Revenge is a Dish Best Served Hot

Erika was just a normal girl until one day she was forced to become more, much more. Will she find love or die trying?


5. The Beginning of The End

Chapter 4

        We all sat in the jet on our way to Georgia. The ride was quiet and pretty much uneventful. Tiff was reading a book called Fifty Shades of Gray, Sam was listening to her music, Marshall was playing the Xbox, and Jasper was taking a nap with his head in my lap. I know what you’re thinking and stop it. No matter what, if we’re together while one of us sleeps, the other becomes our pillow. I was resting my eyes so that I didn’t have to look at Sam and Tiff’s smirking faces.

        We have one more hour until we reach our destination and I for one can’t wait to get off this thing.

“Wolf, are we there yet?” Jasper asked not bothering to open his eyes.

“No. I’ll wake you when we get there.” I replied not opening my eyes either. It was silent again until I heard Jasper’s stomach growl. “If you’re hungry than get up and eat.”

        “But I don’t want to move.” He complained. Then his stomach growled again.

        “I don’t care, go get something to eat will you.” I sighed. “Honestly, what is up with you guys and not wanting to eat?”

        Jasper rolled off my lap and crawled over to the snack bar. “Fine, but I’m not bringing you anything back.”

        I rolled my eyes and laid flat on the seat on my stomach. After about five minutes I felt a heavy weight on my back. After two more minutes of me squirming and trying to get the weight off I gave up and said, “Jasper get your fat ass off of me now.”

        “No, you laid down when you knew I was coming back.” He said eating what I assumed were chips.

        I wiggled a little more hoping to throw him off but to no avail “If you don’t get off now, I’ll…”

        “You’ll what? Hurt me? We both know that you will never hurt anyone on this plane.” He interrupted.

        “Just because I haven’t hurt any of you yet, doesn’t mean I won’t.” I threatened.

        “Yeah yeah but until you do I am not going anywhere.” He said wiggling his ass on my back to make a point.

        “Heh. Alright, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.” I said as I started to wiggle again. This time, however, I bent my legs so that it looked like I was a circle. Then I kicked Jasper where the sun doesn’t shine. He formed a ball and fell to the floor in agony. “That should teach you.”

        “Damn… my children… my poor innocent… children… Now… they will never… be born.” He gasped out

        “I did warn you. Next time don’t sit on me.” I stated getting up.

        “You bitch… I will… get you… for this…” he continued.

        “Talk is cheap, I want action.” I taunted. Jasper just rolled over and pasted out. I got up and went over to the snack bar and got a soda, a jar of crunchy peanut butter, and a spoon.

The rest of the ride was calm and before we knew it we were in Georgia. It was five in the morning and no one was at the airport, not that the time mattered anyways since V.F.D. would have closed the whole place down. We all got off the jet and stretched our arms and legs. There was an all black hummer waiting to take us to our new school, which we got into, and left.

“Okay,” I said in the hummer, “Does everyone have their I.D. and room number?” The others nodded. “And you know the name you’re using?” When no one nodded I signed. “Sam you are Stella, Tiff you’re Tamara, Marshall you will be Mark, and Jasper you’ll be Jeremy. My name is Winter. Are there any questions?” I asked

“Just one,” Sam said raising her hand, “Who picked these names?”

“Do you even have to ask?” I said to the obvious question.

“Toji.” We all said together.

        “Anything else?” I asked. When no one spoke up I continued, “Good everyone go rest up, we will meet up tonight at ten to check the campus.”

        With that everyone went to their rooms and got settled in. For some reason the bad feeling I had just got ten times worse.

A.N. Well people, here is another chapter. Please tell me what you think otherwise I will assume no one likes my story and stop writing.

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