New movella

This is my first book so I know it sucks��. So please read it so I know if I should keep writing.sorry about the weird transition between 13-14


3. date and really

Katie's pov

Iwas picking out my out my out fit and there was a knock on my door. It was luke. Your parents let me in . " oh well " what do you need. I just wanted to talk to you do you got time.

" yes a little but I got to get dressed" I said

" oh I'll come back later" i said

" it's just awkward after what happened the other day I thought it would be weird" luke said

" it's only weird if you make it weird" I said

My stomach was turning . I think I was blushing.i have to go dhange sit on the bed while I change .

He said" so where are you going who are you going with"

" god am I being interigated I'm going on kinda date with Jason "

" what's a kinda date " he asked confused

"Well I don't like him and he said hang out not date "I said

" so where are you going" luke asked

" to the pool"I said

I asked him " how do I look"

" good" he said

I was wearing a one piece. It was blue. I just threw one of those loose dresses over it. Then when I was going to go outside then luke said"wait"

" oh yeah"I said

He came up toe and asked me out. " hey you want to go out on a date I thought we could go to the beach and go catch a movie and have a picnic.

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