Revenge is a Dish Best Served Hot

Erika was just a normal girl until one day she was forced to become more, much more. Will she find love or die trying?


3. Haters Gone Hate

Chapter 2

After I was done eating I headed back to my room to be briefed with the guys on the mission. Even though we know it’s an important assignment, we don’t know the specifics. That’s just the way things are in V.F.D. As I am walking back I run into six of the last people I want to see ever.

“Well, well, well if it isn’t the big bad Wolf.” Britney started in.

“What, no pack today?” Blake, Britney’s boyfriend, mocked. I sighed. It seems that every time I want a moment of peace, these idiots are there to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Britney and her sector are known as the ‘Sexy Six’, but only they call themselves that. They consist of Britney, Blake, Fife, T, Mimi, and Heracles. All of them are mega self absorbed and think that they are God’s gift to mankind. We use to be friends when I first started here but, then I found out their true colors and we’ve been enemies since.

“What do you guys want now?” I ask with a little irritation in my voice.

“Awe, someone is mad. Does the baby want us to put her ‘down’ for a nap?” Fife chimed in.

This is why I can’t stand these people. “If you hold me up any longer Marshall and Jasper will come to look for me.”

Britney growled at this. “Don’t think that you can hide behind those two forever. When I ‘persuade’ them to join us you will be sorry.”

“Yeah, yeah until then I’m not scared of some little spoiled brat or her cheap friends.” I said, directing the last part towards the others. Just then Marshall and Jasper came up behind the six and simply listened to their rants.

“You think you’re just so perfect don’t you? Well guess what, you’re not! I bet if it wasn’t for the fact that you’re half vamp no one would even think twice about you!” Britney hissed at me.

I didn’t bother to get mad at this, simply because it’s true.  However, Marshall and Jasper were not as forgiving as me. To say that they were pissed would be an understatement. “And just what is wrong with her being half vamp? “ Marshall asked, startling the six.

“Yeah I, for one, don’t care whether she is or not. Wolf is Wolf and she is our friend and leader. Nothing and no one will change our minds about staying with her.” Jasper finished. It sometimes startles me just how much they care, not just them but my whole sector. They all volunteered to be with me for no other reason than because they wanted to, not many others would do such a thing, I guess that’s why I tolerate them all.

“No it’s no-” Fife started, but Marshall interrupted her.

“‘Not what we think?’ but it is. You have been bullying Wolf since she wised up and left your little skank fest. Now I will warn you only one more time, leave her alone, or else.” At that they all ran away in fear, none of them wanted to challenge Marshall it would only end in humiliation for them.

“Why don’t you just beat them up? You and I both know it wouldn’t take much the teach them a lesson, that they desperately need to learn, so why not do us all a favor and kick their asses?” I signed again at Marshall’s questions. Even though I’m a great fighter and I kill for a living, I have always hated senseless violence. It’s just something about killing innocent, and I use the term loosely, people that make me want to hurl chunks.

“I know, but even still I can’t hurt them.” I paused for a moment before continuing with a smirk. “Besides I think half, if not more, of the guys here will be disappointed if those three die.”

The guys shivered than laughed. “Yeah I suppose you’re right.” Marshall said.

“Come on, let’s get back to the room.” Jasper continued. And with that the both took my hands and we walked back together.



A.N. I am fairly new to writing my own stories so I would appreciate some feedback on how I am doing.  Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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