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This is my first book so I know it sucks��. So please read it so I know if I should keep writing.sorry about the weird transition between 13-14


7. my crush😍👉luke👈

Katie's pov

I've known the group for a year now. Me and calum are like best friends now. Me and Cassie are still best friends though. Me and luke are really awkward still. Micheals sister and me are really good friends. I've had a crush on luke ever since we met. But not going to be jealous but I think luke likes kc. But kc likes Ashton. I'm supposed to go out with my them tonight . I hope luke didn't go.

Skip to when I'm supposed to leave

So I picked out my out fit. It was the skinny jeans I got when me and calum and Cassie got when we went to the mall. They are black they have wholes evry where and this black blue crop top on it. It was a gift for my birthday.

The guys are here. I walk out to find calum's car and him Cassie and kc.

I asked" where is the rest of the guys"calum replies " there coming in Luke's car he insisted I bring the girls"

" oh" I said

We drive up into this house it was huge.

I asked calum " who's house is this "

Calum says " you havnt seen Luke's house or his room"

" no what does that mean I asked " I said

Calum said " nothing "

"gross " I said

Oh you got it calum said we got out I saw look right when I was about to get out kc said " why are you so nervous"

I walked in an everyone besides luke came up to me and started talking on about how I got asked out on Friday. Ya I did and I said yes because I know I'm not going out with luke. Then luke mum called him and then calum talked about the bad joke in the car and then Ashton says " wait you havnt slept with luke"

" no " I said they all looked shocked.

Then Cassie screams " she's a virgin" and then I turn around to see luke. I ran out super enberassed. I was going to with my last boyfriend but I found out he cheated and I'm never going to have trust for any one especially Cassie. Then I felt tears run down my face.then turned see luke my stomach turned.

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