared to many other humans, she was a real crazy one. Not that it's a bad thing, but she has been making my job a lot harder lately. My mission as an angel is to get her to a state of happiness. In her file, it has been told that she has gone through a lot more things that 16 year old girl should go through. There weren't many details about her life, but I can tell that she has and still is going through a tough one. Calum, Luke, and Ashton are always willing to take on a challenge, and it only took them a second to agreed to this case. So the higher ranked angels, used their machine to awaken my dad and my sister after having amnesia. Therefore, my dad doesn't remember the car accident happening and neither does my sister. That's how I have been living in their house as human form for every case I have taken upon. It feels nice though, since I ahve gotten to know them better than not knowing them at all since I did die once.

Reaching the hospital again, I ran up the stairs then took an elevator up to the fifteenth floor when I was on the tenth floor. I sprinted back into the room Winter was assigned, only seeing Camila and Elizabeth sitting near the window watching the Titanic movie.

"Have you guys seen my little sister?", I asked.

"Samantha left the hospital about thirty mintues ago. She just said she was going to go to the beach, since there was nothing here for her to do. Other than that I have no clue where she is.", Camila answered.

      Standing stil I tried to catch my breathe that was all the way in my car. This time, I wasn't even going to try going down the flights of sstairs so I waited for the elevator. Going down I realized that it was only three in the afternoon, and I was already exhausted. For the third of fourth time today, I had gotten into my car again now on a journey visiting every beach nearby. Samantha usually doesn't go to the beach, so this is sorta out of the ordinary for me for me. I guess people do change though. The first beach I went to was sunset beach, Samantha was that type of mysterious person that was majestically beautiful on the inside. I thought maybe she was waiting their for the sunset. After an hour of driving, I reached the beach and searched everywhere. There were a couple of scattered families here and there, as well as sand castles. I searched the whole permieter of the beach while calling out Samantha's name, but jsut was not here. 

     With no luck I decided to leave, and try another beach called Laguna Beach. Being the idiot I am, I should have checked that beach firsst actually since it was the closest one to the hospital. After another hour of driving, I finally arrived at a different beach. It was quite vacant, and there was no one to be seen as I first entered. I walked around searching for a sign of anything really since the only thing I heard were the sounds of the waves of the ocean. Suddenly my phone rang.


"Hey Michael have you found Winter yet?", Calum asked.

"No, I'm still trying to find my sister. Apparently, she ran away too."

"Hey we will find them, where are you at?", Calum interrogated.

"Laguna beach. I got to go now since my phone is about to die, text Ashton and Luke to meet me here too." I said.

As I hung up the phone, another person had rung in. It was Abbey.

"Hey Abbey, sorry I haven't been picking your calls up or answering your texts. Im trying to find Winter and Samantha since they are both missing."

"Oh, if that is the true reason then it is alright. Tell me when you do find them okay? I will be waiting at your house. Still up for movie night maybe?", Abbey asked.

"Sure, hopefully I can find these two dweebs before it gets too late. Later beautiful, I love you." 

"Love you too Michael." , she responded.

      As I was about to give up, I finally saw two people sitting towards the left end of the beach. I couldn't recognize them at first, but then I finally saw the familiar faces that brought relief to every inch of my body. Samantha and Winter were both wearing messy hair buns, and surprisngly Winter had still been wearing her hospital gown. To my delight, Samantha had been smiling and laughing as she was talking to Winter. I had never seen Samantha like this in my life before. It was as if she changed personalities within a minute. Whatever Winter did, she definitely is something. After creeping on them for ten minutes, I cam up behind them, and squeezed through the middle of them.

"Excuse me ladies I believe this seat is reserved", I smoothly came through. 

"See I told you my brother does the cheesiest things.", Samantha stated.

Both Winter and Samantha had started laughing, as I sat here deeply offended.

"Hey! I do not. Where have you guys been? Stunner why did you leave the hospital?! and Samantha why did you leave without telling me?", I suddenly changed subjects.

"I just wanted to see the beach, It was only a forty five minute walk. Plus I had enough energy to, and Im so tired of that boring hospital room." Winter explained.

"I just left because I was trying to find you, but then realized eh the beach sounds good. I found Winter over here just playing in the ocean, and we have been talking for hours." Samantha stated.

"Well it never came across your mind, that Winter hadn't taken her medicine yet and could die?" I asked Samantha.

++++++++Winter's Point of View++++++++

"HEY! I can take care of myself, and I feel great. I haven't died yet." I yelled at Michael.

    The three of us had sat in silence for three minutes. I was about to apologize to Michael, but then it seemed like my whole search party came. Ashton, Calum, and Luke had yelled out our names while running up to us. As they came closer the guys had started sitting around Michael, Samantha came closer to my right shoulder. 

"Winter where have you been all day?We have been trying to find you for hours now!", Luke first said

"I'm sorry, I didn't know I had to inform you where I was going every minute of everyday. Plus,I was getting tired of the emergency room. So I decided to leave, and go to this beach because I couldnt resist.", I replied. 

  It had seemed as if the guys were taking everything that I had just said in. We all turned towards the ocean, realizing tha the sun was setting. For the first time in my life, I felt as if I had friends and people who had my back. Seeing Michael, Calum, Luke, Ashton, and Samantha smiling had made me feel hopeful for the future and genuinely happy for them. Interrupting my thought, I suddenly heard Calum chuckling in the back. Probably from a joke or something, but then everyone just started laughing. 

"What is so funny?" I asked everyone.

"I was just thinking about how you would be so mad if I did something out of fun." Calum said while laughing. 

"Like what?", I asked.

Suddenly he stood up to his feet, and had picked me up bridal style.

"Calum! Let me go! Put me down!", I screamed as he ran towards the ocean with me in his arms. 

He dropped me into the ocean water, and thankfully I had time to hold my breathe before I was dropped like an anchor.

All the guys had screamed, and applauded Calum before they all ran and jumped into the ocean water as well. As I stood up out of the water, I pushed Calum into the ocean as well.

"That's what you get for doing that you douche." I laughed while saying.

Everyone else laughed, and eventually Michael started splashing water into everyones faces. We fought and splashed water around, living as if there was no regrets. Samantha even joined in, and we took down the boys together as they fell down more than we did combined. After a while, my exhaustion had started to kick in, and went back ashore again. Strangely, I had found a tank top underneath my Nirvana T-shirt and shorts underneath my hospital gown so I stripped only wearing thsoe left. All the guys were shirtless, and It did leave me in an uncomfortable state but it wasn't the first time I saw a guy shirtless or anything. Samantha had surprisingly been wearing a bathing suit underneath her clothers, so she let her clothes dry in the corner as we all sat in the sand again.

"Winter, I think it is time for us to take you back to the hospital now. it is eight at night already, and you still haven't had our medicine.", Ashton said with concern.

"Yeah, but before that let's just all sit here and admire the sun for one more moment." I replied.

In the corner of my eye, I saw Ashton smile as he put his arm around me. Luke did the same as well, so I felt the weight of both their biceps. I continued the chain as I rested my head on Samantha's shoulder and Michael held my right hand. Calum had held my left hand as he laid his left head on my left shoulder. This was the way it was suppsoe to me, and it felt like a midsummer night's dream.

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