Revenge is a Dish Best Served Hot

Erika was just a normal girl until one day she was forced to become more, much more. Will she find love or die trying?


6. Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome

‘Words like these are thoughts.’

Chapter 5

I walk to my room I notice how quiet it is. I mean it’s six-thirty in the morning but still it’s too quiet, the birds aren’t singing and the wind isn’t even blowing. Something is defiantly going on in this strange place.

Just as I turn the corner I run head first into what feels like a brick wall and fall to the ground. “Ouch.” I hear the wall say. As I look up I see the best looking guy I’ve ever seen before. He has bright blue eyes that look like the sky on a clear day, and has shoulder length black silky hair. He stands at roughly six foot five and looks like he could take on a bulldozer and win.

He looks down at me and extends his hand. “I’m sorry about that, I wasn’t watching where I was going.” ‘Good God almighty his voice is just dripping with sin.’

“No problem, it was my fault too.” I say with expert calmness. He smiles at me. ‘Oh my God that smile.

“Hi my name is Darius, and you are?” ‘Damn he even has the name of a Greek God.’

“I’m Winter, it’s nice to meet you Darius.” I say thankful I didn’t stutter over his name. That would have been majorly embracing. He smiles at me again. ‘That smile is a gift from hell itself, way too tempting.

“So what’s a pretty young lady like yourself doing out this early?” he ask me in that sinfully delicious voice of his.

“I’m new here I was just heading to my room.” I tell him. “What about you, what are you doing out so early?” He smiles again. ‘That smile is going to be the death of me.’

“I go for a jog every morning before class around this time.” He says with a way to sexy smirk on his face. He then pauses and looks thoughtful for a moment. “You know, a pretty girl like yourself shouldn’t be by herself this time of morning. How about I walk with you to your room?”

I couldn’t say no without seeming rude or like I wanted to get away from him. “Ummm, sure if it’s not out of your way or anything.” I say to him.

“Great.” He says with that smile. “And don’t worry this is way more important.” ‘Can he be any more perfect?’ “Here, let me hold your bags for you.” He says while grabbing my travel bags. ‘Yes, yes he can get more perfect.’

“Well if you insist but won’t your girlfriend be upset with you walking with another girl?” I ask.

“Well I certainly hope not, since I don’t have a girlfriend.” He continues while we start walking, “Besides if she gets jealous just because I’m walking a girl home then she’s not for me.”

‘There has to be something seriously wrong with him. No way can a guy this perfect be single. Oh I get it. He’s gay, that’s the only way to explain it. Why are the perfect ones always gay?’ I give a small sigh of disappointment, which he notices but doesn’t comment on. “Yeah but everyone get jealous, it’s what makes us human and can’t be helped.” I say as I look ahead.

He looks at me for a moment then turns back to look ahead. “Maybe, maybe not. Yes everyone gets jealous at times, but it is our choice whether to act on that jealousy or to know that their jealousy is unfounded and to trust their partner.” We reach my dorm and go inside.


He made since in a completely philosophical tactic kind of way. Everyone does get jealous, there’s no way around that, but it is our choice on how we react to that jealousy. We could either blow-up and make a big deal out of it or we could have faith in the person we claim to love and trust that they won’t betray our faith in them. ‘He’s actually pretty smart, for a guy that’s that cute.’

“True, so completely true. You’re smarter than you look, no offence.” I say.

He chuckles, “None taken, I actually get that a lot. It doesn’t bother me that much, it just means I can still surprise people.”

As we arrive at my door I take my bags back and thank Darius, “Well thank you for walking me to my room.”

“No problem, I enjoyed our conversation.” He looks shy for a second before saying, “Maybe we could do it again some time. You know like at a nice little café down the road.”

I was stunned, “Are you asking me out on a date?”

“Yes I am. So would you like to go out with me tomorrow?” he asks with a slight blush staining his cheeks.

I smile at how cute he seems at that moment. “Yes I’d like that a lot.”

He smiles back before walking backwards and saying bye. As I watch him go my stomach started to feel funny. I’ve been around attractive guys before but there was something different about Darius. It was like there was something mysterious about him that I just wanted to find out.

As I went into my room a thought occurred to me for the first time. “Fuck, I don’t have anything to wear for my date!” I sign. I guess I’ll have to ask Tiff to barrow something. But knowing her I’ll probably end up looking like a Barbie doll. I can’t wait to get this mission over with.

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