unexpected love.

Him. His touch. His smile. His face. His laugh. His body. His presence. His personality. Just him. How can he get to me like that? I didn't think I could love someone so much and get that 'love' feeling described in fairy tales as a child. I didn't know how to do anything until I met him. *Justin Bieber is not famous*


1. authors note!

I'm going to attempt to write my first story on here! I have never done one before so I'm really sorry if it's bad :/ . I come on here to read romance and fanfiction, which is just amazing to read. After gathering a few ideas, I want to write a book about 'teen love' I know it sounds cheesy but not a lot of people believe there is such thing so I really want to prove people wrong. If you have any ideas please comment and share them. I promise you this story will be decent haha please favourite because I'm gunna write a chapter as soon as k? This story is gunna be pretty special. Just you wait.

So you probably don't know much about me but I'm a British girl called Holly and well that's it really. This is dragging on now so...

Stay gorgeous <3

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