The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

A poem about Harry Potter I used to make in school. I was so blank and stressed, but I think it turned out pretty well. And I also got the biggest applause ever! Enjoy!( ´∀`)☆


1. The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

A night so dark, it's time for bed
A wizard so great came to my house and said:
"Here is a child, his parents just died
You kan see he's frightened, his eyes are so wide."
Voldemort is back, Harry Potter is not dead
Instead he has got a scar on his forhead
But how could a newborn survive a magic wand
Nothing is stronger than a motherchild bond

"You're a wizard, you're famous, you're the boy who survived!
Have your stepparents ever told you about the wizard so bright?"
The first day at Hogwarts he met two friends
Ron and Hermione, does that make since?
It's good to have friends when things go wrong
And Harry Potter is silly, he needs to be strong
Will Voldemort roll the world, is that how it looks?
The answer is to read all seven books

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