New movella

This is my first book so I know it sucks��. So please read it so I know if I should keep writing.sorry about the weird transition between 13-14


11. kc and omg

Katties pov

Kc looked at me then at luke and said" you lied to calum" she said in shock

"About what" I asked she took me into the kitchen and said"are you sleeping with luke" she said seriously." No I am NOT"

" then what's he ding here" she asked

" I can ask the same thing" I said

Well I wanted to ask how the date went

" it was horrible you know I don't like him I'll tell you later" I said

She left and I felt a lot better. After she closed the door luke put his hands at my waist wich is kind of hard beacause I'm really small. I went on my tiptoes and looked into his eyes kind of.

Luke's pov

She was liking to my eyes well trying it was cute she was cute I kissed her. She was kissing back. I but her lip she moaned. She bit my lip ring and I moaned I was now kissing her neck . Trying to find a spot to leve a love bite. I ended up finding one. I bit all aver until. I asked her to jump I didn't think she was going to she had wrapped her arms around me. I asked beacause It was hard being on her tiptoes so long. She was wabaling a lot and then she said "you want to go sit down" I carried her bridal style to the couch she Putin a movie answer were cuddling and she said" are we going to finish" she asked

" might as well"I said

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