New movella

This is my first book so I know it sucks��. So please read it so I know if I should keep writing.sorry about the weird transition between 13-14


9. kisses

I sat on the couch with luke and got a text that was from Jason. I told luke I was going to wait out side for him. I was at the door he kissed me. I kissed back (duh). He pinned me against the door.

Luke's pov

I put my hands on her waist. I was depaning the kiss. It was amazing. But then the doorbell rang. She looked out the window it was Jason .

Skip to the date

Jason drove me to the pool. We just sat there and talked well at least he did. He just kept asking me if I wanted to go in the pool I kept saying no. I just was too exited for my date with luke and the kiss.

I texted luke when Jason went and changed.i texted him to meet me at my house. He said ok.i got nervous I don't know what he thinks going to happen. I turned around to see Jason I got up and we went to the car.

Skip the car ride

He walked me to the door step and he kissed me then he pinned me to the door I kept telling me to get off but he wouldn't get off I saw luke come over I told him to get of fans luke started too scream.

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