New movella

This is my first book so I know it sucks��. So please read it so I know if I should keep writing.sorry about the weird transition between 13-14


13. beach fun😝

He came back and then he sat down next to me( wearing his shirt) then we ate. I really wasn't hungry I just had some fruit. Then he asked " if I wanted to go in the water"

" sure let me go and change." I said kinda nervous

I was kind of nervous beacause I wasn't comfortable with how I looked. The ony reason I'm going in is beacause it was really hot and I wanted to have fun unlike last time. I walked out in my towel. No one was there it was like400 so it was cool I was kind of glad because then no one would see how fat I am. I was actually going to sit down until luke walked up to me and said"are you coming" he asked kind of I don't know just not normal.

" I'm kind of embarrassed of how I look" I Said super quiet and shy.

"Why I bet you look fine,not Evan fine wonderful c'mon just come"he said making me feel better. He turned around and I put the towel down!

Luke's pov

I turn around to see Kattie in a bikini!!!! She looked hot,sexy,amazing and so shy she was so cute she was covering her stomach. I ran over to her and grabed her and threw her over my shoulder. She was screaming put me down. I ran to the water and she wrapped around me. She. Was holding on so tight and screaming"no don't" so I just jumped in with her clinging in to me she was now her legs wrapped around my leg. She was walking away from so I treys to go after her. I went under wate(burned the fuck out of my eyes) then I made her sit on my shoulder.

Skip to sitting on the beach(in our bathing suits)

I was laying on the blanket with katties head on my chest. She got up and sat there staring at me.

Katties pov

I was sitting staring at him and I ws staring at his six pack not creepily I just have never seen him shirtless before. He was in no other words to describe FUKING SEXY as HELL. I laid back down and and all of a sudden luke puts hands at my waist. Then I just started kissing him. We were kissin like we were I don't Evan know I've never kissed any one like this. Then Luke's tongue into my mouth( I've never actually had a" French kiss") I didn't know what to do so I separated are lips. And looked at him and said "I I - Idontkniwhowtofrenchkiss" I said super fast

" what?!"he asked confused

" I don't know how to French kiss"I said quietly and shyly I was looking down and he lifted my chin and just kept on kissing me not caring and then.

"Just let me show you"he said and before I could say a word his tongue was in my mouth. It felt weird.

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