My Summer

Max hated her new "father" and his expensive cars, especially his beach houses that he took her for family time during summer holidays. Her friends would all squeal over how she's rich now, blah blah blah. Max was everything but those girly girl princesses, she even changed her own name from Maddie to Max. This one summer was different. It only felt like 5 seconds of it.


1. ~ Hmm... the rich and annoying STEP father ~

My Summer

Story by Cupcakebrit

Chapter 1

~ Hmm... the rich and annoying STEP father ~

  How should I put this, other than me absolutely despising my step father. I hated everything about him, he bribed my mom with money, which we really needed, and he acts like he's my actual father for christ sake. My real dad was the kindest the most faithful dad ever. Well, until he drove off a bridge. I don't like to bring that up, so let's talk more about my over-controlling, filthy rich step father with disgustingly over gelled hair. My mom and I were never rich to start off with, a bit lower than average if you ask me, but I didn't mind, we were a happy family. Then my mom met Mike at the supermarket one day (gosh why would a rich guy be in a supermarket you ask? ask him, I don't give a heck.) so they just started dating, "love at first sight", total bull. Now they're married, she found out he was rich, which made her even more excited, and made me hate him even more.


I was forced to go to another school. 


"You should be more educated Madison!"  "If you want to have a bright future, this is what you would need Madison!"  "Mike is just doing the best he can for you Madison!"


Ugh. I was so fed up with that. My dad just died barely two years ago, and now everyone expects me to have a perfect family again? And the only friends that understood me, were going to be farther than just a cycle ride away, from downtown LA to HELLO BEVERLY HILLS! WHERE MEANT TO BE SNOTS AND MODELS COME TO LIVE! FUN! not. It's not like I hated my mom, my mom was the only family I got, something happened between my dad's relatives and him, so we weren't close, my mom was an orphan, no relatives there, but I do sometimes go down to the orphanage for volunteer work. I respected my mom, but my mom wanted me to be "grateful" "it's my time to shine". Ha. Since I am sooooo bright. Since I was small my dad never called me Madison, he called me Max because he thought Madison was too... long. I preferred Max anyways.


It the last day before summer holidays from my first year in this new school of rich people. Achievements earned: 1 best friend (which was good enough, because could you imagine all the filthy rich people there? Chanel this, Gucci that. Ugh) Layla was going with a scholarship, she was smart, I mean like super smart. She understood my hatred towards Mike, sort of. She had straight brunette hair that had a slightly gold-ish color to it when in the sun, and she wore big nerdy square glasses, which on her, of course, looked beautiful. As I, well people don't usually focus on my looks now. I had dirty blonde hair, you could also say it literally, my hair was sometimes dirty. They were wavy which sucked because they always get tangled up, my eyes were deep green for some reason (mom's side), and my hands were so fragile looking, they were icy cold whenever you touched them, weird? maybe.

Me and Layla were talking about summer trips.

"Pleeeeeaaaaaaasssseeeee!!!!" I pleaded.

"I already told you I'm not sure if I could afford it." Layla said.

"You know my step dad would pay for everything!!! PLEEEAAAASEEE" more pleading.

"Fine fine, now stop wailing like a baby, you might attract attention for the first time ever!"

"Haha very funny. So you sure your gonna come? I do not want to be stuck in a beach house with my... step dad for the summer."

"It's in Australia isn't it? I always wanted to go to Australia" We both drifted into deep thought of seeing the majestical Australia.

"Mhmm, yep, more the reason your coming."

"I got to have confirmation with my parents, I'll come over tonight after dinner k?"


We both headed home, I really didn't want to go to the beach house, but thankfully that night Layla told me she could go with me, which made the trip slightly less dreadful.

Next off - Australia, Sydney. Woohoo! *sarcasm everywhere*

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