Revenge is a Dish Best Served Hot

Erika was just a normal girl until one day she was forced to become more, much more. Will she find love or die trying?


4. Meet the Team Part 2

Chapter 3

        As we enter our room I find that everyone else is already there. My sector consists of six individuals including Trident. Trident is the tech guy, he doesn’t go out on missions but I guess you could say he’s our ‘eyes in the skies’. Other than myself there are two other females in my sector. Samantha and Tiffany, or Sam and Tiff for short. They are the younger sisters to Britney, but unlike her these two aren’t complete bitches. The three of them are triplets with Britney being the oldest by two minutes and Tiff the youngest by one and a half.

        Sam has dark skin and even darker eyes. She loves to fight and is basically a tomboy. Tiff is not much different in looks except her eyes are light brown, but personality wise they could never be mistaken for one another. Tiff is calm and quiet and thinks before she acts; the exact opposite of Sam. She is a bit shy around new people, especially males, but can makes friends easily when she gets to know you.

        Sam spots me first and starts laughing when she sees the situation I am in with these two. This is far from a first time thing but she laughs every time she sees us. For some reason both Sam and Tiff think that I’m going to fall in love with either Marshall or Jasper, or both, and we’ll live happily ever after.

“And yet you still say you don’t see it.” Tiff says with an exhausted sign.

“There is nothing to see. Marshall and Jasper are just friends, nothing more, nothing less.” I state shaking my head.

“Well if you say so, but we have a bet on which guy you’re going to end up with and how long it will take.” Trident says while chewing on some salt water taffy.

        I walk up to him and take a few pieces while Jasper speaks. “And just how much are you betting and on whom?”

“Well I bet twenty dollars on you, Trident bet thirty on Marshall, and Tiff bet fifty on some guy coming in and stealing her from both of you.” Sam stated causing us all to turn to Tiff and just stare at her.

“What? It’s a possibility.” She defended herself.

“No, it’s not. I think you’ve been watching one too many romance movies.” I say as I continue eating Trident’s taffy. Tiff then proceeds to stick her tongue out at me. “Real mature Tiffany.” I stated while I rolled my eyes.

“Hey!” she exclaimed, “You know I hate it when you use my full name.” At my smirk she continued, “Why, then, do you insist on doing it?” she questioned

“When you stop with all of these ridiculous fantasies of yours, I will stop calling you by your full name.” I said stretching my arms. Tiff then proceeded to blow a raspberry and turned her back to me. Faster than she could blink I pushed her off the couch and took her seat.

“That wasn’t very nice.” Marshall said as he walked over to help Tiff up. I simply shrug my shoulders.

“What was that for?” Tiff all but hissed out.

“Because I could.” I stated plainly. Just as she was about to pounce on me there was a knock on the door. Trident went over to open it and there was Toji in all his flashy glory. Toji is the person in charge of informing each sector of their missions. Also he is homosexual and has a thing for Jasper. I think he said something about a guy who can put him in his place. Toji is usually a nice guy, but because I’m so close to Jasper he hates my guts. Not to mention he saw Jasper and I kiss on one mission and thinks I forced myself on him. But in my defense our cover was a dating couple so we had to, and he kissed me not the other way around.

“Why, hello Jasper.” He purred in what I think was suppose to be a sexy voice. Needless to say it didn’t work on Jasper.

“Let’s skip the flirting today and get down to business shall we?” I said calmly.

Toji started to pout and whined, “Fine but you stay away from my Jasper you hussy.” We all sigh because no matter how many times Jasper says ‘No’ Toji just didn’t understand.  “Now on to business, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate this high school.” Toji passed us each different pictures of some school.

 “It sounds simple enough. Why a high school though?” Sam asked.

“Well you see there have been bodies turning up out the yin-yang. All of which were drained of blood.” Toji said.

“An R.V.” Jasper stated.

“More than likely, yes. Your job is to find the culprit and eliminate him or her.” Toji then gave us each a school I.D. and continued. “These are your I.D.s do not lose them. This is a privet school so you will be living on campus during your stay. The dorms are co-ed and I’ve already taken the librity to have the guys put with Sam and Tiff.”

“Alright, which am I rooming with?” Sam asked.

“You, Sam, are staying with Marshall. And Tiff you are staying with Jasper.” Toji told them.

“What about Wolf?” Trident questioned.

“I don’t need a roommate.” At their confused looks I continued. “The guys are supposed to protect the girls should something happen.” I stated.

“Alright now that that’s settled you leave in two hours. Pack your bags and grab a snack, it’ll be a long ride there.” Toji finished up. After blowing a kiss to Jasper and sending me a glare, he left.

“Well you heard the man. I want you ready to go in one hour.” I said in my drill sergeant voice.

“Ma’am yes ma’am.” They all yelled back suluting. Then they dispersing.

Man something is going to go wrong in this mission, I can just feel it.



A.N. well I personally love Jasper and you will see why in later chapters. Who do you think will win the bet? Is Tiff right? Find out in the next chapter. And please tell me what you think. Also a special shout out to 500Words for your review. 

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