unexpected love.

Him. His touch. His smile. His face. His laugh. His body. His presence. His personality. Just him. How can he get to me like that? I didn't think I could love someone so much and get that 'love' feeling described in fairy tales as a child. I didn't know how to do anything until I met him. *Justin Bieber is not famous*


2. him.


I want to cry. The song 'timber' plays from my phone alarm. It's 6am and I've got to go to shitty school. Ugh fml. Oh, this is a nice impression of me for you. I aren't always this grumpy, promise.

Hi I'm Holly Jones I'm nearly 15 and I live in a big city in England. I'm just a normal average girl. My bestfriend is Sophie. I other other friends like Becky and Lauren but Soph is my bæ. I like music, kuwtk, ummm boys with six packs ahaha jokes and yeah that's it. Nothing special.

Today is Monday. I'm going back to school after an amazing weekend. Basically my bestfriend had this party and something good happened.


Lisa (Sophie's mum): you ready girls?

Sophie: yep mum waitttt.

Me and Sophie were taking some nice photos together before the party. I made her take a few photos of me for a new profile photo and she did the same to me.

We started running down the stairs (which was a laugh because we were In heels) until we reached Lisa. She stared at me like I had done something wrong.

Lisa: Oh wow, you look stunning hun.

Me: Thank you Lisa.

I've always been close to Lisa, ever since me and Sophie had been tiny. She is like my second mum.

Once we all got in the car, she drove down the familiar road which led to Becky's house. Becky is like my second bestfriend, she is my cousin so I have to put up with her really. Jokes I love her loads. My auntie Karen (her mum) is out of town and my mum doesn't know it's Becky's party or she would kill us both so Bex has the house to herself and wanted to throw a party for her (upcoming) 15th.

We drove into her driveway as Lisa kissed us goodbye and told us to stay safe. The party had only started 15 minutes ago but the house was already trashed.

Sophie and I walked in and greeted Becky and the others. Becky had someone she wanted to introduce me to so she dragged me to her garden.

We walked through to the back garden through the pattio. I saw all the pretty fairy lights ruined as cans were laying on top of them along with cigarettes.I saw a group of some boys laughing at each other's jokes and just generally talking. Becky spoke to one of them.

Becky: justin, come over here.

She was speaking to a boy with gorgeous brown eyes who was laughing the loudest with his mates. He spun around, as soon as Becky asked him to join us.

Justin: Wassup?

His voice sounded really different , like he wasn't from around here.

Becky: Holly meet Justin. Justin meet Holly. Justin, this is the girl I've been telling you about.

Wait what? Telling him about what?!

Justin: hello holly..

he flashed a stunning smile at me

Justin: even more beautiful than Becky said.

I slowly felt his lips kiss my hand as he raised it to his face.

I blushed.

Becky: um maybe I should leave you guys for abit.

Becky smiled.

Becky: I need to speak to the others.

I think she was referring to the gang of boys who Justin was laughing with. The ones who were making sexual gestures at us. Whatever Becky was doing, I was not going to be liking it.

Me and Justin talked for hours, getting to know each other. He told me how Becky met him through some mates and how she told his about me and how single I was. (At this Part, I got quite pissed off). He also told me how he moved up here from Milton Keyes and he had an interest in music. I told him about how crap school was and how bad the weather up here is. I also told him about Sophie and my little sister Emily. I told him so much and he did the same. I felt like I had known him forever.

Towards the end of the night, Justin and I started dancing on the dancefloor (lounge floor which has disco lights and speakers) together. I was shot 'kinky' winks off Soph, Becky and Lauren (Becky's best friend) and I knew what they were thinking. 'We'd be together by next week'. I snapped back to Justin as he started pulling me over to a small room.

Justin: this party is good isn't it?

Holly: yeah it's amazing!

Justin: I can't believe how close I have got to you.

Holly: I know, Sames!

Justin: And can I add how attractive you are.

I laughed and if I haven't mentioned Justin was gorgeous.

Justin: you really are.

He stood closer to me. His head getting closer to mine. He raised his hand In mid air, I intertwined my fingers Through his. I smiled as they fit together like a puzzle and so did he. Our heads were getting closer. Our foreheads were an inch apart now. Half an inch. About a couple of centimetres. A centimetre. Touching. I couldn't help but feel him tense up when this happened but he slowly calmed down when I smiled. He slightly raised his eyebrow as if to ask for permission. I was still smiling as if this gave him consent. We both tilted our head a little to the right as if it was planned he smiled at me and quickly locked his lips against mine. I instantly shut my eyes as I felt him smile in the kiss. I felt fireworks springing from my body. He slowly slid his tongue Into my mouth. A lot of people say when boys 'shove their tongue' down your throat, it's the worst thing ever. But it felt the opposite. It felt good to think I was kissing THIS boy. THIS boy who I had spoke to all night and who I had got learn loads about and who I got really close to. I heard the door open next to us, what could spoil this moment for me seriously? Justin pulled away and I shot my eyes open. I looked over at the door and Justin did the same. Becky stood their awkwardly.

Becky: umm sorry to intrude but my mums home. I'm dead meat. Everyone's getting kicked out.

I Heard my aunties familiar voice as she was shouting for Becky.

Holly: shit. Bex my mum will kill me if she found out I was here. I can't, I've got to run I'm so sorry.

Justin: oh bye?

Holly: I'm so sorry Justin

Justin: well do u want me to walk you home?

Holly: really sorry I'm off to sophs tonight and her mums here now I think.

Justin: oh okay see u around

And with that he kissed my cheek and left, making me feel like the most meanest rejecty bitch ever.

* end of flashback*

I still haven't spoke to Justin since Saturday. Becky couldn't give me his number because she didn't have a phone because she was obviously grounded. My mum was telling me how bad it was of her to go behind my aunt Karens back. I agreed because she has no idea i was at Becky's house. Of course I feel bad but it was just easier to lie than confess.

I did my usual morning routine for school, thinking of different things I could have done to not have rejected Justin.

I heard a knock at my door around an hour later and I smiled as Sophie walked in while speaking to my mum. I made hand gestures behind my mums back to tell Sophie that mum didn't know about Justin or the party. She went along with it and I murmured something about needing to go to school as my mum fussed with Emily over some homework.


holly: see ya

School was the same. I walked Into form like every school morning and sat down at my desk which had a space next to it. I had to move away from Sophie a couple of months back because we 'wasn't concentrating' basically we are just talking. Unexpectedly, The headteacher walked in and announced that we had a new boy. He explained that this boy was just down at the office doing paperwork and that we had to make him welcome. My form tutor Mr Lewis said because I had a spare seat, which would be filled by him, I needed to show him around school. I sighed. Great. I'm going to get a smelly fat kid next to me. I was doing some homework, when someone came in. I presumed it would be the new kid so I didn't look up because I didnt care. For some strange reason I felt a dozen eyes on me, all from Becky's friends. I looked around at them. Confused, I put my focus on the new boy. But then I stopped.

I saw a pair of gorgeous brown eyes and a stunning smile and then I knew, who it was and why they were staring.

My heart dropped. He scanned the room and we made eye contact. His eyes widened. It was Justin.

He strut over to my desk and put his bags down next to it.

He sat down next to me and my whole body tensed as he came closer. Memories flooded back from Saturday and I was ready for him to be a huge cunt to me after how I left him just like that at the weekend.

He edged his mouth close to my ear and In a harsh whisper he said..

Justin: did you think you was escaping that easily babe?

He smirked and shot a quick wink at me while chewing his pen slowly, pretending to be getting on with his work.

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