New movella

This is my first book so I know it sucks��. So please read it so I know if I should keep writing.sorry about the weird transition between 13-14


10. jerk

Katties pov

He turned around and I pushed him off. I didn't kiss back but I didn't know what he thought. Luke was walking up to me he didn't look happy. I thought he was going to scream at me. I was starting to cry. He started to run towards me. It made me cry more.

Luke's pov

I was walking to katties and then Jason was all over her. I didn't get mad because she was screaming to get off . He saw me and left and was walking up to her and started crying I didn't know what I did I cupped her cheeks and was wiping the tears away. I started to hug her she put her head in my chest and was crying but she was still on her tiptoes. She's a lot shorter than me so I had to hug down ward. She had unlocked the door and I walked in and I had my arm around her waist. We sat on the sofa and she sat next to me and I asked" are you okay"

" yeah I just told him at the pool I didn't like him I just thought it was to hang out and he said yeah but he lied" she said tears forming in her eyes I started to hug her

She then told me wait I got to do something she walked in to the bathroom and came out and said what. She had minty fresh breath I asked " did you brush your teeth" I said trying not to laugh

" yeah" she replied

" did he French you" I asked

" ew gross and no " she said descusted

I started to lean in and the door bell rang. I kinda got anoyed. She got up and it was micheals sister. She opened the door and walked in and said " hi " kinda surprised it was me

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