New movella

This is my first book so I know it sucks��. So please read it so I know if I should keep writing.sorry about the weird transition between 13-14


2. wow

Katie's pov

She introduced me to calum.She wisperd to me " i don't know who that is".

Calum said " this is Luke".

I said " hi"

Luke was tall dark blonde blue eyes that made me melted me. He had a lip ring it was black. He was just so cute. Then cAlum asked who I had for fourth period I said " study hall mrs. H"

Luke said " me too"

I said " then I'll see you 4th" the bell rang I started walking to room 56 . Then I heard some one run after me I look back to see who it was and these blue crystal eyes were staring at me. I started to blush then he came up to me and said " hey".

I said " hey ".

We wAlked into class to find out we sat together. I said " hey partner ". He smiled I felt my heart skip a beat. During class the teacher said " if you are going to talk then you say if your work involves a partner ". I started to math and luke got up and said to the teacher " my work invokes a partner " he lied . He walked up to me and said " work work with me "

I said " fine with what ".

Luke said " nothing"

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