New movella

This is my first book so I know it sucks��. So please read it so I know if I should keep writing.sorry about the weird transition between 13-14


12. date

Today is my date with luke I'm exited. We're going to the beach and the move were also going to a picnic. I hope not in that order. In wearing my bikini(Evan though I don't have the body for it) I've never wore it before or shown it to enyone.but u didn't wash my one piece that I sweated in. That's why I'm not wearing it. It's neon hot pink with a black lining. It dosnt have straps and a tie in back and on the of my bottoms. I put on a crop top that was the one when I whent to Luke's house. I put on a pair of shorts. But they aren't that short. Then I heard the doorbell. I went down stairs and it was luke I opened the door and got on my tiptoes and hugged him. He then kissed me on the cheek and my face was burning. I told him that I need to get a towel and some under clothes. He was laughing.

" wait so your" and I cut him off

" no I'm not wearing a bra and under wear I'm wearing my bathing suit".

" oh" he was embarrassed

Luke's pov

I got embarrassed but then she looked at me. Then she started kissing me. She pushed me down on the bed and he was on top if me kind of. My hand were at here waist. Then she got off and said ready grabbing a towel and her stuff. We walked out to the car. I opened the door for her she said " what a gentle man"

Katties pov

" we're going to the movies first then the beach for our picnic"mule said

" oh cause I didn't want to go to the beach and then the movies".i said

" no , what movie do you want to watch" he asked

" I want to watch the scariest movie they have"I said

" are you sure ?I don't want to be coddled" he teased

" are you sure you won't be coddling me?" I asked

" we'll see".he joked

We walked into the theater to find a giant creepy doll cut out. I flinched when I saw it. Dolls creep me out and luke was laughing. " It's not fucking funny"I said a bit upset

" sorry you just seem like you never get scared" he said very sorry

Luke's pov

Kattie picked the movie with the weird doll. I asked if she wanted something she said" no I don't want to get sick at the beach.

Skip to the movie

I was looking for two seats ( we were the last ones in) I found one seat and told her to sit down and she said " sit down now"she said

" no you sit down"I said

" sit please or I'm going to leave( I lied) I'll sit on your lap or squish you" I said

I sat down and pulled her on my lap. I actually glad there was one seat. But it was wired there were only couples. Through out the movie Kattie was getting scared and hugging and holding my hand tightly. In the middle of the movie she turned to me and started to kiss me.

Katties pov

I started to kiss him during the movie. I just thought I didn't want to whatch it so kiss luke ( best thing to do it should of been my first choice) he was kissing back. I bit his lip ring. His hand were wrapped around me.

Skip to the beach

We were at the beach it was gorgeous. He told me to wait on the pic nic blanket. He went to put on his shorts.

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